Suzanne Poulson Spooner – A Lesson In Seeing Inter-Dimensionally With God And AA Michael – 11 February 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hi God.] Hi Suzy, how are you today? [Well, all in all I would say quite good! Thank you for asking. How are you today, God?] I AM, but you know that. [Giggles]

Let’s have a moment of opening a portal to your park. [Lovely, I am on it. (I stop to meditate)] Good.

You noticed while driving today that the clouds had hues of colors emanating from them. [Yes! I was looking at some clouds, close to the sun and especially with my sunglasses on I noticed shades of pinks and blues on some clouds and as I pulled over to watch them I noticed other colors like green and yellow. Very, very pretty! I even took some pictures with my phone. I think I got some of the colors but not as bright and crisp as they were with my eyes.]

You were seeing inter-dimensionally. [Really, well that sounds fun! Some would say it was just a reflection of the sun.] Ah, yes and some would say you were making it up! [But I have pictures!]

The point is this Suzy, one person’s reality is another person’s imagination. That’s true on many levels, mind you, but let’s stick to the 3-D experience.

Might I suggest we take a seat under your tree of life? [Absolutely. (With this, I go back to my park-in my minds eye, where I have imagined a huge, beautiful oak tree. This is where I go in meditation frequently and visit with my friends).]

AA Gabriel will join us. (Pendulum downloads) Gabriel-Hello Suzy. [Hello Gabriel!] I am joining you both to share this idea. The colors that you saw around the clouds are there always and forever. Even when the sky is absent of clouds, the colors exist. With the backdrop of the white clouds and the energy of the sun combined with your vibration, the colors materialized. This is what we mean when we say all dimensions exist as one.

Finding the vibration or frequency to see or experience these other dimensions is what you and others are learning. This is seeing with your third eye. Given this understanding, you can practice adjusting your vibration/frequency to see many other wonders.

Try this; when you focus on a person, pet or object in nature, soften your eyes, empty your mind & send love out and breath love in.  This will open your heart and third eye to reveal the true beauty of what you focus on, especially when you have no pre-determined idea of what you will find. Just be in the Now. [Thank you God & Gabriel. I will practice this often.] We love that.

Note from Suzanne: ‘Opening a portal and going to my park’ is a meditation practice I learned VIA TAUK. In this space I can visualize visits with my friends, teachers and guides on the other side. I visualize it as a wide open space with mountains in the background, a joyful creek running through it and on top of a hill is a huge beautiful oak tree. Here I will sometimes add a tree swing, a table and chairs for multiple guests and sometimes I just sit in the grass soaking it all up. The pictures on this post were the actual pictures I took while sitting in my car and noticing the colors in the clouds. I wish the colors would have photographed better but I think you can make some out!

I also think the suggestion of going ‘to my park’ was another exercise of being inter-dimensional. They are clever like that! Always sneaking something else in to ponder on! Hope you try this experience and have a wonderful time exploring your inter-dimensional self! P.S. If you click on each of the pictures on this post a bigger pic will pop up so you can see the colors better. I think the bottom one is the best! link to original article first published 10 February 2012.


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