Suzanne Poulson Spooner – Prilon And God – An Update On Manifesting Ascension – The Power Of OM – 13 February 2012

[Hi Prilon & God!] Hi Suzy, we would like to give an update on manifesting ascension for the planet and her inhabitants. [Sounds great, I am ready.]

Being in the Now is the prerequisite for ascension. This concept only needs to be imagined as morphing your future and your past with your present, all timelines occurring in a singular experience. This is how you will raise your vibration to ascend.

Universally you will be in the frequency of light and love when you are in the Now.

You can practice being in the Now by repeating the mantra “OM”. This is the frequency of love and assists Earth in her ascension. When one is repeating this mantra, all fear and associated feelings are destructed in a wave of light. This has a residual benefit to the soul.

The events that are currently in the timelines for Earth are moving at unprecedented speed. This is the release of karma and normal for this experience. However you choose to experience this last push of duality, know that you can transmute the negative with the OM. This is your kind teaching for the day. [Well, thank you both and I love that. It is simple, known and not ‘time’ consuming.] We will give these teachings periodically. [That would be much appreciated! Thank you again.] link to original article

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