Spacemuffin – It’s Only Castle Burning – 14 February 2012


What we are seeing now in our world are the effects of two retrograde planets, Mars and Saturn. To sum it up; violence and castles burning. This is the physical tearing down of false structures built on the principles of greed and worldly power. Mars went retrograde on January 23, late in the day, when the Year of the Dragon came in; a most auspicious timing of events which is revealing the aggressive destruction of false forms, the abuse of military power, and violent human protesting. It is not at all a surprise that it has come to this, the harsh cry of liberty or death, and when you leave the world in a state of ‘nothing left to lose,’ then history has shown that this is how revolutions are born.

As the 28th hexagram in the I Ching reads: “This is the misfortune. But one incurs no blame in giving up one’s life that the good and the right may prevail. There are things that are more important than life.” Mars will not go direct again until April 14th.

This period will force those who wear suits and carry guns to re-think their positions; they will become tired; they will not be sure what they are defending anymore; they will see that they alone cannot control the masses, until they finally have to make that final decision: to disarm or open fire on innocent people. They were always destined to come to this juncture in their lives, and the choices they make will determine their spiritual and karmic paths, which they will bind themselves to, by their actions. Each and every one of them will have to make that choice. It would of course be in their best interest to not compromise their soul advancement, and evolutionary status, by killing and hurting others for their meagre salaries and fading pensions, but only time will tell. The men and women in suits with guns are mere pawns on this chessboard. The King always hides in the background and lets the others do the dying, and killing, for him.

But now everything is different, because the attack is coming from all sides on those who wish to keep humanity suffering. The energies on earth have shifted, and these retrograde planets are having powerful effects on those who are not aware that the time has finally come to realise, that the way we were living on this planet, could not possibly continue. So we come to Saturn, which from earth’s perspective, went retrograde on February 7th and will remain in backwards motion until June 24th. Saturn at best, teaches us about personal responsibility and this is the purpose of this planet. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy and likes to kid itself, it seems. It binds itself with rings, knowing that whatever it builds on false ground, must eventually burn down. When it goes retrograde, the power structures on earth, made of money and greed, are de-stabilized. This also comes down to a very personal level for each one of us who have what we have, but find that it is no longer enough to make us happy, because we know that others on our planet are starving and freezing to death. Humanity has developed a conscience, and as this consciousness expands, the conscience becomes more refined.

Saturn very much reflects the challenging attributes attached to its sign of Capricorn, which finds spiritual matters difficult to comprehend, and is far less able to attach importance and meaning to them. But it also reflects the negative side of the sign of Libra, which builds false relationships, based on considerations which have less to do with love than materiality, status, money, possessions, and physical comfort. While our world is experiencing these upheavals, all these false relationships must dissolve as well, and we will see those, whose relationship are based on power, crumble, along with the castles they live in. It simply cannot be any other way. False camaraderie will turn to mistrust, and the rat that rose to rank, who never held allegiance to anyone except to self, will easily turn against their fearful superiors in favour of better prospects. All this will happen during this retrograde Saturn. In fact, many relationships will dissolve, as people will begin to experience unbearable states of energy imbalances with people they live with, and associate with, but no longer resonate with.

But, towards the end of this rotation, what can we expect? The re-structuring is already taking place and those good people who successfully infiltrated into this false system, are there and ready to make their move. Our world will not be left without governance, but our consciousness has created, and will sustain, through our new desires and visions, a world where greed is no longer the pole star. Because we learned that it didn’t really make us happy, and we couldn’t purchase love. This has been happening for many years, because ultimately, only a very few of us desire war and destruction, and those few have lost the ability to control the rest of us. Most of us really just want to be happy, be free, and be at peace. Our sense of personal responsibility, as a collective, is now becoming very finely tuned, as our power is being returned to us, and with that comes great responsibility.

So this may be a rather lengthy chess game, but we should see some good results when Mars goes direct again on April 14th, at about the same time that Pluto goes retrograde. We will have some additional energies to deal with when Mercury, Venus, and Neptune go retrograde as well, so I will continue in my next article on the variations offered by these planets, and how they will continue to influence the powerful dynamics of Mars and Saturn retrograde. I will also be looking at disclosure scenarios when I further study and meditate on these planetary movements. We are going to be very busy.

Remember, it’s only castles burning.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

The Muffin

(c) 2012 Spacemuffin

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