Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Year Of The Heart – 22 February 2012

God said:

You have picked up that glorious peace is on its way, full-steam ahead. A union of hearts is on the march. Hearts are on the rise. Hearts are surpassing the mind. Thoughts are following hearts. Hearts are leading. You exemplify My heart and My thoughts. You have picked up the beat. You are drum majorettes of love. Hear My heart. You hear the rumble of My thoughts. You are listening for it. Hearts bow down in love as hearts rise up in love.

Something beautiful is happening. Love is happening. Life is happening. Energy is being recharged on the Earth. Earth is rising faster to Heaven. Earth is rising fast. The whole planet is coming closer to Heaven. The content of Earth is shifting. The balance is shifting. The ballast of Earth is less. Earth is getting lighter and brighter, brighter light and lighter weight. The world will not be so grave now. It will lighten up. There will be laughter overtaking tears. Tears of joy will be shed. Laughter of love will be sung. The day of reckoning is at hand, and the reckoning is joy. I speak an ode of joy to the world. The world has gained its fulcrum. Extremes are less. Hearts are more. Hearts entwine. Hearts speak their heart. Love is not hidden. Love is revealed, and love is revered. Love loves love.

All My love is reigning on Earth. This has always been so. And now it is seen. Eyes and hearts have opened. The thunderstorm is over, and now there is that specialness of air after the rain.

Get ready for new everything. New you. New you in that you stand taller. You ring the bells of freedom. You are in accord. You are My beautiful stewards of the Earth. The past is erased. The past is fleeing itself, and newness arises. Your heart is new. Your life is new. This is the new world, and you are its cornerstones. The wondrousness of the Universe has arisen. You are sensing the wondrousness.

What has happened? Nothing has happened. Everything has happened. The Earth has spun on its axis, and you are spinning. You are ever-spinning. Truth appears. Falsehood flees. Love is calling the tunes. Love is making a name for itself. And I am happy. I am very happy. We are walking together. There is no place to walk. You walk in My hands and heart of love.

You are expanding. The Universe is expanding. All is expanding. You are breaking through your skin, as it were. You are heart-centered. This is the Year of the Heart. Your heart has expanded. Hearts are dancing in the streets now. Hearts are on parade. There is a marching band of happiness. No longer can anything withstand the love that is making itself known on Earth.

Love is ascending. Love has ascended. No longer does temporariness rule. Love rules. Love’s rule is heart-opening. Love’s rule is freedom-giving. Hearts are freed from the rule of the past and the rule of the mind. The mind takes an oath. The mind takes a breath of relief and reclines on the heart, glad to follow the heart, glad to be mindful of the heart. The mind has been freed of responsibility and now rests in the heart. The mind is at rest, and so peace takes the ascendant.

Congratulate yourselves on a job well done. Pat yourself on the back. You have recovered yourselves and restored the Earth. You have brought Paradise back. Ego has retreated. Love has taken the fore. What is love but Paradise? Earth can now be called Paradise. In Paradise, peace reigns. Peace is the by-product of love. Peace and love are inseparable. Speak peace. Speak love. Be. by Gloria Wendroff link to original article

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