Benjamin Fulford- Some Updates – 11 February 2012

(I will not post every comment appearing on Fulford’s Typepad. But interesting ones or a selection. The mayor articles I publish of course : Lucas.)

Here are two of the comments today:

1) Fulford Benjamin -From Argentina

Hi Benjamin, greetings from Argentina

I have been reading your newsletter from years.

There are people who attack you saying that you are  disinfo agent /
psy-op agent. They claim that you have been telling that the NWO is falling from
almost 2 years or more. And that you don´t provide any specific date
or detail whatsoever so it is political fiction mixed with some truth.

Is it possible that you can provide with some dates  or specific time frames  about big things to happen in order to shut the mouth of those who are attacking you fasely?

We are reading a lot about the Cabalists falling but I still see they
are counter attacking with NDAA, SOPA, PIPA and it is hard to believe
if they are really cornered and fearful. IT also looks like they may
go after Iran this year. So …. what is your view?

Fulford answers:
You need to understand that we are in the middle of a financial war. The cabalists are doing everything they can to carry out their agenda. We are doing everything we can to stop them. We cannot provide specific dates because that will reveal our intentions to the cabalists.Nonetheless, you can see visible signs everywhere that their regime is in trouble. The IMF, the world’s supposed lender of last resort, is saying they have no money. The price of shipping has plunged over 80% this year due to an international boycott of cabal controlled G5 countries. They have been screaming about Iran for over 10-years but so far no war has started and we are trying to make sure it never starts.
However, they remain extremely powerful and it is not over until it is over.
More than anything we need people to personally take action and not sit passively and wait for us to do everything for them.

2)HAARP for research or world domination?


I am a journalism student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and building a story how the HAARP antenna array is alleged to be a weapon of mass destruction.

What would you consider the most compelling evidence of this being the situation?

Fulford answers:

My suggestion is you start by doing a Lexus-Nexus news search and dig up old articles in places like the New York times about a treaty in the 1970’s between the Soviet Union and the US not to use weather modification and earthquake weapons against each other.


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