Lisa Gawlas – The Thanksgiving Feast Of Orgasmic Energy – 15 February 2012

Sunlight in Crystal Lake TexasThis picture was taken with a regular camera in Crystal Lake, Texas on 2/11/12 at 2:30 pm.  This is right close to my meditation experience yesterday… at least in imagery!!  Phew!!

Everything that I had seen, felt and understood yesterday (Feb. 14th,2012) was extraordinary.  I really intended to write about everything yesterday afternoon, but once I got out of my own meditation after the readings… I just couldn’t.  I pray I can share all the details of what I do understand and make clear those things I witnessed but don’t understand….yet.

This is going to be a long sharing!! (smile)

Once I oriented myself to the field in the morning I could see a steady stream of hearts raining down all the on right side of the field (emotional, spiritual side.)  I thought that was kewl considering it was Valentines Day, a day where love is very present in the minds and hearts of humanity and the field reflected that back to us!

Yesterdays reading started out as a strong communication from the field of Light.  At first I didn’t get it, but as I got deeper into the reading, it started to become clearer.

I tried to dial my clients number like 6-7 times, each attempt, the call looked like it was going thru then just suddenly ended.  My calling signal was strong, so was my internet, so I was puzzled.  I rebooted my phone… the call took place with ease.

I realized this is exactly what happened energetically yesterday, more than likely starting the day before.  We ALL have been rebooted.

I could not get a clear view of the field, which really disappointed me.  The day before I could (barely) see the two balls of magnetic energy (earth and sun) large, co-mingling within each other, but the energy was so faint it was hard to make out what was happening.

I could see my client on that outer band of energy, the orbit field if you will.  This band of energy was black as was my client.  In the moment of the reading, I didn’t understand about the “rebooting” but today it makes sense.  When I see black anymore, it has to do with information/light being withheld.  Nothing anywhere near this new field of energy can be negative or harmful… so black never means that at all… unless you are outside of the field… way outside of it.

I could not get a discernible view of the field either.  It was still doing whatever it was doing the day before.  That is… while I was looking directly at it.

We switched our conversation to February’s energy.  She, like so many of us, are just over the waiting to see whats next for us period and wants to get on with it already.  This amazing and clear description of what is happening for us came thru the conversation, for which, I am so eternally grateful, as I hope you all are from it as well.

The Thanksgiving Feast

For the last several days now I kept hearing randomly “the last supper,” I never even got the correlation until just now.  (Let me just interject here, those bible stories, most of them are metaphors not literal occurrences.)

From my ladies energy field this amazing understanding came forth.

We can look at this very moment in time in our lives as the moment just before we all sit down to a Thanksgiving Feast.  We can smell all the aroma’s of what has been prepared and our stomach juices are churning with hunger from the knowing.  This really is an exciting time!

All the food has been cooked to perfection (thank you humanity) and as I type, is in the midst of being put into its proper dishes (locations) to go onto the buffet table (high energy fields of life).

This is the moment where the hunger is the strongest.  Just coming out of the oven, not quite on the table yet.

I could see us sitting at the table of life with a fork in our right hand and a butter knife in our left hand… ready!

We were both getting giddy like two little girls!

We talked about the energy at the end of February and I could see us (not just her and I, but all who have worked to resonate fully with the “field,” in the belly of the fire and like any good thanksgiving feast, I think we ate way to much.  You know that feeling so stuffed you feel like you would burst.

Well, the energy burst!

But the perspective I got to experience was delicious!  Being in the belly of this massive fire (which I just now fully realize is the kundalini explosion of earth and sun) we went flying on our own silver spark (thread?) of energy into March.  Phew what a ride!

Then we talked about March a little bit… it is present now it a dome of vibrant yellow energy.  As we talked about it a new detail was added thru her stream of energy… those little flowers I have been seeing now for a month… it was raining down from every area of the dome of energy called March.  Just flower tops I might add, no stems, no nothing but the soft colored flower tops that remind me of pansies.

We were so excited!!

I do want to point out… when I see February and March’s energy field, it always is on top of the Mesa Cliff just to the right of center.  When I see “you”, you are always in the backyard in the “field” or somewhere around it.

As I was looking and reveling in the energy of the end of February into March, out of the corner of my field of vision, I could see the two massive orbs of energy… the magnetic grid of earth and the magnetic grid of the sun formed souly for us on the plane of created matter.  It is now the full size of the field (as opposed to smaller balls of energy forming…)

Something was happening in it that I could not quite discern.

My next reading was so flipping different from the first.  Geez, I have got to orient myself all over again.  Don’t think for a minute my job is easy… Holy shit it is not!! (grin)  …but it is fun!!

The moment her phone started ringing… holy freakin cow batman… the spin.  She was a blur of energy spinning so rapidly just at the top of the co-mingling balls of energy.  I thought what the heck am I seeing.  I know human soul energy when I connect to it… and this circular blur of energy was her.

I could see a super fast moving band of energy inside the field and somehow, whatever was happening was purposeful to the two balls of energy which now make up the field.  The spin of this energy was so perfect and so fast one would never know there was actually two energy vibrations taking place within the spin.  It was silver (earth) and gold (sun) blended so amazingly perfect that you would never have known it was two colors.

We talked about her emerging love life (smile)… even tho they have not (yet) merged their human bodies, they indeed have merged their spiritual bodies and together are spinning the hell outta our mom and dad (earth and sun).  I knew to the vaguest degree of understanding that what they were doing energetically was creating the manifested energy field I am calling Shambhala.

It was funny to hear spirit call her the Master of Torque.  I heard her energy referenced by the word torque over and over again that we have dubbed her lady torque!

I tip-toed to Wikipedia just to get a good definition of torque for this sharing:  Torque is a measure of how much a force acting on an object causes that object to rotate.

I have a feeling… we will feel the earth shake when she and her divine counterpart merge their physical fields of energy together in March (big toothy grin here.)

I was going to write a blog after these two readings, there was now so much to share!  But my flipping bath tub started calling me.  I had an hour and a half from the torque lady to my next appointment…  I kept feeling that my meditation would give further understanding of what is all happening.  It should have come with a super warning that the rest of my day would be blown!

The Orgasm of Creation

It took me a little bit to figure out what on earth am I doing in meditation.  It is funny, right now all I can think of is the “seed meditation” on my website.  We (I) am so accustomed to viewing the field, what is taking place, I sometimes forget, I am also the field itself.  So instead of trying to see what was happening on earth, or on the feild, I changed my energy focus to “where am I at in the field.”  Strange what took place next…

I was in the middle of the two huge balls of energy.  They were pulsing in unison together… as was my body.  Phew!

Usually… I have one aspect in the tub, aware of being in the tub, the other out exploring…whatever.  I left the tub!  I was god knows… throbbing ball of massive energy.  Then a form took place… strange form really.  I could see/feel/be mother earths energy, the silver ball… she turned into wonder woman.  Red, white and blue crazy outfit and all.  She was huge!

Then, the golden sphere of energy (sun) turned into batman.  Black cape and mask all the way.

Then… it gets really strange.  The two were standing face to face together, so large… holy cow.  Even tho I was “seeing” wonder woman, I was hearing “Sheena” (who the hell is sheena?) and altho I was seeing batman, I was hearing “the masked warrior.”

Then… this…. geez… rod appeared between sheena and the masked warrior (smile)… Maybe a universal penis?  It was not directly attached to batman (trust me, I was looking!! lol) but yet… somehow, he was in charge of it.  wonder woman and batman did some amazing things let me tell you!  He told wonder woman what position to take, and she did.  The body forms seemed to take on geometric lines… but man oh man… I could feel every thrust happeninng between the two!  Phew… tough to be me!! (blush)

And then it got even weirder…smile…

Wonder woman turned into the OMG an amazing pink rose, but that description is not complete, and truly I have no words of discription that would even come close.  The intensity, the lines of form… phew.  Then batman turned into a massive violet rose, again, like mother earth, beyond discription.

Their energy was reaching a fevered pitch (ummmm… so was my whole flipping body) and the two rosed merged into one… it became this interesting lavender (sort of) color… and then everything exploded thru my own solar plexus.  The energy of the orgasm itself turned into a beam of light, and in the light was this calm… very odd calm…. equally tho, a beam of Light like I have never seen before.  It was as if my whole solar plexus area became a halogen lamp.  Pure white light.  I took a trip upwards to see where it went.

I cannot even put this into context.  So please, bear with me.

As I moved up this beam of light and emerged into what looked and felt like… space colored the same color as the merged rose…. a whole new network of fibor threads started springing out from everywhere.  All I could feel with it was like the neurons of a brain.

I was in awe and had no clue what I was witnessing, so I simply asked… what is this?  I heard back so clearly… “it is the mind of god.”  Huh?  What on earth does that even mean.  Again, I heard back “You cannot even fathom what it means.  Humanity has had idea’s but are so inaccurate in their ideas.”

Well then…. why show me!! lol  Actually, it was more than showing me… I felt it all.  I felt the aliveness of it, the pure essence of it.  The wonder of it all.

That was the end of that.  Or maybe… really…. the beginning!!

Once I re-oriented myself back into the bathtub… I couldn’t move.  I was truly a wet noodle and had no sense of orientation to my own physical body, tho I seen it, was in the water with it.

I thought about the time… my god I don’t want to be late to call my next appointment.  I knew I was in that bath for a while… my water was cold.  I knew she would undertand if I called her late… but what do I tell her, I was in an orgasm flow with the sun and earth disquised as batman and wonder woman saying they are sheena and the masked warrior?? lol

As I found my way out of the bath I can tell you I was really really disoriented with my own space and time.  When I seen the clock I still had a whole 30 minutes before the call… impossible.  I know I was gone longer than 30 minutes in my world… and the moment I had that thought I heard back “you don’t think we can place you back in a timeline that fits your schedule?”


I suppose I knew it was possible… I have gone thru warps before… but this… this is different.  I was different.

All I could do for the rest of the day was literally vibrate.  Every cell of my body was dong some kind of weird happy dance.  My brains, non-functional at all.

I couldn’t do much for the rest of the day except…. expand.

As I went to sleep last night I heard:  ”the field changes because of what we (humanity) does… the moment you look at it, it is put into form and expands thru us.”

I also understand that mother earth appeared as wonder woman (she really is, isn’t she!) and father sun as batman (still figuring that one out, don’t have a big connection to batman.  I was sheena (queen of the jungle… tarzans counterpart lol) and I found an interesting tidbit about the masked warrior on wikipedia:  The world of MASKED WARRIOR X can be described as cyberpunk, where sportsmen are given cybernetic implants to enhance their abilities.

I looked at the news this morning to see a 6.0 earthquake off the coast of Oregon (USA) last evening at 7:30pm PST.

The things that make ya go…. hmmmmmmmmm??

I want to share this thought that steamed thru me 11 years ago as I was having an online discussion of sex:

There is power in our sexual energy that most people take for granted because they do not
understand the “whole” of it all.  The manifestation energy of the orgasm is intense and powerful!
What if… Our sexual energy was our closest connection to our Creator—THE very connection of creation?
What if… The energetic exchange merged three energies as one (physical you, spiritual you, & Creator)?
What if… The creation of the soul was done through the orgasmic flow of our Creator, in a pure and loving state so that when we shared ourselves in this manner, in the physical world of Being, could we not touch and feel the heart of God within the exchange?

With Ecstasy to all!  I hope your Valentines day was orgasmic!!!


Lisa Gawlas

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