Lucas – The Domino Effect Is Kicking Hard In As The Stones Need To Fall – 14 February 2012

In earlier articles of mine I have been talking about the domino effect that will bring down all and there is no stopping the lifeline. All ways that lead to end the system are now seen kicking in fast.

If you follow Ben Fulford’s and David Wilock’s  writings you see that very big things have been brought to light and are happening in front and behind the scenes. I myself see the story develop as I see that the EU is desperate  seeking financiers of the lost cause the Euro Zone is and was. China is now asked to help again. Will they? I think personally not.  For the US Dollar the story is not different, all is imploding to nill.  If monetary systems are built on dishonesty and fraud, embezzlement, enrichment, on domination and power they are not able to survive the ending of this year.

We will see the fall of the Euro Zone and the US Dollar also very soon. The events as I said proceed whilst writing this. The UK, Austria and France will be downgraded as they have grim outlooks following Moody’s.  The UK as I told before is in a more severe state than other members of the EU and Euro Zone.  So inevitably we will see also in the UK the problems arising as in the Euro Zone. What is it then you can do about it?  The best you can do is seek alternative money or exchange systems not bound to money. These alternatives will help in the time the collapse of the system takes place.  The end of the system will go with some turmoil but you will see emerging a new system soon after its fall.

Do you need to be frightened of things happening?  Fear is in no way something you have to be led by. It is a negative emotion that  has not need anymore in the new lightworld arising. It will be hard the coming months on a lot of us, but after that we will see that you have been freed of what is not right for this world.            A system build on the notice of being for all the best of mankind and earth and build on equality, peace, unconditional love you will have. First some interim systems will take the place of the old structures  till we have grown enough into the new way of “thinking” and  living and can do without all these monetary systems.

I just will say see the signs that are put out as been said before you. Reade between the lines. See beyond that what is told in the Main Media and your governments and institutions that have been disinforming you and even manipulating you.  You will see things are changing and the long wanted abundance for all of mankind will be ours soon.

I am happy to say we have won in every way as the light is breaking all last walls and obstacles down.

Love and Light,


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