Lee-Anne Peters – Emotional Shifts – 14 February 2012


Thank you for connecting with these words today. I trust you receive something useful to reflect on that is right for you. If you are struggling right now, please take some comfort from these words.
The energy over these past weeks has been waving in and out, but I feel for many of us we have been in the slow moving and feeling flat phase. During this phase it is beneficial to step into the flow and feeling of your body, while doing your best not to be at conflict with the energy. Many subtle or behind the scenes energies are lining things up for us as individuals and as a collective consciousness – so times of integration and anchoring (aka: slow moving times) are needed. 
There is a strong emotional energy present at the moment – I can feel it in the air! I feel a WAVE of emotional / creative shift occurring for many, and this emotional shift may be difficult for many to move through – as often emotional stuff is.
This WAVE of emotion will bring forward a dramatic shift to the emotional well-being of the collective masses. This has to do with many things, however I am feeling that with the recent passing of Witney that many have gone into grieving, and when we have masses going into grieving like this, it brings through a huge emotional shift. We see this when there is an outpouring of emotion from the public. You may not even be affected by this star’s transition into spirit; however we are ALL tapped into the collective consciousness, so on some level most people will feel this WAVE of emotion.
I feel that this is a combined WAVE of emotion and WAVE of creativity – as both energies hold at quite similar vibrations. So you may find that you have a surge or dive in your creative motivation, or you may find yourself swinging emotionally at the present time. You are not alone with these sensations.
My first guidance for today is to ALLOW yourself to feel. I know I say this all the time, but I see so many people still conflicting with their emotions and either rejecting them, ignoring them or pushing them aside. Our emotions are KEYS that help highlight areas of imbalance in our life / body etc. We ARE feelers, we ARE human, and I feel that our emotions deserve to be listened to, as they will help us.
‘My emotions are powerful tools that are on my side.’ ~ Lee-Anne
The other important information that needs to be shared is the ‘drama’ of situations / people that can pull us in. It’s like a hurricane; representing a ‘storm’ – an emotional storm, and through this card we are guided to do out best to hold our CENTRE, and remain as aligned as possible within the eye (I) of the storm. It’s within this eye where we stay centred and balanced; it is within this eye where we truly feel our emotions as clearly as possible. When we are caught in the dramas occurring externally from us, it can often stir up or overwhelm us with emotion mixed with worry / stress in the mind. It can also drain us physically as we look for ways to fix situations or to sort things out that we will never find in this chaos. It’s when we are within the eye (I AM) that we find the answers, clues and solutions.
Be aware if you are being CAUGHT in an external drama… and do everything you can to move back into your space of alignment within the eye of the storm, within your I AM, or your heart (all the same place).
If you have been feeling surges of emotion, you may also feel surges of creativity too – and if you do so, then trust your motivational pull. You don’t have to paint a masterpiece to express yourself creatively. By simply doing something that you are comfortable with like: cooking, craftwork, dancing, colouring, gardening, designing etc… stir those creative juices and allow these new energies to settle into their place within your body.
In Wholeness and Harmony,
Lee-Anne Peters


One response to “Lee-Anne Peters – Emotional Shifts – 14 February 2012

  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! I have been noticing an intense fluxuation in my Emotional Body as well…… although mine have been fluxuating from the Greatest Depths of Despair in my Earth plane BEing and then souring to the furthest Heights of my Astral Being! What a ride to take! In the moment I AM feeling pretty neutralized and I do believe that focusing on my Creativity will GREATLY help this equivical pull here and there….. Thank You…..