David Wilcock – More Information On The Final Update Of Financial Tyranny – 10 February 2012

This is at the end of Section 10. Already updating, get ready for more. I’m only excerpting this new update.


Right at High Noon — 12 PM as I am putting the final touches on this investigation — I was stunned by my hit counter as I completed the 94th, and possibly the last minor edit to the document.

The hit counter was at precisely 14444 — after I had already posted it at 3:33 AM.

Go ahead and laugh if you must, but the very next thing I’m about to finish, now that this is done, is an entire book about this kind of thing, and the hidden spiritual world it eventually leads to — entitled The Synchronicity Key.

This will be the long-awaited follow-up to The Source Field Investigations, and we hope to publish in September or October of this year.


I wasn’t originally going to use this next data point for our investigation, but now that this incredible synchronicity has happened, I feel like it’s not a bad idea.

As is public knowledge, since 1996 I have received hundreds of pages of verbal messages from what you may call the subconscious mind, but what I like to call the Higher Self.

I go into a deep state of focus, based on remote-viewing protocols, and attempt to let the words come through without paying any attention to what they are saying.

The messages have been extremely positive, loving and supportive, and a wonderful source of spiritual guidance and inspiration.

I have rigorously documented how I do this, step by step, so you can learn to do it yourself if you are willing to practice — in the Access Your Higher Self video series.


Furthermore, as the Readings Transcripts section of my website reveals, there have been many astonishing prophecies that have come through as well. Click here and then set the “Display #” pull-down box to “All.”

Many transcripts from 1999 described the situation we are now in very precisely. I also published several prophecies of 9/11 that were so specific that I wrote it all up that very same day.

Most recently, I had a series of startling dreams suggesting the next big disaster was about to occur — similar to the BP oil spill.

The dreams told me this would NOT destroy the planet, but for a while everyone would be afraid that it would.

The warnings were so strong that I actually took a bold risk and published them on my website — within a piece entitled Bouncing Back from Hack Attack.

I immediately realized the prophecy had come true after Fukushima, and wrote it up here.

I briefly mentioned it in this comprehensive analysis as well.


There are many people out there who claim to be able to do this process accurately. However, there are ongoing failures of prophecies to actually come true. Some examples are very recent.

Then, the alleged source simply makes excuses for why it didn’t happen — such as the egos of the people reading them.

The messages I received were not bound by linear time. Not by a few days, a few weeks, a few months, or even years.

I’d have a stack of tapes on my desk that were over a month old, and at the exact moment I began transcribing them, the tapes would be talking about whatever had just happened to me.

This astonishing phenomenon has even happened when I transcribed tapes that had gotten lost in the shuffle — after eight years of delay.

In one of those cases, there was a description of a sweet potato having tall shoots coming off of it — and that’s exactly what I had on the top of my refrigerator. This was one of several undeniable “coordinates” to my present moment.


The shame and ridicule I have endured over the use of this skill — including from my own professional colleagues in the past — caused me to almost completely stop using it, even though it works. I do still track my dreams meticulously every morning.

As I was finishing this investigation, I got very strong dream messages telling me to go back and read my original transcripts, beginning around 9/11 and thereafter.

Shortly after I started doing this — on February 1, 2012 — an event occurred that was so shocking that I literally burst into tears.

I do not in any way want to besmirch the good work I have done in this investigation. Therefore, if it hadn’t been for the above synchronicity with the hit counter, I would have saved this one for some other time.

Nonetheless, I feel that this data is significant, and should be included. I will be writing a lot more about these experiences in The Synchronicity Key.

I did not always publish the messages I was getting. In general I do not read the transcripts after I write them up. This particular message had been waiting for me ever since December 31, 2001 — the eve of the New Year.

I can easily prove that this is not a lie or a fabrication, as I have multiple storage locations revealing this file had remained untouched since January 2002. Those files can be opened and read. I have not changed what was written in any way.

Here is what I typed in, while in a deep state of trance, just three and a half months after 9/11.A PROPHECY FOR OUR TIME — FROM DECEMBER 31, 2001
Monday 12 / 31 / 01 – 5:38 pm

The ghosts of war have again awakened from their slumber. Now is the time that so many have feared.

Be ye not afraid, for God is with thee.

And those who would stand close, stand close, for the coming of the Son of Man in the heavens is nigh.

Blessings be unto those brave souls who prepare themselves accordingly, through wit and wisdom, to navigate the labyrinth of the mind in pursuit of higher Truth — and loftier aspirations than whether or not one is to make or lose a dollar.

The bankers will be beaten back by the public at a time of great unrest, and it is these events that shape that which is to come.

So stand true in your power and belief in freedom, and know that the loosening of constrictions long imposed is so soon arriving.

It is a time of great happiness that awaits you now, and you can revel in that fact.

[2/1/12: I am in tears. This is an utterly amazing synchronicity. I was guided to read this just as I’m finishing my article on Financial Tyranny. It is absolutely calibrated to the present moment.]


I did not want to edit this message in any way. I do not know what is meant by “the coming of the Son of Man in the heavens.”

I do believe there are many Ascended people out there who are helping us, and encourage everyone not to take a narrow-minded, fundamentalist view of what was said.

I do believe we are not alone in this struggle to end Financial Tyranny.

The intuitive guidance has served me well over the years, and I have had many, many dreams urging me to conduct and publish this investigation.

Of course, some people will have trouble believing I am telling the truth, but the Readings section of the website has extensive documentation of these transcripts.

Either way, this investigation stands on its own. I do believe Truth and Justice will prevail.

The synchronicity just happened again as I edited this section for final publication. Very interesting indeed.

I thank you again for your help in spreading the word — as with publicity comes protection.

For everyone. 

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