Geoffrey West – An Hour With An Angel – Archangel Michael – 14 February 2012

I’m grateful to Archangel Michael for creating an environment and topic that he knew would resonate with me for my first show.  All who know me know how deeply committed I have been to the issue of peace and of furthering a holistic experience of it.  It was with sadness that I had to give reference to the University for Peace where I studied ‘Peace Education’, but it has become important that people begin to see through illusions of proclamations of ‘peace’, and focus on messages and sources that practice, to the best of their abilities a holistic BE-ing of peace.

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Radioshow An Hour With An Angel -14th Febr. 2012 (Amsterdam -EST time)

Linda Dillon channels Archangel Michael, interviewed by Geoffrey West, who is filling in for Steve Beckow. Produced by Graham Dewyea.

Archangel Michael speaks of peace and anchors peace within us. He tells us having inner and outer peace is necessary for Ascension to occur. You do not ascend when you’re in fear. We need to have peace, calm and serenity within to have it in our world, galaxy and universe. Invite peace into your home with friends and family. When peace reigns, creativity and co-creation begins to flourish because people are not in a place of fear, there is room for inspiration and to come closer to all beings. Become closer, more loving, more unified with each other so the holding and sharing of peace acts as a foundation for Ascension.

He tells us our light fields have grown, and encourages us to beam love and tranquility around the earth. Do this together and it will very quickly change the planet. Peace needs to be part of every action, word and every behavior that we take during the day, as well as in our private thoughts when dealing with people and in situations.

He tells us it is possible to have peace in the third dimension and in duality, that we are in a time of creation and choice like never before on the planet. Peace is action oriented, not a state of being or state of absence.

He talks about relationships and the importance of feeling at peace to feel safe enough to truly express who we are without fear of criticism, disdain or being thought less than. Let go of human drama. We come together to create and share love. When peace is compromised in a relationship, come together and restore it. When relationships come to an end, it may change form, but hold onto the love. Release and bless them. link to article by Geoffrey West link to original article

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