Blossom Goodchild – 19 February 2012

Greetings! I FEEL its fine just to let you go straight ahead. So … off you go … full steam …

We choose in this excerpt to willingly acknowledge that which has come to pass over the communications that we have had with you, to be something that is allowing ones calibre of knowledge within themselves to be opened up and brought forth … so that the constant vibration of Love that has always been within the self , can now be considered to be that which shines out on a Higher frequency. This naturally prevents measured undertakings to pull this vibration under, from achieving its purpose. This is of such great value to the Earth and those upon and within it.

If we may point out … stimulations to the soul are activating such rapid progress. We would ask you to ‘take on board’ also the fact that the energy that is now emitting from each individual that has ‘seen the light’ is coercing in a magical dance with Higher energies that our coming through . This, added to the mysteries of what unseen energies are capable of … that are now merging with your particular energies … is indeed causing an effect that is nothing short of Enlightening.

All that we have proposed to be happening at this ‘stage in the game’ is well on course. You can very much consider yourselves to be on the final lap and running at speed towards the finishing post.

Can you FEEL this in your KNOWING?  Can you accept this TRUTH as YOUR TRUTH? We say to each one of you that has supported and coagulated thought forms of ours that have been offered in order to uplift … that the moments are upon you when GLORY personified will seem an understatement to that which you are to behold before your very eyes.

Not only shall you witness visual wonders that again shall stimulate the senses, but the FEELING within your hearts will be such …  thatsleep will seem unwanted due to BEING ALIVE in a way that you had only been dreaming of.

Nicely put guys! I have to say I FEEL so excited about ‘it all’. We are here at last in 2012 … The vibration of Love if we chose to acknowledge it, FEELS like a giant party is around the corner.

We would be safe to say that the preparations are indeed underway. That which exceeds even your wildest thoughts of future upliftment is nothing in comparison to that which Truth is to reveal.

We accept the difficulty for those on Earth to fully realise that which is ahead. We too have learned so much from yourselves and considered all propositions. Never have we undermined that which you of Earth may consider to be possibilities. Yet we would say that the game rules from our angle would not always allow for an incoming change to take place, when one was not aware of the entire layout of the game board.

This may seem such a stupid question … but  … well … next year … you know … people are making plans and discussing this and that which they are expecting to do … I tend to be very reserved on making any hard fast dates to do or travel … because … Doh! I’ll just say it … will life be carrying on as it is at the moment … in that we book dates in the diary etc?

Let us firstly utter words of comfort regarding this entire affair. There shall be nothing that is presented to any of you that is not appropriate for your level of adjustment. Each of you , each and every one of you … during this very special year will have reached a very different understanding about what is going on and what is to take place  … toward the end of the year … by the time the last months of the year approach.

Therefore you will look at this entire matter very differently nearer the time than the way you ‘think’ it ‘may be’ now. This is why we have suggested to you that you hold on to your hats. Because the speed in which everything ’suddenly’ changes your point of view on things …  will indeed FEEL as if the wind has accelerated you along your journey at a rate of knots that you can barely attune to.

Yet … you can attune to it. You have been preparing for this since a time on your Earth that genuinely gave rise to its possibilities. Throughout ascended layers of aggreeance coming from those who had much input into the attuning of these  revelations … you as members of ‘The Divine Office’ agreed to assimilate scenarios that would eventually lead you to this very ‘point in time’. There has been vast changes and altercations along its journey to freedom, yet always in alignment with the very best for all concerned and involved.

How often do you consider the possible replica of a union with souls that have FELT to you lost long ago?


Yes indeed. For it is not so much as you of your world would say …. ‘That history is to repeat itself’ …  it is more so that you are recreating a Divine Life that was once yours. Therefore, ‘replica’ is an appropriate and apt context to express that which we are moving you towards understanding.

You see, it is not for us to ‘give the game away’ … that would spoil the surprise. Yet it is permitted for us to advise you that … the need for much that you require to fulfil your needs today … will simply  have no energy by the time the New Agenda is offered. When the veils of Truth have ‘changed your attitude’ towards many things that at present you do and cannot understand , you will see for yourselves the inevitable tangible evidence that will proof beyond a shadow of any doubts that WHO YOU ARE is LOVE.

There shall be no unreasonable mannerisms that would have one detecting falsehood, for there shall be no more falsity.

How cool will it be to live in a world where there is so much Trust amongst each other? What a heavenly release!

Just back to what I was asking though … next year … how will it be?

It will be how one creates it. In that sense … no different from now. Yet the Heightened awareness will be present and therefore present a very different world from that which you live in now.

Ok … to be more precise then … My mother is 80 next February … bless her! Should I be considering booking a flight to England … or will that simply not be on the cards due to the extreme changes that are to take place this year?

We would answer you in TRUTH by saying that by the time it comes to even ‘thinking’ about booking such tickets there will have come about such changes that it may not be necessary to do so!

Much is speculated … of this we are aware. Yet we say again that there is only so much that is suitable to be revealed to you … If it was to be suitable to ‘tell all’ then do you not think we would? But if we were to do so … It could dramatically change the course of the ‘game plan’ and this would not be beneficial to any part of the motives that will lure you into the official acceptance of all that is to take place.

O.k.  … being quite adept at all this channelling lark entails … I am aware that many will write in questioning that last statement … i.e. … motives that will lure .

We suggest you scrutinise the correct meaning of these words, in order to make you/one feel more at ease with our choice of words to express that which we mean.

OK … Motive = something that causes a person to act in a certain way,

Lure = qualities that attract by seeming to promise some kind of reward.

Therefore, we would suggest that our suggestion has cleared up this matter. In that …  It is not for those in service to offer to you KNOWING of that which is to occur in future days because this would cause you to act in a certain way which would not be beneficial towards that which we KNOW to have promised you, will take place.

Yep , I get it … I wonder if they do courses at night school on how to speak ‘Federation’ … it would keep things simple.

Yet we ascertain that although it may seem a ‘foreign language’ to you at times  … it is our way of using words that we have understood to represent what they say they mean . Is it not that much in your world that once meant a particular thing has been brutally mutilated to suggest it means something completely different.?

Indeed, sadly this is so. Well chaps … I think it is time to close for today … I feel the link is weakening , which I expect is due to my being rather tired of late , for one reason or t’ other . Yet thanking you for this time we have shared and all you have offered.
Until we meet again …


You often finish with that ….  And I know what you’re going to say …

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