Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Growing Closer To God – 20 February 2012

God said:

Infinite is My love. Infinite are the ways to express My love. Heavenletters are one way. Life is another. The ways are long-standing, and they are new, the same way that each day is new, and the same way that, each day, you are new. You are always new. Today you have grown since yesterday. You are a testament to growth. Your growth may seem infinitesimal to you, you are so eager for more. You are too close to see your own growth. From Heaven, it is easy to see. It is My delight to see your growth.

You grow closer to Me. I cannot be closer to you than I already am. It is you who comes closer in your awareness. A millimeter is as good as a mile. Progress is progress. Growth is growth. You are a vine that winds its way closer to Me.

That you have consciously started growing toward Me is a great step. Your intention is powerful, as is Mine. And what do I desire more than your reaching Me? By whatever path, you come. Regardless of whatever detours, you come. There is no withstanding your reaching Me. There is no withstanding reaching Me because We share a mutual desire. I am steadfast in My desire for you to climb right up here to Me. Your desire may fluctuate. Nevertheless, once your desire has been started, your arrival is inevitable.

Every day you are gaining. Every day. Whatever you may perceive or not, you are gaining.

I will tell you that not a day of yours is wasted. Seeming plateaus also serve their purpose. Once on the path to Me, try as you may, you can’t get off the path to Me. Anyway, it is all rigged. You are coming to Me in any case. I decided this long ago. You can’t swim against the tide, not forever, can you.

Our hearts are going to entwine. They already are, and, yet, you may be the last to know! Never mind. It doesn’t matter. Our Oneness and your awareness of Our Oneness are both assured. You can teeter, you can totter, yet you are being swept up by love, and love will have its say, and love, wherever it seems to come from, is yours. Your love and My love are strong magnets. Love is mightier than steel. There is no force like that of love. You cannot resist it. Love is the tide of life, and it makes itself known.

All love leads to Me, and all love is from Me. I love Myself. You are learning to love yourself. You are lifting your eyes up. The closer you come to Me, the closer you come to yourself. It is amazing that you haven’t known this. You have been walking on the path of love without realization of where you are, who you are, what you amount to. You have had an incredible disregard of yourself. An amazing disregard. And now you are opening your eyes to take another look at what I created when I created you. Take another look. Peer into My eyes, and see yourself.

You have been a stranger to yourself, and, in many cases, an unfriendly stranger. You have seem to have wanted to downplay yourself. You can’t do that much longer. It is ordained that you will see Our similitude, and that I will hold your arm high and declare you the winner of this sparring you have enacted with yourself. You can’t lose, beloveds. No way you can lose. Surrender your old thoughts. Surrender anything and surrender everything that may hold you back. Give up. Concede. We are One another. by Gloria Wendroff link to original article


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