Lisa Gawlas – What Is Your Purpose? – 11 February 2012

I get asked “What is my purpose” more than any other question.  Even if you had a singlular purpose, spirit would never tell me.  But, in hearing my first reading of yesterdays passionate desperation in wanting to know, the answer that flowed forth humbled me.

There is no singular defined purpose at all.  What ever you are doing today, that is your purpose.  Whatever you are doing tomorrow, that is your purpose. Every day adds something new to you, sometimes it is so subtle you do not even realize it, but it changes you.  When you change, your purposeful day changes.  When you share those changes that you do understand with others, in the field of hope, you are adding to the field of light like no other can.  A hug of comfort, a redirection of mind/words, a gentle understanding in all that changing offered outwards.

If you can imagine yourself like the sands on the edge of the ocean and thru every action you build sandcastles that are real and beautiful and lovely for others to behold and help within.  Then a wave comes along and takes your sandcastle back into the sea, telling you it is time to build again.  Find new form, new expression.  If you built a sandcastle far from the waters edge, remained stagnant in that expression… the sun will bake you til your brittle and it will collapse due to dehydration… or become so solid you cannot move again.

I was not even remotely psychic before I started this path, before I dove head first into meditation.  I dabbled in hypnotherapy shortly after starting this path, knowing my former life was done but having no clue what my next life would look like.  It is funny, even tho I was guided to hypnosis school via my team, it was never really to help anyone but myself thru the adventure.  My throat chakra was so utterly closed and hypnosis helped to find my voice.  My soft, gentle voice of assistance.  It wasn’t for two years did I really start to use my understandings within meditation as a way to make a living.  I started doing readings by a fluke.  Loki, that trickster god (smile) has been behind me pushing me into alley ways I would have never otherwise gone into.  He is there for you too, if you let him be.

We are going to be changing and expanding so quickly in these coming months, to pin yourself down to anything is to limit yourself.  I can tell you with all sincerity, I have no freakin clue what I am supposed to do, other than what I feel to do when I wake up.

I do want to share a little story, I hope an important one as well.  There is nothing about what I do that I learned outside of myself.  Everything came thru meditation (well except massage and hypnosis, I did go to school for that.)  I had no external teacher ever.  I did have a lot of friends on the internet that helped me understand…

One day my mentor, whom I loved so much asked me to withdraw my energy from him.  My heart was so broken, yet I knew this moment was coming.  I was on the mountainside in Vermont and I went out to an old oak tree for comfort and strength in this change.

While sitting at the tree I could see his soul energy in front of me… a massive rainbow energy with an image of a human from long long ago.  He came over and sat next to me.  Helped me understand where his human was inside of himself… all I felt was unloved.  Abandoned…again.  Even tho this moment happened etherically, it was so real… so very real.

He sat in front of me cross legged, took both of my hands in his and started breathing in from his crown, down thru his heart, out to his arms, thru his palms, into my hands, up to my heart, thru my crown and back into his.  There was now a circle of energy flowing thru my hands into his crown and back out to me thru him.  I could feel his love, but also, I could see my mentors feelings… all the things he could no say (his throat and heart was as blocked as mine was.)  I was made aware of all the cues I missed.  All the love I refused to let myself feel for the simple fear of having it taken away.

He truly gave me the gift of freedom that day… but more than that, I was now on a mission to see if I could do this exchange myself with others.  A friend came for the weekend to visit, I told him about this exciting meditation and if he would let me recreate it for him to see if I could read him.  It worked!!  Maybe not to the fullness of that moment with the soul of my mentor… but it worked none the less.

I started holding and breathing thru anyone who would let me.  I could go to the local store and ask if I can hold their hands and try and read for them.  I became insatiable in this adventure!!  …and learned so much.  In those moments, that was my purpose… expanding my own sense of self while expanding others thru the desire.

We learn so much in meditation, those bits and pieces of our self for full use in our world of matter, but how often does anyone really take it beyond meditation for true application and growth.   We are conditioned to go to a school, learn someone elses way… while missing our own.  That unique facet of our Light.

Now, in these days, it is important for you to find all those inner facets, extract them into the world of created matter… and play with them.  This is a major reason I only teach meditation (and mind redirection)… I don’t want you to be me, you must be you and you only.  You have gifts no one else on this planet has, but until you mine them… they are simply a potential of what could have been.

Let me tell you, I am truly not special in what I am able to do.  I am simply a spiritual workaholic.  Have been for over 11 years.  I work for the Light of You. Beats the hell outta workin for the man!!

Please feel free to try the exercise I offered above in your world too.  I shared it for that reason.

Now I do want to completely change the subject for a moment…

Yesterday (Feb, 10th) was as strange as it gets in reading world here.  In the morning, just before I was to do my first reading, I checked the field to see where it was in its evolution.  …but really I was checking to see will we be able to read today!  Loki has rubbed off on me! lol

I could see a partial field.  The gold has gotten more vibrant.  The 7th dimension portal thingie… stretched like a tube or something down into the ground in the center of what I call the field… there was an outward curvature at the top but only barely a foot outward.  I knew it was still creating its next form of expression… but all I could think of was the torus someone emailed me about.

What was really really strange… when I did my readings, the field disappeared from my view.  When I didn’t have someone in the field, I could see it in it’s partial-ness.

The one thing I did realize about this field was that on the 8th I think, I noticed that the dome of energy was smaller or maybe closer to the ground than it has ever been when I looked at it via the readings.  I didn’t really think it meant anything… boy was I wrong lol!!

Think of a Tsunami.  When the ocean prepares for a tsunami it pulls all the energy of the water back into itself.  For the casual eye, it looks like the ocean is retreating from the shore.  The magnetic dome of energy was doing this as well on the 8th….

It has retracted all of its energy to create it’s next expression.  But I realized something  just now.

I used to be able to play and work in the fields of light from sun up until sun down without ever needing a break.  Now.. forget it.  I get to a certain point in my day and I am beyond done.  I cannot look at emails, reply to meditations, even look at websites that have metaphysical information on it.  Inside of me, it is like if I take in one more ounce of Light… I will severly short circute myself.

I have a feeling that is exactly why the field did not appear in the readings yesterday.  I could read for those not in the field, but not for those inside where the dome was… Our magnetic field is changing… intensely!

All I can say is… let’s see what this day reveals in our ever evolving journey of Light!!

Morph speed to all of You!!


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