Lisa Gawlas – Our Changing Field – Being Light in Changing Form! – 10 February 2012

I am going to start this sharing with the epiphany I had at the end of part one of Our Changing Field.

I was in a session with a man I have been following thru his meditation growth and when I had seen him a few days ago, I was suprised about what I had seen.  I could see his entire light body speckled thru out the entire area of the “field” as high as the dome all the way to  the ground and left and right.  I really want to say particles or pieces, but neither are correct.  Each speckle of his light was very opalescent and everywhere.

He has become an avid and extraordinary mediator, finding so many aspects of his Light Body thru the direct approach of meditation.  By that I mean, actively seeking himSelf in many nooks and crannies that presented themselves thru the City of Light meditation.

I had no clue what it meant, there was no form for me to understand.  Anytime I had seen him before, there was always some sort of form to read!  He was not an explosion of light made manifest… but without form.

Imagine what you are doing thru meditation is going into one of the richest goldmine and bringing out the gold buried inside.  Each adventure you take brings the gold to the surface.  Before you know it, you have gold nuggets all over the field of your life.

Now you must create the form in which your gold mining adventures can become a manifested part of your life.  The beauty of this gold mine, it is forever a shape shifter.  Transforming itself into whatever you wish to experience.  There will be no time delay between forms.

This is why identities are so important to loose.  Identities keep us locked in place.  I don’t care of it is a job, a marriage, a life role like parent, child or spouce… they are all titles of identity that bind you into solid form.

The gold you have mined is not for personal gain either… that has its own consequence in this field of light.  Re-member Atlantis!

I spent all day yesterday, after finishing my 2nd blog in this series… pondering, understanding, expanding the meditation that took me so by surprise.

The one thing I know about meditation, every single event is placed there purposely for a greater expansion of understanding.  Thru the entire experience of witnenssing it all, it was drenched in Light.  There was no fear at all, if nothing else, a tinge of excitement in the reveling.

In pondering the first two elements that showed up, The Washington Monument and the Whitehouse… I was reminded over and over about my own beginning.

Holy cow, there is even more to it than I thought!  God I so love mornings!

Let me take you wayyy back to my beginning, the comparison is important in understanding what we were shown yesterday.

I was a happy Branch Manager for a pest control company.  I moved up in the ranks rapidly, starting out as a sales person… (think.. Obama.)   When the branch manager decided to move out of state, everyone was excited that I was given the nod to take over the branch (except the one who had already been there for years… he was less than thrilled and quit.)

We turned that branch around to meeting the monthly goals.  As a team, we were soaring!  And then there was a change in upper management.  My area manager, who was the catalyst for the promotion was let go, and a new one came into my life.  This guy had female issues.  Especially females who were making much more money that he was!  I had the privilege of both commision and salary, he did not.

I went on vacation for a week, when I came back, I was completely demoted back to sales person… my world, my strong Leo ego… completely shattered.  My income went from over $5000 a month down to a meager $1500 and I chose to sue the company for Sexual Discrimination… I entered hell.  Every part of my world was crumbling.  This was June of 2000.

I hate him, I blamed him for all my own struggles and short comings.  (As a country, we surely do that to Obama as well.)  We can look at this part of my sharing in relationship to the crumbling of the Washington Monument.

Someone tossed me a book that prompted a Ouija board experience that led me to meditation… that all led me to here.

This man, I eventually came to see as the greatest gift of my entire life.

As I became proficient with meditation and started drinking in gallons upon gallons of Light each and every day… the Blessed Mother showed up to help me on my journey.  She told me to “lay down all my beliefs so I can be filled with the truth of spirit.”  Well holy shit batman… that seems impossible.  I tried for three days… it is really really amazing how deep our belief system goes into our lives (even, no, especially in this “light worker” field.)

When I finally gave up trying to do this on my own, I finally asked her for help. I don’t really know what the hell she (the Blessed Mother) did… but it was like taking a gutting knife and she cut me open from throat to pelvis… and all this black shit oozed out.  It was the most disgusting thing I had ever felt in meditation.  It was not painful, but truly uncomfortable.

I got out of that meditation forever changed.  I was nothing.  I beleived nothing.  Emptiness consumed me.  It really is easier in life to be full of shit than completely empty and void of anything.  Our familiars, ya know.

Our country (USA) is on the verge of this gutting too.  Back in the day, blood letting was a popular way of trying to fight infection.  I seen blood in my meditation because the whole of this country lives by the dictate of the White House.  So we all shall be affected in the removal of false beliefs… it is a true healing journey.  But first, the crumbling.

My own personal gutting effected everyone in my life, still does today, including anyone who reads my sharings.

Iran is our duality image.  Are we polorized due to fear, or love unselfishly for lack of fear?

North Korea is our potential.  Our choice points.  The old died, the young have taken over.  Our current youth are extremely important in our days ahead (hell, in our days now… but especially our days ahead.)

Let me tell you a secret (smile)… there is only one vibration that will grow into it’s fullness… and that is Pure Love!

We stand and plant our seeds in a whole new garden of life!

I find it very very interesting as I check today.  We had a dark filament explosion on the northeast limb of the sun (winter moving into spring) and that filament is heading to Venus.  Igniting the passion of Pure Love on earth.

Find your form, allow it to change as needed, help others as you help yourself!

Together we are the Love of the Earth made manifest!

(((((HUGZ)))) of shock and awe (smile)

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