Greg Giles – Message From The Councils Of Light – 17 February 2012

Hold to Howard Hughes’ ‘A few Principles of Thought’.
There are 21 councils that exist and take a leading role in the affairs of your planet. We, in turn, voice our concerns and our opinions as to how your world should be governed and a vote is then taken to decide these matters. Many issues have been decided upon in this manner, and we at this time would like to discuss with you some of these issues.
The timetable for your awakening and return to full consciousness has been often discussed, and this is one of the key areas of discussion for some time within the councils. It has been decided that your year of 2012 would be the time for such an awakening, and many projects are underway at this time to facilitate this mass awakening.  How to bring about your awakening has also been a topic of much debate, and it has been decided that a slow process would be the best suitable method as it is felt a sudden awakening would be too great a shock for some of you.
Further matters of discussion have dealt with issues ranging from how each of you individually would be awakened, and it was decided that those who knew you best would handle your individual awakenings as only they know what information you can handle and at what speed you could process it. This is why so many of you are being contacted at this time by your Star Families, and this is why so many of you are receiving clues in the form of dreams and other hints as well, as some of you are finding that your lives have contained some clues along your path that have been carefully placed to jog your memory and gently remind you of your past.
Some of what you may discover about yourself will be rather surprising to you, and some of you may be a little stunned by some of this information. Remember though, many of you have lived many lifetimes over a period of many eons, and as such have an incredibly long history relative to your brief lifespan of your current incarnation. Many of you have lived not only on another planet other than Earth, but some of you have called many planets your home over the years and still do so today. Some of you are from this galaxy, the galaxy you may refer to as the Milky Way, and others, even possibly members of your own Earth families or your close friends, are from distant galaxies throughout this universe.
We, the councils that govern this experiment called Earth, have brought you here and mixed and mingled all these different races from throughout this universe in order to conduct a great social experiment that sought to discover how you would and could all work and play together, and which groups fared better in these ways when paired with certain other groups. Many goals have been reached throughout this long and vast experiment, and large amounts of information have been gleaned from your interactions with each other throughout your many lifetimes. This great experiment is now drawing to a close, though keep in mind, this experiment is not over yet, and as a matter of fact, some of the most important information has yet to be extracted from your experiences. This calendar year of 2012 will see a great many new variables inserted into the experiment, and many eyes are upon all of you as you proceed through the sometimes radical changes and disruptions to your normal lives.
The introduction of extraterrestrial beings into your world is one major insertion into your reality that is scheduled to take place rather soon in the coming days ahead. We wish you all to know at this time that this is not an alien invasion, as we are your brothers and sisters from your home worlds who have designed this entire experiment and who have been watching over you for the entire span of all your incarnations. We would never let any harm come to you, and this is the case today just as it has always been.
We wish at this time to proceed with your awakening as it is soon that we wish to land on your soil and rejoin our space family members in reunion. We of the councils have concluded that the removal of your criminal Cabal is a necessary step towards this goal, and this is the current phase of our operation that we are engaged in at this time. Matters are proceeding smoothly, and we see arrests beginning shortly of these various men and women from many parts of your world. The removal of these dark hearts will allow for a far safer reunion with you, our families, as this will enable us to focus on pressing matters at hand rather than to continually monitor the dark and their plots to hamper our mission.
These cabalists were also a key component to our overall experiment, as nothing you have experienced was by chance. Your reality was carefully planned and meticulously orchestrated from the outset, and the Cabal was allowed to flourish in order for us to gain very valuable research from their thoughts and actions as well as your, the people’s, reactions to their agenda to enslave you. This is one area of this wide ranging experiment that we deem a complete success, and our findings of all you have encountered and endured will be discussed with you, at length if you so wish, after the conclusion of this endeavor. This will be soon, as there remains little time left considering how many very long years you have all been a part of this experiment.
We wish at this time to thank each and every one of our participants and tell you how pleased we are for all your immense efforts through the many tests and trials you have endured in the name of science and research. Please remember that you have all volunteered for this experiment because you all felt the knowledge gained from it would be extremely beneficial to those who design and build this, as well as other, universes. Your efforts here will not soon be forgotten, and each of you is owed such a large debt of gratitude for your service in this regard. We of the councils thank you and applaud your efforts, and we wish to assure you at this time that this will all be over for you very soon and you will be returned to full consciousness and your Star Families, wherever they may be from, very soon in the days ahead. What a joyous moment this will be for you as well as your brothers and sisters from the stars.
You have been promised that your lives would change for the better very soon, and this promise will not ever be broken. Many of you left lives of great abundance and beauty before leaving it all behind to journey here, and all that you have said goodbye to will be returned to you just as it was left by you. There is nothing of your past that you will lose due to your time away and this includes all your fond memories of your friends and family.
There are also many of you who have not experienced lifetimes full of abundance and beauty such as some of your brothers and sisters have, but we have many surprises in store for you as much has changed since you have been away. Many worlds have been rewarded greatly due to your service here, and we wish you to know that so many from your home worlds have seen such improvement in their lives because of the work you have done and continue to do here. We are sure you will learn of these improvements upon your returns to your home worlds, and we are also sure your friends and family will have much to say to you about your journey here and all your tremendous efforts.
Today we would like to say thank you to all of you for your hard work and sacrifices, and assure you that you are soon to reach the end of this experiment and return to the lives you have all left behind. We of your star families are here waiting for you with open arms, and soon all your dreams and memories will be returned to you as was promised before you said goodbye so long ago.
We will be with you very soon, you have our word. Remember, no harm will come to you, and we wish you to assist to assure your brothers and sisters of who we are and our reason for being here. In time, all will understand and be returned to full consciousness, but for now, many souls will need your guidance and assistance to get through these challenging times. We know many of you will respond to this call, and we thank you again for all your efforts in this regard.
We wish you to know your safety is being looked after as we head towards your ascension into the higher realms. Much work will be done in the days ahead to ensure as smooth of a transition as is possible, and we request your assistance in these many and varied projects. ‘Help us help you’ is our motto today, and you can help yourselves greatly by learning to accept us as your brothers and sisters, for indeed we are.
Looking into these matters further, we see a date now when we can get underway our disclosure announcements, as your governments have refused to cooperate. They will, in time, be replaced with proper functioning governments who have nothing but the people’s best interest in mind, but for today, let us focus on one task at a time. We wish at this point to begin our own methods of announcing to your world that we are here, and these various programs will begin shortly as situations allow. We have a meticulous plan for this as well, and you can be assured all of your world who wish to see this greater picture will have all the information made available to them to see this new reality that they are being offered.
There will be many of those who decline this new reality, and their wishes will also be accommodated. Please honor everyone else’s free will choice to experience any reality they so desire, as they know best what is right for them at this present time. All will benefit from this experience in their own unique way, and what may be best suited for one, may not be suitable for another. Understand this, and honor the laws of free will and choice as others extend the same courtesy to you.
There are many different beings here at this time of many different levels of advancement, and we must learn to tread lightly when others understandings and realities are concerned. Again, you would not be here if we did not feel you could handle this assignment, so we are confident you will abide by these terms of your incarnation. Soon you will be surrounded only by those of like mind, and you can then engage in mutual conversations of your choice freely as you wish. Today, however, you must be careful to gauge who it is you are speaking to and how much of this life-changing information they are responding to and are interested in discussing. This is no easy task, but what of your assignments this far have been without challenge? We know you can do it, and so do you. Continue to spread the news of our existence and our presence here in your world keeping this discussion in mind, and we wish you great success in your efforts to inform those who accept this information as to our imminent reunion with you.
Keep your eyes to the skies and your ears to the news media for signs of our arrival and of the many arrests we have spoken of. Events are soon to get underway that will begin the great many changes to your world and your lives. We are confident this will be a most enjoyable time for all of you who do not allow fear to dampen these proceedings. Nevertheless, we will go ahead with the scheduled events as the time has come for these next stages and they cannot be delayed any longer. Much work needs to be done, and each day from now until the end of this year will be filled with the many tasks we must accomplish together, and together we will see this done.
We have a meticulous schedule we must adhere to, and we are certain that upon learning more of what these tasks are and what they mean to accomplish, you will also share our views of how important it is that we stay on schedule and do not allow ourselves to fall behind. Everything we are doing today and everything we have planned is of great importance, and we wish you to bear this in mind as we move now forward with the next phases of the operation. Stay alert for updates and for the initiation of these events as they will begin shortly and you may not have further word or advanced notice of this. Now is not the time for distractions, and we wish you all to know when you begin to hear of these events that it is not a drill or a test of systems, but the commencement of all we have previously discussed with you, our agents in the field.
Now is the time for action, and it is action you shall now see.
Remain alert. Stay prepared. The changes will be sudden and their scope far reaching. Your world needs many upgrades and changes, and the time allotted for the setup and launch of these programs is now short. We ask you for your continued assistance to see these changes affected as quickly and efficiently as possible, and we have great confidence in you that you all will do your best to see this goal reached as you have always done.
Not knowing what precisely your future holds for you can be a rather daunting task, and we try to see this from your eyes. Keep in mind you will be safe as long as we can be with you to prepare you for any uncertainties. We are very experienced and trained to deal with any and all global threats, and we are anxious as well to get underway with our many projects that will help to ensure your safe passage into the higher realms. It is up to you as a collective whether you wish our assistance or not, and we await your collective decision. Send out your signal to us that you are willing to accept us, and we will receive your message. When a great enough percentage of your human family are willing to accept us, we will begin the initiation of our introductions to you. This is the way it must be, and we ask our Lightworkers to continue your efforts laying the groundwork for our arrival.
We do see this day approaching rapidly due to all the efforts of our volunteers, and we thank you greatly for your continued assistance which is invaluable at this time. We will also assist in this regard by allowing increased sightings of our ships to further facilitate the public’s awareness of our presence. Please share this photographic as well as videotaped evidence through your online communities, as this is the greatest tool at your disposal at this time. Please try to make this evidence accessible to many others as well that may not be members of your advanced groups and communities. This is of key importance at this time, as not many areas of access to this information is being made available to them at this time. We do have certain allies within your media outlets, and soon their services will come into play, but for now, this task is primarily on the shoulders of you, our Lightworkers. We are confident you can get the job done, that is why you are here, and we know you will give this area of your assignments the attention and effort required. Again, we thank you greatly for your continued hard work here on this planet.
For many of you this is your very first assignment, and we wish you to know you’re doing a very fine job and we look forward to working with you again in future endeavors. Please be a little more patient with matters on our side of the curtain, as our mission unfolds not only according to our schedule, but conforms to the developments which you are responsible for. If all of you who read our words also took action to spread them to others, then we feel matters would be proceeding faster than they are at this point. Please continue to share all related information pertaining to our presence and mission, as this is a most suitable means to hasten our arrival and reunion with you, our human family. We will also do all we can to facilitate this reunion with you, and we see that this day is not far off as much headway is being gained every hour of every day.
Mind your brothers and sisters at this time, as many will need guidance and assistance to get through these challenging times. We see so many of you coming to the aid of others, and we cannot tell you at this time how pleased we are with all of you that have responded to your call and have chosen to assist your human brothers and sisters in this way.
From all we have seen of your journey together from the early beginnings to today, we can tell you that you have all come so far and have grown so as beings of immense wisdom and knowledge and love for each other. It was not long ago when many of you warred with each other, and today you instead come to each other’s assistance to help each other in your times of need. How incredibly heartwarming this is for us to witness, and we wish you all to know how loved you all are and how we so greatly appreciate everything you have done and continue to do.
We are your families from long ago, and we look so forward to our reunion with you, our star brothers and sisters. We will be with you again soon. We of the councils of light say goodbye to you for now, and wish you to know it has been an honor to speak with you today.
As channeled through Greg Giles

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  1. This was absolutely amazing to read this morning…i cannot wait to meet them again. much love.