Lisa Gawlas – A Day Of Integration – 22 February 2012

I swear it feels like I am in an intense divorce with time.  I could have sworn the new moon was today and not yesterday…dah!  But, good thing the universe that swims with me has a clue what is happening in the skies!  But truly there is a gift in what ya don’t know.  Granted, I said this yesterday… but man it has been in my face (lovingly of course) as if to expand the contents of itself.

Gotta love being schooled!

I really went into meditation thinking about the melted heap of human we have become and my ever burning question… but now what?

It is funny, I cannot remember most of the details of my meditation that was well over an hour long… except what I am about to share.

I remember standing in the field, thanking the guardians and the new moon for everything.  All of a sudden my whole body became like the blades of a hellocopter… spinning so fast that I started to plow down into the dirt I was standing on.  The spin got faster, I went deeper into the earth…. odd that I could even see the dirt and rocks flying upwards onto the ground as they made room for my super spinning body to go deeper.

Somehow, my arms became stretched up over my head like a ballerina pose but spinning at warp speed.  As soon as I was just fully under the earth… that is all I remember.  The only thing I could feel was… I got planted! lol and everything before and after that seems to have been wiped from my memory.

Funny, I just remembered my moment in meditation from the day before: “I want my two feet firmly planted in the energies of Shambhala.”  Seems the whole body went with… (smile)

The circuit breaker for my bathroom blew out shortly after this meditation.

I spent the day out in town and about 4pm I got the surprise of my life.  My son’s text ringtone started playing.  I thought my phone was spazzing… but sure enough if he didn’t ask if we could talk.  That alone felt like a miracle!  We haven’t really talked since before I left.  We talked heart to heart for over an hour.

As I woke up today, I was just very disoriented.  Ya know that feeling when you go to sleep in a strange bed and you wake up wondering where you are.  That is how I felt as I woke up… had to really orient myself to here.  My head was pounding and my neck so stiff.  Ohhh that medulla…

But if my internal energies aren’t enough to make me wonder what happened… my phone does.  I have an Android Galaxy and had purchased two over sized batteries so I can actually have back ups and longer usage of the battery installed.  I have noticed in this last week or two, some readings suck out my battery juice like crazy.  I do understand the energy we had created and used in the readings so I wasn’t too baffled each time it happened…

Today tho, I had a battery on the charger, fully charged since yesterday and the one in my phone, dead.  I took the fully charged on off the charge and swapped them out.  My phone gave me an alert that my battery is critically low.  That is impossible.  I took it out and put it back in… now it is about a third full of battery juice.

I also noticed via that not only was yesterday the new moon, there was also a partial solar eclipse visible only in space.  The energy of the new moon fully powered by the energy of the sun.

And I feel every ounce of it today.  There is a sharing I am going talk about tomorrow… I started to share today, but my poor head cannot handle the energy of it right now.  It is about sacred sex.  We are starting to get what the guardians are calling “the prelude” of its fullness.  I will leave you with this thought from the guardians about our sexual power:

“Humans are funny creatures.  They get a glimpse of a potential and think that is all there is to know.  Then they put it to market creating their own idea’s around it to sell it.  Just look at what they have done with Reiki in the field of energy work.  Thru the shear design of the packaging, you limit yourself.  Same with Tantra.    Truthfully, humanity knows very little about the fullness of either energy. “

….present company included!

Until tomorrow… enjoy this day of deep and utter integration!!


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