Lisa Gawlas – Choices Point And The Garden Of Shambhala – 16 February 2012

These days are changing so rapidly, energetically at least.  Granted, to the human walking thru the moments of each day, it appears like not much has changed in their life, but indeed, it has all changed.  We just need to know where to look.  We need to be much more purposeful in our days. (Said as much to myself as to anyone else reading…smile.)

The day of readings yesterday, took an interesting turn.  A turn I didn’t even really get until just now as I sit and feel what and how to share.

First let me share the field itself.  Within a 3 hour span it changed rapidly in the landscape of readings.  Which also means, we the human, are changing that rapidly too.

My first reading of the day really set the pace for the rest of the day.  I seen him just coming out of the West point in the band of energy that goes around the dome/massive orb thingie that is now the “field.”  Everything has changed so much I wasn’t even sure how to orient myself to understanding at all.  Everything was black… meaning simply, in a reboot stage of the unseen.

We talked about the energy of Feb., about that black band and indeed it was in the snapping stage.  Unleased, but still in the moment of completely unleashing.  (Hard to explain.)

Thru our conversation and his wonderful questions, we started to get the information that the “field” will simply pull you into it.  Like… merging into it.  There was something about the next 3 days.  I thought of my meditation instantly.  I was placed in a different time line once I came out of meditation.  I thought to myself… well, if we can go back in time, then lets move forward in this reading to the time when this dome thing will let us in.

This is the first time I have ever seen myself on the field with a client in their reading.  We were on the point in that orbit band thing where he showed up initially, with the intention of moving inside the dome of energy.

We oozed inside.  Like a magnet pulled us in.  We both stood there just inside of the dome and I was in awe of what I seen and felt.  It was the thickest pink energy I had ever seen.  It filled every nook and cranny the eye could see, except the space that was us, we were beaming white lights in a field of rich pink.

From this reading on, for most of my day, I kept getting a whiff of roses under my nose.  I have been burning lemon eucalyptus oil, so I knew it wasn’t coming from my oil burner!  I realized the smell was coming from the ceiling down.

Another reading 3 hours later, the same feeling was in order to get any other information we needed to ooze into the dome of energy.  Again, I was right there on the energy band with her.  She too, was on the West point area.  West representing fall, harvest time in your life.

This time tho, before we even oozed in… I could see the strangest image.  I really don’t understand it… but it is like the inside of the field collected itself into a form.  A pink form and a light blue form.  These forms looked very much like two fishes standing upright on their tails, butted up next to each other and then merged into each other at the belly.  The heads of these fish were sticking up thru the top of the dome, the belly and tails inside the dome…. directly in the center space.

Once we oozed into the dome, I didn’t see the pink and blue fish any longer.  Instead I had seen what looked like a red carpet (but more than that) rolled out from the West point to the center of the dome.  We glided together to the center and there was a huge pile of those pansie looking flowers.  I mean a huge pile!

The air/energy in this place was wonderfully thick.  There was substance and aliveness to it all.  But yet, I didn’t understand a thing about what we were experiencing together meant to either one of us!

We talked about her business and the difficulties she had been experiencing putting together.  Obstacle after obstacle.  She has been an “energy healer.”

There is not a thing to heal in this energy field.  It is vibrantly pure and perfect.

This was a huge understanding for us as we were getting all this information next to the huge pile of flowers.  Let me share this understanding as clearly as I can, it is really important.

Our choice point:

To stay behind to help others moving into the higher dimensions.

To go into the new energy field and create the pathway for others.

Trust me, both are needed!  Neither choice is a right one or a wrong one.  But, be clear within yourself where your energy field is.  Those who will help others move into the higher realms of living, still have things to do within their own energy field to fully vibrate with the 6th dimensional energies and above.

Those who have a fully cleared energy field, really need to be working in the new energy field.  Our numbers are much fewer than those who now stand on the 5th dimensional platform (Christ / Unity Consciousness.)

Your soul energy does have a little something, something to say about your choices (smile)… remember, we are now in partnership.

We heard that her powerful energy work must be used to create.  There are others who will be working in the field of “healing.”  Then she told me her business name… I repeat it here because my god I love how it feels!!  Energy Dancer.  Even now, those crazy flower tops rain down from the sky all over that  name!!

I heard the field say that to try and put anything together now would be useless.  Too much is still changing.  But by Saturday, we will have a clearer understanding of what our part is.

I wish I would have thought, in the moment, to simply move into Saturday.  This thought just arrived now!!  Like I say, I am really slow on the uptake!!

But, in the clarity of the morning, my lord I missed a lot of information yesterday.  First one being… choice points.

When we hit a particular “season” within our lives, we have a choice to make.  Keep going round and round in orbit (smile)… or ooze on into the field.  (I will get back to this in a moment)

My first morning appointment… he was already out of the west point moving along the band of energy around the “field” and we could only take a peek inside… so when he hits the north point, he will have a major choice to make.  In or out…. of course, all depending on his choices while orbiting over to the north.

The other lady was directly at this west point so we got full access (if we can call it that) into the center of the field.

Sheez… I think my job just changed lol.  I am not even sure I like what I am hearing now…

I have set up my readings, really, as a voyeur.  I look at your light field and relay as much as I can back to you.  Now we are going to get really interactive with each other.  (Pardon me while I have my own personal melt down over here.)

Now I am getting information on the flowers.  The flowers are you.  The reason I see them as flower tops as opposed to with stems and stuff…. is because no one is planted in this field yet.  (Of course, how can we be since it just emerged in readiness for planting.)

I suppose this gives me understanding to a vision I had (still have really) yesterday.  I could see the “look out” up on the Mesa Cliff (whom I call Jemez) in a radiant flow of pure white light, signaling with his hand to come hither.  He stands facing the south, I suppose calling Home all the flowers of Shambhala.

Everything we have done together… fertilized the ground for rapid growth.  We are now in our planting season!  I suppose that is why we got water in the field not too long ago!!

I never said I wanted to be a farmer! (smile)

I am going to close on that note and just process for a wee bit.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) to all the flowers of Shambhala!!

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