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Lucas – ITU – International Telecommunication Union – Globalists Pushing UN Internet Control Treaty – 22 February 2012

The ITU – International Telecommunication Union has employed activities in the field of cyber security  for a long time. The wish one way or the other to have global control over internet and related to the current internet and the new technics to replace the internet in future is strong with the globalists.  SOPA/PIPA/ACTA all being under scrutiny and failing to get the full grip is now being followed by a new tactic. Continue reading


UFO Report – Daytime UFO, Sävedalen, Sweden 21th Febr. 2012 – 22 February 2012

Uploaded by on 21st Febr. 2012

Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 22 February 2012


I am talking with you now in a whole new way. I am speaking in the tongue of the humans on earth, and as I do I come to you with a song about the coming times. I am Horus, and in the way of opening this message I am opening you to a new possibility for your methods of communicology. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – A Day Of Integration – 22 February 2012

I swear it feels like I am in an intense divorce with time.  I could have sworn the new moon was today and not yesterday…dah!  But, good thing the universe that swims with me has a clue what is happening in the skies!  But truly there is a gift in what ya don’t know.  Granted, I said this yesterday… but man it has been in my face (lovingly of course) as if to expand the contents of itself. Continue reading

Common Dreams Staff – In Wake Of Global Protests, ACTA Heads To Court – 22 February 2012

Massendemonstration gegen ACTA am 11.02.2012(photo: By BÜNDNIS 90 / DIE GRÜNEN Sachsen-Anhalt)




In the wake of global protests, the European Commission has asked the EU’s highest court to rule on the legality of the controversial anti-piracy treaty known as ACTA. Continue reading

Reblog – Astranout Edgar Mitchell Tells Local NBC Affiliate Aliens Are Here – 22 February 2012

BZ Riger: I post this interview today because of the interest and excitement that accompanies the link as it is passed around various social media outlets. The interview is being spread by people who don’t normally talk about UFO’s or other mind stretching subjects but there is genuine interest as they share this video friends and family . (see article and video below)

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Tells Local NBC Affiliate Aliens are Here Continue reading

John Smallman – Saul – Release Any Remaining Needs For Self-judgment – 22 February 2012

The divine Light of God’s Love shines more and more brightly upon you as you intensify your practice of behaving lovingly, and as you work to release any attitudes or behaviors that are less than completely in alignment with those that will lead you Home.  Opening your hearts and offering love, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness to all with whom you interact are the most effective ways to bring yourselves Home to Reality, as the fully conscious and fully awakened divine beings that you have always been.  Your arrival is assured because there is nowhere else that you can go!  Focus on this truth and allow it to lift your spirits in joy as your awareness that it is indeed true bubbles up into your consciousness, even as you continue to experience the illusion and the problems and issues with which it presents you while you continue to wend your way homewards. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Year Of The Heart – 22 February 2012

God said:

You have picked up that glorious peace is on its way, full-steam ahead. A union of hearts is on the march. Hearts are on the rise. Hearts are surpassing the mind. Thoughts are following hearts. Hearts are leading. You exemplify My heart and My thoughts. You have picked up the beat. You are drum majorettes of love. Hear My heart. You hear the rumble of My thoughts. You are listening for it. Hearts bow down in love as hearts rise up in love. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 22 February 2012

You the people have achieved the seemingly impossible, by reversing the fortunes of the Illuminati. You have done so by focusing upon the Light, and bringing into being a great grid of Light that now surrounds the Earth. No longer do they have the negative energies to feed upon, that have enabled them to come close to taking over the world. Wherever the lower vibrations exist, they are being transmuted and taking away their ability to superimpose their will upon yours. You have spoken out loud and demanded beneficial changes that are now taking place, and so shall they continue until those of the Light take complete charge. Although the cleansing has only just begun, you are to be congratulated for your unyielding support, and you will soon see some tangible evidence of your success. Continue reading