Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Feelings And Logic – 15 February 2012

God said:

Your feelings are precious. I would like your feelings to be exalted high.

Too often, in the world, feelings are not counted for much. Feelings are a dime a dozen. There are so many feelings and so many who have them, yet feelings are gold. They are diamonds. Feelings have been discounted, as if they were of no import. They are valuable. They are like thermometers that tell you when there is a fever.

Honoring feelings does not mean to kowtow to anyone. It means to be considerate. Feelings are not to be trampled on. Feelings have to be listened to. There is no right or wrong when it comes to feelings. Feelings are.

In a way, feelings rule the world. Logic may be said to rule the world, yet it is feelings that rule the world. First the feelings, then logic to support the feelings.

There is no logic in war. How can war be logical? And yet logic is given as a reason to choose war. Yes, of course, feelings make My children defensive. In Heaven, there is no defense for war. On rustic Earth, it is said that the other party caused it.

There are two levels of existence. Earth says it is honorable to fight. Heaven would say: “There is another way to be found. Start early.”

Of course, long before war is contemplated, feelings needed to be addressed.

And yet, when families are often at war, what chance do nations have?

To care about another’s feelings is not backing down. What are you backing down from anyway? To negotiate peace is backing down from war. What can possibly be honorable about war? Is ego honor? Do back down from war. This carries honor with it.

Your feelings are important, and others’ feelings are important too.

Sometimes you don’t even know what your feelings are. You don’t know what your plaints are. You may point to this and that, and yet you may have skirted the real issues. You may not be conscious of them.

Everyone says that peace is better than war. Yet, if everyone truly felt that way, how could there be wars? Yet there are hard feelings. Feelings have to be dealt with before they erupt into war. Cannot peace be valued as much as war? Cannot peace be declared instead of war?

There is too much pointing to the other guy. This holds true for nations, and it holds true for individuals.

Peace is better than war. False peace is not peace.

Nations are equal under God. Think of what that means. I do not support war. I do not engage in it. Both parties have truth on their side, and both parties have falsehood on their side. There is a lot of kidding going on in the world.

No one would do something mistaken willingly, so they fool themselves and find intelligent support for engaging in what is foolhardy.

One nation feels mightier than another. Like people, some nations look for trouble. Their fists are up, ready to settle an issue with their fists. What else is war but that? They are like schoolboys because they are not going to allow anyone to get the better of them.

Of course, it is known that might does not make right, and yet might gives battle a good try. Funny how might likes to feel superior. How did fighting get to be so popular on Earth, as if it were a good thing, a sporting thing, a necessary thing? How do things get so far that there seems to be no alternative to war?

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  1. Quebec, Canada

    This is so true, it should be sent to all the world’s leaders.