Lee-Anne Peters – Just Keep Swimming – 18 February 2012

Good morning!
Such interesting twists of energy are occurring. I am seeing big trends in these past days and felt the urge to share with you, and as always, I trust these urges, for even if these words help someone in some way, then it has been worth it.
The words; perseverance, determination and focus have been very loud and clear for many who I have spoken with, and even for myself. As many feel as if we have been travelling for eons and that our destination is still so far away. 
When we climb a mountain and we first start our trek, we have enthusiasm, drive and plenty of energy to get a good start. Then our attention can become distracted as we start to get tired. So we take a little rest to charge ourselves up, and then we journey forth a little further. We continue to do this, and then after some time we start having thoughts of giving up and of stopping before reaching the destination. Enthusiasm dies and we sometimes become overwhelmed by the prospect of ‘a little further.’ These past days I am seeing many at this stage, ready to pack their bags and retreat back down the mountain, admitting defeat.
However there is a strong force of energy that is helping pick us up, showing us glimpses of the future and that destination we are so passionately striving for. Renewal in energy and motivation is picking up as we sort through our baggage, leave what needs to be left and bring forth that which can help us. We are lightening our load and gathering a new drive and passion to see this through till the end. The hardest part of a mountain climb is just before we reach the peak.
Don’t give up, don’t admit defeat… join us all in seeing this through and joining ALL in celebration when we reach the top! These words may represent many things in your life. Maybe your Earth Mission, maybe something you are working on manifesting in your life right now or perhaps something else. It doesn’t matter ‘what’ this is, it is about standing tall, recharging your batteries, taking action to increase your enthusiasm again and then stepping forth.
Procrastination will not help you right now – establish your goals again, re-determine what it is you want to achieve, make plans if you need to and then follow through. It’s through ACTION that we get things done. It’s not through waiting for others to make a move, or waiting for others to save us. We need to step up to the starting line again completely focused, refreshed and determined and then take ourselves to the finish line.
I know you can do it, I know you can drop your old pain and baggage, to reassess what’s important to you, refocus and follow through with action. If you need to speak to someone to help express your hesitations, then please do… conversation and open communication about these things is likely to align you back onto track – I have seen this several times this week. Look around for people who you can talk to and act upon those thoughts you have.
Stand tall – Be you – Act now – Take a bow!
‘I hold my stance, I hold my gaze – I am determined to see past this phase!’ Lee-Anne
You are doing fabulous work – keep it up!
Infinite LOVE,
Lee-Anne Peters

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