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Montague Keen – 19 February 2012

My dear Veronica, as I told you this week, the Sword of Truth is cutting through all the corruption and exposing it. You received a copy of David Icke’s new book, REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. This book covers everything you need to know, to help you to see and understand the prison you are living in and the methods used to keep you in this hypnotic prison that you had accepted as your lot in life. It is good to see many breaking free of it, finding their voice to say “NO MORE! We will no longer tolerate your domination.” The people of Europe will lead the way in this, quite soon. It will spread world wide. There is total support for this on this side of life, plus your extended family from other planets.

We watched your excitement, last evening, as the Andromedan spaceship responded to you. It completed some interesting manoeuvres to greet you. They will physically visit soon. They watch over your planet. They are doing much to restore balance. They need you to understand and accept that you need to learn how to re-establish and use your own power and energy. We look forward to Earth’s reunion with her fellow planets and your Universe being restored. Continue reading


Spacemuffin – More Of What We Already Know But Must Keep Talking About – 19 February 2012

Humanity as a collective cannot stop or halt in this process of awakening, neither should they hesitate to reveal vital information, nor hinder its release and distribution.  The truths have been hidden for long enough and they can be found hidden in the vaulted chambers of the Vatican, from sacred Astrological texts, to Mayan calendars, to the wealth of plundered nations.  Hello beings of planet earth: that’s why they have vaulted rooms, and secret libraries, so that nobody knows what they’ve got hidden in there.  And guess what?  You and I don’t get to go in. Continue reading

Jill Renee Feeler – Evolving Beyond Our Five Senses – 19 February 2012

In this most recent time phase of human experience, we have been very outwardly focused, relying almost entirely on our five senses.

Our higher awareness never left us.

The patterns we’ve developed over the past ten thousand years are quite rigid yet they must be broken to evolve humanity, starting with ourselves. The higher frequencies now returning into/onto this planet at this time actually help us to re-member; re-member who we Are, why we are here and what we can we be. Our higher (we would say inner) awareness is a vital component to creating and residing in a reality beyond the 3D. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Hilarion – 19 February 2012

Beloved Ones,

Many of you are finding yourselves with a feeling of sleepiness that comes on in the early evening and you have no choice but to go to sleep, for the feeling is so strong. This is a period when we are working on adjusting your energy fields and this is best accomplished while your physical body is at a deep rest. If you are experiencing this symptom then know that it is your turn to be attuned and adjusted. Each and everyone of our Lightworking Family is being given this personal attention in order to accelerate the process of transformation. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Last Of The Muck Coming Up! – 19 February 2012

It seems, since the moment my rock man Jorge came to shake me awake, I have been deep within my own processes… ummm… gunk ever since.  For the last couple days I have been flipping between just crying (yes those sad tears) and then moving into a place of melancholy until the next wave of tears came.

Those fears and worries laying deep at my ocean floor, completely disturbed and moved up to the surface! Continue reading

Counscious Life News – USA: Sixt State Considers Rendering NDDA AS Unconstitutional – 19 February 2012

“The Tenth Amendment states powers not granted to the United States were reserved to the States or to the people.”


Virginia passed a bill 96-4 which prevents anyone including Virginians in the military from assisting the US armed forces in the investigation, prosecution, or detention of an US citizen as a violation of the Constitution.  Many liberal and conservatives have expressed their dissatisfaction with President Obama as he signed the bill on New Years Eve and did not remove the indefinite detention language as promised. Continue reading

Blossom Goodchild – 19 February 2012

Greetings! I FEEL its fine just to let you go straight ahead. So … off you go … full steam …

We choose in this excerpt to willingly acknowledge that which has come to pass over the communications that we have had with you, to be something that is allowing ones calibre of knowledge within themselves to be opened up and brought forth … so that the constant vibration of Love that has always been within the self , can now be considered to be that which shines out on a Higher frequency. This naturally prevents measured undertakings to pull this vibration under, from achieving its purpose. This is of such great value to the Earth and those upon and within it. Continue reading

UFO Report – UFO ORB Sweden – 19 February 2012

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UFO Report – North Miami, Florida -19 February 2012

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UFO Report – Amazing UFO Ireland – 19 February 2012

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Lucas: This UFO sighting I  saw for the first time and therefore posted it as it is wonderful.