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Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 21 February 2012

4 Kan, 17 Zac, 8 Manik

Selamat Jarin! We return! Much continues to happen. We are monitoring the final negotiations between the secret sacred societies and the world’s military. An alliance is being formed which is the precursor to a series of arrests that will bring down many major dark-controlled governments. This operation is scheduled to start once basic agreements are in place and needless to say, the dark cabal is working diligently to prevent this from happening. Our liaisons have stepped in and are encouraging the chosen militaries and their leaders to complete these vital discussions as quickly and seamlessly as possible. We have also sent in this fleet’s military advisors to explain several alternative scenarios that we would rather not be compelled to use. The first response of these military leaders to our suggestions is that these alternatives sound ‘interesting’ and hence have a good chance of being chosen to oust the cabal-led governments from power. Thus, we are now exploring the best way to use one of our many options with these military leaders. Continue reading


Greg GIles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 21 February 2012

More is happening behind the scenes at this moment than is being reported to you either through your worldwide media outlets or even through our trusted channels of information. We wish at this time to relay some of what is transpiring to you, but due to matters of security and safety concerns for our allies in the field, we must resist the temptation to share with you some of this rather exciting information. Let us just say that more is happening beyond your perceptions at this time and that these matters are of the nature of what we have assured you would take place. This information will be shared with you, you can be assured of this, as we do wish to keep you informed every step of the way and you have certainly earned the right to be included in all our discussions, however, as we have said we must protect our many men and women in the line of fire and as such must for now maintain an air of secrecy. This will not be for long however, and in time this cloak of secrecy will be removed for all that is transpiring to be revealed to your entire world. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Melchizedek – 21 February 2012

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse about the force of energies being directed to the atmosphere of the Earth during this period. These energies come to enable Humanity as a whole to move into a higher consciousness enmasse. This will entail many months of preparation for these Ones, with many different ways of cleansing and purifying being brought to the surface through colds, flus and the like, along with the need to review their inner selves for a more honest look at what lies within them. This can be unpleasant for many, as most people in these current Earth times are not used to scrutinizing their inner motives and facing the truth of all aspects of themselves. Continue reading

eClinik – Massive Resignations Have Started – 21 February 2012

Recently, the WhiteHats released this video of Lord James of BlackHeath urging the House of Lords to conduct an investigation related to a possible bank heist to the tune of US$ 16 Trillion. This is a very significant measure as it is now put on public record those “wild rumors” being passed around in the alternative media. The White Dragon Society represented by Ben Fulford is also confirming that a March 31st deadline has been set by the Gnostic Illuminati against the Khazarian Satanic Cabal to transfer power over to Prince Harry to effect Global Settlements.

read more and see the videos on this good compilation of things happening around the world via http://www.eclinik.wordpress.com  link to original article

Kauilapele – Tolec Report… Massive Reptilian Undersea Base Destroyed – 5.1 Quake Nicobar Islands Area – 21 February 2012

Found this at this RMN page. I may write more on this, but now I just send the report links from Tolec.

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UFO Report – Austria 17/ 18th Febr. 2012 – 21 February 2012

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UFO Report – Brasil 21 Febr. 2012 – 21 February 2012

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UFO Report – Compilation Best Clearly Visible UFOs At Close Range – 21 February 2012

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UFO Report – California, Oroville , USA – 13 /14th Febr.2012 – 21 Febr. 2012

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UFO Report – Giant Cigar UFOs Baltimore Maryland, Bluehill, Boston Massachusetts 18th Febr. 2012 – 21 February 2012

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