Judith Dagley – Message From The Celestial Team – 15 February 2012

Hello, Beloved!

Love is in the air, is it not?  We note that we are transmitting this message to you on a date which many of you call  ”Valentine’s Day”– and so we swoop in like opportunists to use your focus on “love” in these moments to speak of just that–LOVE.   And yes, of course we are opportunists!  Moreover, we hope you are as well, for what is an opportunity besides a door that opens into somewhere you would like to go?  Why would you not waltz through it, then?  After all,  it is opening for YOU! You are the one who has wanted it, created it, and found it.

Yet, the word “opportunist” has been given a somewhat derogatory flavor in your English-speaking cultures, has it not?  As if walking through doors that simply appear in front of you is somehow “cheating.” As if such ease of movement from one timeline to another, without having to sweat and struggle to manifest it, is the sign of a “bad, weak, or slippery character!”

We will tell you most clearly NOW that such a derogation is one that is only of use if you choose to stay struggling and sweating. It is from your old program of enslavement. We wish you to discern that, and all other such terms as well, that keep you from feeling “undeserving” of easy and effortless movement into opportunities of your choosing.

All such terms only contribute to your ancient belief that you are undeserving of your own magic!  All of them must NOW be seen for the tools of enslavement that they are, for as long as you feel yourself as undeserving, you will be unwilling to love yourSelf as you are.  As long as you are unwilling to love yourSelf as you are, you will feel unworthy of your own Sovereign Authority– and so you will keep yourSelf enslaved. You will be afraid to take responsibility for your own power, for you will not trust yourSelf to use it.

That is the old game in a nutshell, perhaps. To embrace your New Paradigm of Being, however, such small and petty rules must be seen through, and waltzed right through, as well! We are very aware that in the old duality paradigm of enslavement, you allowed yourself to be  taught, programmed, traumatized, and numbed into creating an ongoing “judgment day” in every moment of your lives. You agreed to believe that you deserved this because you were human, and so broken and flawed…or so the story went.

It is time to come out of that agreement now, in order to use the very fruits of it!  That is why we are here to awaken you to the truth of how your universe sees you. We do so because, if you allow yourself to take in that far bigger picture, you will also allow yourself to begin to truly love yourSelf. Your willingness to allow such expansion is critical now, for without Self-Love, you will not claim your Sovereign Authority, and so not allow yourself into your New Paradigm.

Because this is SO important, we will be bringing you much new information, as well as re-iterating in new ways many things that we have shared with you before. To do so, we will be coming through directly in our Love/Light Videos more and more (taking our Judith off what she amusingly calls “the hot seat” of being our human spokesperson!), as well as through our written messages. We will be in what you call the “front lines” at your service. We will be your “task force.”

Although we don’t like the frequencies of those “battle terms,” we realize that you as yet have no others to describe the energies that support integration rather than separation, and so we use them to “give you the gist” of what we are doing for and with you NOW.  We also ask that YOU begin to create new words, new language to use in your New Paradigm, for it is very like entering another country– and YOU are the new language-makers for it.

For NOW, we wish to leave you with the following words about your precious and perfect humanity.  Please drink them into your being! We suggest that you read them every day, right into your heart center, and feel how they change you– until we bring you even more, Beloved!  We continue:

LOVE your humanness. Begin to see yourSelf as WE do. It is your humanness that is the most precious thing about you.
In all the “mistakes” that you flagellate yourSelf for, we only see your courage, and the invaluable lessons you share with us all.
These ”mistakes” that you judge yourSelf for, these things that you will not forgive within yourSelf, are exactly what you came on the planet in human form now to create and integrate.
They are not mistakes. They are expressions of the most profound learning, and sharing of, the process of integrating shattered wholeness together again –and you are doing it most nobly and eloquently.
Love yourself for all of these “flaws” and “mistakes,” then! Honor yourself! Be willing to expand your awareness to embrace the “bigger picture,” to see that you are creating a richer, more unified, universe for us ALL through your efforts.
As Yeshuwa told you in ”The Story of Your Light,” the  compassion you are seeding IS revolutionary for us ALL.
And so  honor that noble spirit of yours– hold your trembling spirit close again in loving gratitude–and take in the truth of our frequencies NOW!

Remember what we have shared with you before about what Love truly is. Love is, by its very nature, which is Source Itself, unconditional.
Conditions are not love, they are judgments.
Remember what we told you about your white light being whole, only experienced as different colors through the prism of the 3rd dimension.
Love all of your colors, then.
Love yourself even as all of the pieces of the puzzle have not come together yet, and in your willingness to welcome yourSelf home to your heart again– YOU will put them together.

We end our transmission now, but we leave you never.  Hold onto this one until we bring you a new one, and very soon!  –We love you.  Always and in All Ways.  –the celestial team

Copyright(c)2012, Judith Dagley-All Rights Reserved.  www.thecelestialteam.com  first published 14th Febr.2012


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