Ron van Dyke – Our Help Is Needed!!!- 18 February 2012

Lucas: Ron needs our help as fellow lightworker.Besides our prayers and help in e-mails. He needs also our help to start his last remedy to bring his case before the higher courts. Only this will cost 5000 US dollars. Every help is appreciated with our without money. Here is Ron’s paypal adres for donations:

Ron : I am asking for help from my friends around the world. Please watch/listen to this video to see how you might be able to help. Thanks

It’s true. People around the world are watching as the Bank, Attorneys and Court attempt to steal my home without due process of law. There is a remedy that I cannot detail publicly; but I will be happy to discuss it privately with those that may be able to help. It costs $5,000; and it will be removed from the jurisdiction of the local court that is acting in a criminal manner. In the meantime, I ask that people around the world continue to send emails to Sheriff Jack Parker, the man who must make a decision on which is more important, his oath of office or blindly following orders from the corrupt court. His e-mail address is: Sheriff Jack Parker ( Please be sure to include my name in the email. Thanks

Ron van Dyke


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