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UFO Report – Vancouver, Britisch Columbia, Canada 13th Febr. 2012 – 14 February 2012

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Comment uploader:  February 13 2012 My second sighting of a UFO/Orb that was hiding behind the ridge of a mountain in Vancouver, BC, Canada… Seems like it was joined by some “friends” this time… Not sure how I didn’t notice that right away.. nobody lives that high up and no house lights are that bright lol (and this is not near the ski hills..) Apolgies ahead of time for my manic narration, there’s been some crazy stuff going on in the skies here lately. Link to first sighting: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fB1LnhuZUF4&feature=related


Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Concede. Surrender. Love. – 14 February 2012

God said:

Have We talked about love enough? Do you think We are finished? Do you think everything about love has been said and there is no more to say about it?

On the contrary, I am of the opinion that there is nothing else to talk about! Whatever a topic may be, there is love to be found within it.

Whatever a writer writes, he writes about love. Even when what is written is caustic or undermining, the writer has great love in order to write it. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Melchizedek – 14 February 2012


Beloved Ones,

In this discourse I wish to bring to you the knowledge of your Divine connections. Each of you who find your way to the messages through this scribe are members of the Order of Melchizedek and have been so through many lifetimes and experiences throughout the entire Universe, Omniverse and Multiverse. Deep within your Being, you walk to the heartbeat of a higher order, a pledge of service that you made to bring Divine Order, knowledge, Love, peace and harmony to every Planet and every species that needed assistance in remembering the ways of the Divine Laws that all Beings in the Creator’s Great Expansion adhere to and uphold. Continue reading

Lee-Anne Peters – Emotional Shifts – 14 February 2012


Thank you for connecting with these words today. I trust you receive something useful to reflect on that is right for you. If you are struggling right now, please take some comfort from these words.
The energy over these past weeks has been waving in and out, but I feel for many of us we have been in the slow moving and feeling flat phase. During this phase it is beneficial to step into the flow and feeling of your body, while doing your best not to be at conflict with the energy. Many subtle or behind the scenes energies are lining things up for us as individuals and as a collective consciousness – so times of integration and anchoring (aka: slow moving times) are needed.  Continue reading

Jean Haines – Deathbed Confessions Otto Skorzeny – George H. Scherf(f) 41st U.S. President – 14 February 2012

Jean Haines : This comes from a reader, D, and is quite lengthy, but of great value. These are D’s words: This appeared in 2007 in The Idaho Observer. This is one of the best pieces of journalism I have ever seen. It certainly fits in with what you reported, but provides new insight into how and why our political environment has become what it is today. Please print this for the world to see! Continue reading

Ann Albers – Valentine’s Day Card – 14 February 2012

http://www.visionsofheaven.com link to original article

Lucas – The Domino Effect Is Kicking Hard In As The Stones Need To Fall – 14 February 2012

In earlier articles of mine I have been talking about the domino effect that will bring down all and there is no stopping the lifeline. All ways that lead to end the system are now seen kicking in fast.

If you follow Ben Fulford’s and David Wilock’s  writings you see that very big things have been brought to light and are happening in front and behind the scenes. I myself see the story develop as I see that the EU is desperate  seeking financiers of the lost cause the Euro Zone is and was. China is now asked to help again. Will they? I think personally not.  For the US Dollar the story is not different, all is imploding to nill.  If monetary systems are built on dishonesty and fraud, embezzlement, enrichment, on domination and power they are not able to survive the ending of this year. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light 13th Febr. 2012 – 14 February 2012

Adversity is the challenge many of you are facing today. An obstacle has been placed in your path and we see so many of you making the choice to remove it and continue on in your service, clearheaded and undeterred from the momentary confusion and work stoppage. There are those of you who have chosen to deviate from the course and move around this obstacle by forging a new path for yourself. We salute you as well as we have always assured you we honor and respect each and every choice you make. All paths will eventually lead to the light, there can be no other way, and these individuals too will find their way by way of the new trail they are clearing. Continue reading

BBC News – EU Leaders In China For Debt Crisis Talks – 14 February 2012

100 Yuan note
(comment Lucas: What is this all about when Fulford says they will not get any money from the guys he is talking about in Asia, it this maybe disinformation or  is it that they are so desperate they have to ask China?)
China has indicated it is considering helping with an EU bail-out fund Continue reading

Geoffrey West – An Hour With An Angel – Archangel Michael – 14 February 2012

I’m grateful to Archangel Michael for creating an environment and topic that he knew would resonate with me for my first show.  All who know me know how deeply committed I have been to the issue of peace and of furthering a holistic experience of it.  It was with sadness that I had to give reference to the University for Peace where I studied ‘Peace Education’, but it has become important that people begin to see through illusions of proclamations of ‘peace’, and focus on messages and sources that practice, to the best of their abilities a holistic BE-ing of peace.

To listen to the show:


Radioshow An Hour With An Angel -14th Febr. 2012 (Amsterdam -EST time)

Continue reading