Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – This Is The Truth – 13 February 2012

God said:

Are you feeling subdued today?

That is fine. You don’t have to be elated every day. Your happiness does not always have to be escalated. If it were, you would be at a pitch of excitement that you could not endure. The relative world cannot sustain you. Nothing in the relative can sustain you for long.

Enter that quiet stream within you. It sustains you no matter what the surface is up to. It is nice here. It always is. There is a Do Not Disturb sign here that keeps noise away.

The underlying Silence of Heaven buoys you. It is as if you cannot hear the roaring of the waves. You are in a deeper place where your heart can rest. Rather than riding the furrows of the waves, you are buoyed by the depth of the waters. You are deep into the majesty of life whether it is on Earth or in Heaven. Actually, it is always Heaven. In Truth, you have chosen the armoire of Heaven over the soapbox of Earth.

Heaven is not an escape. It is your very foundation. In Heaven, you do not flounder. Heaven is your very substance. Heaven is not frivolous. It is not a departure from life. It is not a detour. It is your very sustenance. It is Reality.

It is the world that is an outing. It is a field trip. It is an exploration. It is imagined.

Heaven is real. It is where you are from. It is where I abide, and where you abide with Me. Heaven goes with you. You take it with you. Heaven is always here for you, right at your fingertips, as it were, right at your toes, right where your feet may be. No matter where you are in space and time, you are infinitely in Heaven with Me.

Wherever I am is Heaven, and you are with Me.

If you consciously want entry into Heaven, there are no doormen, no bodyguards. There really is no one who checks your entry. How could there be because you never left. But, let Us say that there is a doorman and he asks you for your identification. Then I, God, say to the doorman: “She is with Me. He is with Me. I vouch for them.” Do you think I would do less?

If you are seeking love, I am It. Heaven is the gas station where you fill up on love. You are never disconnected from the pump. You are always in My heart. If you think otherwise, it is because you have been too busy running off here and there, so busy skipping across the surface of life.

Consider Me a place to go to where you meet yourself and bless the world.

Come find Me and bless the world today. Take a break from furor and enter Silence and Peace with Me. Enter consciously. We are in an eternal embrace, and I never let you go. Of course, you never want to leave. You cannot. The Power of Love is too great.

And yet you imagine that you run off and play on Earth. You play with a frenzy. You often call it work rather than play. No doubt you take it seriously. Take Heaven seriously. To take Heaven seriously means to have the time of your life. It is the best time. It is where happiness lies without departure. There is no fallibility. There is no stepping down from or going off the height of Heaven. Here We are, for you and I are One. Not just sometimes. Always. Infinitely. Eternally. This is the Truth. link to original article

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