Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – In The Consciousness Of Heaven – 18 February 2012

God said:

Naturally, as human beings, you desire life to go according to your desires. In your heart, you desire your loved ones to live forever even as you know this is not how it is on Earth. This is how it is in Heaven.

While you are on Earth, at the same time as you desire, you let go. You let go of your desires. They are not desires of steel.

On Earth, nothing has to hinge on results, one way or another. One does not have to get all the Christmas gifts one desires. Be glad with what is and glad that you express yourself to Me. I am glad too. There is nothing wrong with your desiring that loved ones live long.

Do not think that I take desires lightly. I do not play eeny meeny miney mo with lives. It is not that I make every decision at an express moment. Consider that there is a train in motion. It is made of many cars. The train started long ago. The direction has been set. At the same time, a direction can be unset. One thought of Mine spreads across the Universe. It is not even a thought of Mine. It is not that I decide everything on its merits. I do not think: Jim deserves to live or Jim deserves to die. It is not a question of deserving.

From the vantage of a human being, you cannot possibly know the ins and outs of what transpires on Earth. You can know that all is as it is. You interpret events and outcomes as favorable or unfavorable. Of course, what transpires on Earth is very important to you, and, yet, it doesn’t matter. Matter is only energy, and energy is never lost. You find momentous, this game played on the field of life.

My love for you is not dependent upon what happens here or what happens there. This does not mean that I am an indifferent God. I do not pick and choose so much as you may have thought. Events are written and events are not written. I do not think through every set of events. From the human point of view, there is loss and there is gain, and heartache can accompany either loss or gain, is that not so?

In an extant world where nothing really happens, where all is illusion, there is really no winning nor is there losing.

I am a good God. I am not a bad God. I do not go up and down in mood or in thought. I am not soft-hearted nor am I hard-hearted. I do not have predilections. I am not biased. One day may go the way you want. Another day may not. I have not changed My mind about you. You are My beloved every day.

Your body is on Earth. Your individuality and your attachments are Earth matters. There is a field of energy you play in. Naturally, you take it all seriously. I take you seriously, and yet the play on Earth plays out. It is not lotto as to who lives today and who leaves his body tomorrow.

You have to decide what is happily ever after. Within the illusion of time and space, so much goes on, and there is so much bumping into this or that, and so much happening all at once. There is holding and withholding. To you, life in the world is like a teeter-totter. It goes up, it goes down, seemingly by chance. Life was written at the same time as it is spontaneous.

You, as you know yourself, are caught up in time and space. In the consciousness of Heaven, there is Eternity and Infinity, quite a different review.

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