Montague Keen – 12 February 2012

Veronica, my dear, the time has come when those who are awake and aware of all that is happening in your world must stand together and do whatever is necessary to reclaim your world. Those with missions to complete will be given signs to indicate when it is time to step forward. This is your opportunity to rescue your fellow man from the slaughter that the Cabal is demanding to satisfy their lust for blood — though, of course, not their own blood — that, they protect above all else. Only those they see as lesser mortals are required to spill their blood to satisfy the cabal’s lust for total control of your world.

They become more demented each day as they demand more and more wars. They foolishly believe it will buy them time to find another way to take control of your world and all who live in it.

They are having to learn that gold alone cannot buy them what they want. The blackmail they use to buy and control politicians is beginning to fail also. They use fear and mind control to control the masses; but this, too, is beginning to fail. Because of this, they are exposing themselves and their true intentions. They are quite prepared to destroy masses of their own people to satisfy their craving for total control.

Evil is the force within them. It has got them to where they are today. Though they may appear to look like everyone else, they most decidedly are not. They come in many guises. Do not be fooled by their fine words and false promises: underneath, they are all the same — not to be trusted. Never judge a book by its cover. Examine carefully what is really being proposed. Ask how it will affect your fellow man. Cease to be the cannon fodder that satisfies their demand for blood sacrifice. They will not be allowed to change the time lines: their time is up. Their technology will not save them. They have never shared this technology with what they see as lesser mortals. In fact, they have quite deliberately made your lives extremely difficult.

They exist on the energy that your pain and suffering produce. Soon, I promise you, all this will come to an end. People will smile once more, all the stress, tension, and FEAR of the last nearly 2000 years will come to an end. Their plans to take over your world took shape then. This is why your history was totally changed and you became slaves, confined to your own planet, disconnected from all the other planets that surround your Earth. They went to great lengths to hide and keep hidden all that might alert you to who and what you are. They are the people who created the whole idea of hell and punishment that has served to control so many. If only you understood the energy that fear gives off, and how your oppressors thrive on it. It is their oxygen. So they must keep up the fear.

Love will return to your world and people will live in peace.

We were fortunate, my dear. We experienced real love. We know what a difference it makes to one’s life. Love opens up a window to the soul. It spreads its warmth through the veins of our lives. Love heals, it is undemanding. I wrote these words to you in a poem I wrote to you for our wedding. Our love has enabled us to continue our work. Remember how we used to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Every day could be a Valentine’s Day once more, when the terrible pressure of trying to survive is removed.

If you could see your world as we see it. Even your weather is controlled. Illnesses are created to keep the pressure up. Drugs are produced to cause further suffering, pain, and stress. All this is done by 1% of the population of your world. How can this have been allowed to happen? 99% of humanity is suffering because of the greed of the 1% who have no right to be there. Once you remove the fear, they are defeated. The judgement that they will face is the judgement of the people.

We, in Spirit, will ensure that you have all that you need to continue your lives on Earth. Our Centres will be there to offer advice and assistance with any problems that may concern you. Veronica and I have considered and planned what should be available when the Cabal is removed. I have stated, many times, that this will be an eventful year. It presents opportunities to make the changes that are so necessary to remove the Cabal’s control forever. Let this be your legacy to the world.

We thank all those brave people who are speaking out about the corruption that they were expected to go along with and accept. Evil only succeeds when good men do nothing to expose it. The desire for truth is spreading. People are responding to it and coming forward. Again, I say, beware of misinformation that is carefully placed to create false illusions and hopes. This serves to take minds off what they should be looking at. The Cabal are creatures of habit. They continue to use the same old and trusted formula.

You are entering a New Dawn. Exciting challenges present themselves. Nothing will be asked of you that you cannot easily deliver. When the 99% come together, the energy will be so amazing. All the barriers created by religion and race will be removed forever. This is what we are all working towards. Together, we are invincible. This is our window of opportunity. Do not be found wanting. You have a lot to look forward to.

My dear, you were, you are, and you always will be, my one true love. I remain your adoring, Monty.

Montague’s Message for Sunday, 12th February 2012

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