Lucas – ITU – International Telecommunication Union – Globalists Pushing UN Internet Control Treaty – 22 February 2012

The ITU – International Telecommunication Union has employed activities in the field of cyber security  for a long time. The wish one way or the other to have global control over internet and related to the current internet and the new technics to replace the internet in future is strong with the globalists.  SOPA/PIPA/ACTA all being under scrutiny and failing to get the full grip is now being followed by a new tactic.

Via  a UN treaty on cyberspace control or better said a censorship treaty that goes way beyond the current internet technic the globalists now want to reach their goal.  The treaty reaches the whole radio spectrum, the newest wireless technologies and navigation, radio astronomy, satellite based internet applications. Basicly all new technologies that could make a new free open internet possible are controlled under this new black dragon of a treaty. Via a globalist scheme via UN diplomatic involvement they want to get this monstrous new treaty to control freedom again with undemocratic means.

We saying NO ones or twice is not enough as they seem not to understand that we the people do not want to be controlled in everything. Our rights as free citizens on this earth being taken and being told that we are just mindless sheep that need to do what is best for the few.

So be prepared for the next try to get us under control of the dark ones via the ITU and the UN.  Now see who are really our democratic friends.

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Get the news out and say NO to this.  We need to stop those people who still will not listen to the voice of freedom and the voice of freedom of control that is spoken all over the world.

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