Daily Archives: February 14, 2012

Lucas – Valentine All Year Round – 14 February 2012

I never understood Valentine in the way it has been commercialized. If it was only a feast of Love then it would be great. But it has become spread as a feast you have to give a compulsory gift to your loved one on that day. What about those who would express their love for friends and family without having a boyfriend of girlfriend or a wife or husband or partner? Lots have none or are widowers or are single due to lives choices.

I think Valentine should stand for more. All people should acknowledge their love for each other every day. That is what we do forget. You can give the gift of real love everyday not only one day a year. Continue reading

Spacemuffin – It’s Only Castle Burning – 14 February 2012


What we are seeing now in our world are the effects of two retrograde planets, Mars and Saturn. To sum it up; violence and castles burning. This is the physical tearing down of false structures built on the principles of greed and worldly power. Mars went retrograde on January 23, late in the day, when the Year of the Dragon came in; a most auspicious timing of events which is revealing the aggressive destruction of false forms, the abuse of military power, and violent human protesting. It is not at all a surprise that it has come to this, the harsh cry of liberty or death, and when you leave the world in a state of ‘nothing left to lose,’ then history has shown that this is how revolutions are born. Continue reading