Ann Albers – Message From The Angels And Ann – 18 February 2012

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

How would your lives change if you experienced the reality that the God loves you so very much that he wants you to be healthy, happy, abundant, and to understand your beautiful interconnectedness with life and one another. How would your reality change if, every time you had a worry, you want to the creator of universes, and said, “I need help. I have done everything I know to do. I can’t change anyone else. I can’t change the situation. But you can. You are the power that lives and breathes within us all. You are the one that loved the idea of ME so much, you created ME. You imagined me into being, and I know you imagined me happy, healthy, and operating in cooperation with the rest of your creation. I have a challenge God. Help me solve it. Let me know what to do and when to do it. Let your love rise up within me and show me the way.”

A prayer like this will change your lives. You are on earth because you felt separate from this Love. You felt you didn’t deserve it, or that you were abandoned by it, or that you had to earn this love. And under these illusions you limit what God can give you. You forget God loves you, and you try so hard to merit this love. That is the illusion, dear friends! You cannot merit this love. Whether you think you deserve it or not is irrelevant. You cannot be abandoned by this love. You are made of this love. Your breath is the breath of this love. Your heart beats because of this love. You are nothing less of the Love of God in human form, and yet it is the illusion that you are separate from this love that is the source of all pain.

Try for a moment to imagine that you are on earth, simply because you forgot how dearly you were loved. Can you imagine how much love the creator wishes to pour upon you. If you cannot, stretch your mind. Pretend. Some of you are saying, “Ah yes, we know this!” And others, we know are saying, “Yeah right, where is God. My life is hard. I have been abandoned and abused. I have suffered unthinkable loss. Where is God indeed?” Dear ones, God is inside of you! God is hidden so well you cannot ever find satisfaction from the external universe until you learn to find this love within you. The material universe is temporary. If you open your heart to receive love from the most beautiful sunrise, the sun will still move in the sky. Can you feel the sun within you? If you open your heart to receive love from another human being, that is beautiful, but they are human too and they will at times, forget this love within themselves. Can you remember it within you, even when they forget? Or will you insist that they embody God for you, thus feeling abandoned when they forget?

Dear ones, if you find the love within you, you will be a beacon unto the world, and you will never need to seek light and love from another. Instead you will see the light inside of others. You will celebrate that light. And when that light dims out of misunderstanding or forgetfulness, you will not forget. You will not feel God has abandoned you when people abandon you. You will not feel that God is unloving when people are unloving. You will not feel that God wants you to earn love when people want you to earn love, because you will be living in truth! You will know your value as an incarnation of this love. You will trust in this love, knowing it provides for all your needs and guides you in right action. You will be able to lovingly move away from unloving behavior and lovingly seek out the company of kind souls. When you make loving choices there is no need for guilt, shame, or even anger to justify your actions. You can love yourselves and still have love for others. You will realize that loving choices for self, even if they upset others, are just points of growth for all souls involved.

You ARE the love of God made manifest dear ones. Find it inside yourself. Acknowledge that you are loving, kind, and compassionate soul and when you are not, gently remind yourself that you just forgot. In this space, you become everything you intended to be upon this earth, for the success of a lifetime is not measured in achievements or the acknowledgment of those around you, but rather in the loving quality of the many moments of your life.

God bless you! We love you so very much.

— The Angels

Message from Ann

Hi All!

As I watched the Grammys on television I was struck by the magnitude of love that was being sent out to Whitney Houston. I don’t think a soul could ask for a greater outpouring of love as the thousands present, and the millions watching paid their respects. I know that on earth she suffered from incredible feelings of loneliness and pain despite the fame and fortune. While there were some on earth that were unloving and unkind towards her, I know now that in heaven she is seeing that there are millions who did love her and still do. More importantly I know she knows how much God loves her now. And that is all that matters in the end. God is within us. Can we love ourselves? That is sometimes the hardest journey on the earth.

True self love is not selfish. True self love serves the souls of all involved. I have, many times in my office, done readings for parents of children who had grown up and were engaged in unthinkably unloving behaviors. It is a parents’ instinct to protect their children, and yet once they grow up you can’t. It is a parents instinct to search their hearts and see what they could have done differently, but in many cases, there was nothing left to be done. “Give them back to God. You have done your duty. Speak your truth and leave it be,” the angels often advise. That is no easy task. The parent must work hard to acknowledge the love within themselves, to forgive themselves for anything they think they could have done better, and to realize that their grown kids are separate souls with lessons of their own. According to the angels being a parent is the most unselfish and unconditionally loving job in the universe because once you agree to have the child, the rest is not under your conscious control. They are separate souls who chose you for the love and the lessons they need to learn, and they too must do their work here upon the earth. No matter what you did or didn’t give them, they must grow up and take responsibility for their lives.

I’ve had some wonderful chats with my own folks over the years. Once my dad said to me that he wished he could have done better. In my earlier, spiritually immature years, I blamed my parents for my unhappiness. They had a lot of stress, worked hard, and had many disagreements. In my twenties I thought all my troubles came from being raised in a family where there was turmoil. Needless to say working with angels has changed all that! Being a neutral party amidst conflicting opinions growing up has helped me see, appreciate, and understand different perspectives which is an absolutely necessary part of my work. It makes me more compassionate and helps me see people more through the eyes of the angels. Being raised in conflict made me search out my own heart, learn to take responsibility for loving myself, and helped me come to conclude that in the long run the only being I was accountable to please was God. That means I must be accountable to my own heart.

Taking responsibility over the years for my own fears, upsets, frustrations, and sadness rather than blaming my parents, ex-boyfriends or others has set my soul free! My happiness is not tied to the behaviors of others. It is tied to whether or not I choose to react with love, towards myself first, and then towards the others involved. I was able to reassure my dad that he did exactly the best he could and I took full responsibility for my life, lessons, and happiness with no blame whatsoever. As a result we continue to grow closer over the years, not farther apart. The relationship continues to blossom.

Love is freeing. Taking responsibility for your own happiness is freeing. Taking responsibility for your mistakes is freeing. If you mess up and are less than loving, own it, apologize, and resolve to do better. If you are upset, rant and rave in private to work it out. If you’re sad, bawl your eyes out. Let the emotions flow and let them go. They are not who you are. Love is who you are. If you know that then it doesn’t matter who else does. God knows who you really are. The angels know who you really are. Some will see this on earth and some will not. I receive many loving emails and I also have received my share of unthinkably hateful ones. But I know who I am, and no matter what my human feelings from time to time, I know I will always return to love.

Commit this week to being kind and loving to yourself, and see if it isn’t a lot easier then to be kind to others. This is the work we have come to do here upon the earth, and while it isn’t always easy to take total responsibility for being loving towards ourselves and others, it is the source of true freedom.

Have a loving week,


By Ann Albers –
©2012 Ann Albers, All Rights Reserved.


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