Lucas – Time For Unity And Oneness As Timeline 1 Progresses – Make It All Happen – 10 January 2012

I hear still the voice of Jean-Luc Picard telling his crew when starting a new voyage: Engage!  I believe we are again on our way after learning processes in the now and near past finding ourselves on our timeline 1 towards our ascension of earth and humankind.

Bill Wood in his last interview with Lisa told us about that what we really already should know by now: If we fight dark with dark or negativity  and not with light we will be taking a longer side road to our ascension. If we stay in the light without judgements and other negative actions and ego power based shouting, we will be sooner overcoming the last hurdles on our path.

I think whatever has happened people who still play the negative cards out will have a problem as the shedding of duality will be much more intense.

A format like see things as they are (.)  without filling in the ……….. and judge or  disapprove, like, dislike, agree or call it lies, etc., will be giving you a new balance. Oneness and Unity are easier to find in this format. We have to make an effort in whatever happens to visualize  that we are One even if we agree to disagree or have other paths chosen.

Just remember the end outcome of timeline 1 is eventually all to come at the ascension point whatever path chosen. We do not hit the wall but breakthrough it in a still for a lot of us unthinkable new voyage. A voyage of earth  and ourselves to places never dreamed off in a multiple dimensional field of Unity.

We can speed things up on our paths in being that light in unconditional love. Unconditional is without ever ………….. you can think off.  Pure and loving. I see my friend  Ron van Dyke before me as he is  in every way himself. He also lets his emotions out without shame.  I love him as he is with his beautiful way of bringing his thoughts  to our attention.

Let us be as we are in the now without taking the looking glass. As you maybe secretly  will take short a look at see what it is. You will see that all we are is so many timelines of paths and possible paths and decisions we have and will make.  If you only could see that this all will come again back to be One soon. You as One and We are One as One in Oneness. So be prepared to make the new voyage. Make it all happen.

Love and Light,


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