Lisa Gawlas – Synergy within the Garden! – 20 February 2012

Every single day seems to be so energetically different than the previous one.  For the last several weeks the “field” seems to be in a constant state of change.  Granted, life is always changing… but not this fast!!  No where near this fast.

I know for me personally (and I share it because I am sure many of you are feeling this too,) I feel like internally I am changing to beat the band.  Externally tho, it is as if the world has come to a stand still.  I think instantly of the gyroscope energy.  I cannot say I understand it, but it feels so purposeful.

The day before yesterday, everything in the field was so vivid, as if it took its colored lights and intensified itself.  With every appointment we were able to move into the center of the field, each one with their own exercise in adjusting to it, merging with it.  Yesterday however, my first reading the feild was barely visable and my client was standing way up top on the Mesa Cliff, as if she was preparing to jump into the field.  She was completely black (meaning, unaware of the what or why.)  By the 2nd reading, the field was no longer visable to my eye.  The third one… I had no cell signal for the rest of the day.

However, internally, it was one of the most productive days of understanding for me.  Kicked off really by Stefan’s reply to yesterdays sharing.  I also pay attention to the words that come thru me for use over and over again.  This weeks theme seems to be “garden.”

Synergy: Also called: synergism  the potential ability of individual organizations or groups to be more successful or productive asa result of a merger. (from

From the moment I arrived here in the energy potential of Shambhala, everything has been about synergy.  I never seen just one Guardian but a whole group of them.  I have never seen just one flower (pansy) but a whole bunch of them.  Even when I got here, it felt like the field wanted everyone here upon, not just me.

Shambhala, tho currently an energetic, it is still a community.  A gathering together of pure potential.  What we have done so far is very much like the sharing from before about putting the seed in your mouth to get your DNA embedded in the seed.

We have indeed established a community here.  Even if it appears to be in the ethers, it doesn’t make it any less real.  So many people have contributed money, rocks, love notes, offerings, assistance…. that is what a community of love is.

And now the field has morphed into an opening of potential.  There seems to be acceleration dates to help us with this.  Please know, I know nothing about astology or planets, I can bearly keep up with the ever changing language of light… but yesterday, in the massive downloads that was taking place within me, this coming weekend is one of those power dates.  Feb. 25th and 26th it seems the crescent moon, venus and Jupiter will be snuggling up together.

We are going to use this energy to plant our seeds (our personal and collective DNA) into the field of Shambhala.  I put together a group hypnosis package: that will be done via skype.  Group awareness is important.  We germinate each other from the experience.  If you cannot join us, please be in meditation with the intention of joining us.

But I equally know, that is simply the beginning.  We need to water and tend this garden together.  Long ago, I put a community forum together.  It has stood vacant for many many years.  It has since been bought out by a thing called yuko… but it is still functional.  So I am getting out some paint, and lets bring it back to life together.  It is located:  I am amazed that it is still getting an average of 69 views per day and since it’s creation close to a half million visits.  Others are looking… we all need to be there as we grow this profound garden of Shambhala…together.  A synergy of creation like never before.

Here is a thought coming thru me.  YOU are the greatest seed of potential of all the earth. YOU.  How often do you stroll to walmart to see where there may be other seeds, because you discount YOU so much.  Better said (smile)… how many of you are seeking the seeds of your own truth thru other channels?  In doing so, you negate your own inner wisdom.  Harvest from within!  YOU are your greatest channel!!

The push and pull of planets.

The planetary alignments are very much like our human alignments.  It creates a push/pull affect on the energy fields.  This is where you will notice the synergy.  When you are near someone of such like vibration, your whole Being knows it.  It is like pulling from your own energy field the flowers of wisdom that lay within.  When you are near someone outside of the vibration, it is like a pushing away from your energy field.  These moments, relationships, are very important for you to become aware of.

We have another major alignment coming up on March 13th.  We (the Guardians) have named it “The Eye of Horus.”  We are going to move you thru the eye of the needle.  (More to come on that, when I can wrap my head around it.)

Now that the guardians have released my energy field (smile)… I want to share a thought with you.  Something that was stated as I came out of my (scattered) meditation yesterday.  ”The Last Supper” is not what we think it is.  It had nothing to do with an actual supper.  It was the last time the group was within the 3D fields of life.  12 is a vibration, not the literal number of participants!

Also, as I was putting the Hypnosis Trilogy together yesterday and was pondering the Equinox (3rd one) event, I heard the guardians say that WE will activate the Divine Counterpart grid thru this event.  Let me tell you, I went searching for Thor’s hammer to make sure I am prepared (smile.)

I am going to close on that note for today.

With ohhhh so much love and super excitement for the days and weeks ahead!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of pure merger,

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