Matthew C. Cox – Understanding The White Hats – 16 February 2012

It may be my Christian background or it may be prudence. Whatever the case, when I hear something new, I find myself looking for confirmation. The Biblical mandate to establish something at the mouth of “two or three witnesses” is an obsession for me.

If those witnesses don’t know each other, this gives the new information even more credibility.

Therefore, when I first heard about “The White Hats,” I reserved judgment. According to written reports, The White Hats are a group of people who work within government institutions. They work for the military, CIA, FBI, Pentagon, and other government agencies.

When Bill Brockbrader (aka Bill Wood) began to talk about them, I silently told myself, “That’s two.”

When my friend Tommy told me about his phone call, I said, “That’s three.”

Since I use this forum as a place to evaluate new ideas and put pieces together, I decided it was time to do an article or two on what I know about The White Hats.

Oathkeepers and White HatsApparently, some of them belong to a group called “Oath Keepers.” The Oath Keepers are men and women who, as part of their military and public service, took an oath to protect the United States Constitution. They fully intend to  keep this oath, even if it means denying a direct order. Their motto is “not on our watch.”

These people believe the current economic situation could develop into rioting in the streets. They believe this could result in the establishing and enforcing of Marshall Law. They won’t participate in enforcing Marshall Law. Instead, they intend to keep their oath to protect the United States Constitution and protect Americans’ rights.

Mr. Brockbrader claims those affiliated with this group are the ones protecting him.

Bill was contacted and vetted by the Oath Keepers/White Hats prior to his January interviews. Their support was instrumental in him coming forward with his information.

When they contacted him, they knew enough about his classified file to prove they had significant connections. The questions they asked allowed him to see they were sincere in their support of the United States Constitution.

In addition, their understanding of spiritual abilities helped Bill make the transition from a Navy Seal who had lost some of his skills to a spiritual being having a human experience. As a spiritual being, Bill now has greater abilities than ever before.

After my conversation with Tommy, I believe they are the same group that contacted him. I believe this because Tommy received similar training years ago. I believe this because the caller knew about Tommy’s classified and missing file. I believe this because Tommy also has significant spiritual abilities.

I tell that story in an 18-minute audio that I use to introduce Complete Peace of Mind Training. It is an emotional story about PTSD, angels, and an almost unbelievable series of synchronicities. You may access it by going to this link and entering your name and email address.

According to Bill, spiritual or what some would call “psychic” abilities are part of the Navy Seal training process. In fact, he scored one hundred percent when he tested for these traits.

He claims those abilities were enhanced when he trained at Area 51, a military base and suspected site for paranormal research facility in the Nevada Desert.

I will write about that topic tomorrow. link to article


2 responses to “Matthew C. Cox – Understanding The White Hats – 16 February 2012

  1. Matthew,

    The White Hats exist and they’ve got our backs.

    Make that four.


  2. Another Lightworker

    I’m grateful for the White Hats. I always felt there was a force for good moving into place to stop the insanity of ‘the powers that were’. I am looking forward to the time when we can all celebrate the liberation of humanity!
    Prayers, blessings and protection for all of you, wherever you are.