Nancy Tate – Horus – Wake Up Call – 22 February 2012


I am talking with you now in a whole new way. I am speaking in the tongue of the humans on earth, and as I do I come to you with a song about the coming times. I am Horus, and in the way of opening this message I am opening you to a new possibility for your methods of communicology.
It is with an utmost amount of love that I bring this message to you, for I see what it is that is confronting many of you at this time. There are many things coming up in your lives that seem to contradict one anther. Yet they are here for purpose. They are here to assist you to seeing how one thing can be true, at the same time as another seemingly different thing can also be appropriate to your life at this time.
There are a number of opportunities flowing forth through your lives at this time. One of them is to look at what is taking place outside of you, around the world, as well as in your own community or household. As these issues seem to be full of contradiction to what you consider to be in harmony, do you not also see their potential for actually bringing harmony into your lives? I tell you now that there is no disharmony that does not have potential. When you see something come into your life and feel that it is wonderful, only to find on further thought that it becomes a source of chagrin, then you see the benefit that you have brought into your life. It has brought an opportunity to see where you are working on perfecting how you approach issues in your life and how they work with you to bring about a harmonic energy that steers you to the ultimate way of life.
These days of being in limbo for some of you are planned to bring to you many ideas for you to ruminate through and to realize what is now in harmony with you, and what is on it’s way out of your life, for it has served it’s purpose for your advancement, and it is time for it to move on. Do you see this, my dear ones? I see that you do, and that it is time for the realization to catch up with you. You can do this by letting go of the idea and tuning in to how it feels in that moment. If you have a resistance to letting go of it, then perhaps it is a matter of seeing what is behind that resistance. That can open up a whole new vantage for you that can lead you to a wonderful release of old stuff that is holding you back.
You may want to take the leap into the new way of being. You may already have one foot beyond the old and into the sparkling newness. If you feel that tingling in your body of something that could be wonderful and a whole new way of acceleration, and then something says no, it is not what you want, then stop and take a look at this. It could be that you are holding on to something that is contributing to this feeling of listlessness that is plaguing you. Perhaps it is time to take a step forward in this venture and see where it takes you. Do so with an open mind and a joyful heart, and see where it takes you. It is possible to learn from this, no matter how it turns out. It could enable you to see a clearer perspective of it. It also could enable you to open up a whole new pathway to follow that will be filled with the unexpected and interesting journey into the newness of your being.
Have I given you enough words and new ideas to propel you into the newness in your life? Have you seen how what was before in anything, any idea may not be that way now at all? It is time for all of you to sort through what can be and compare it to what was. You will find a whole new life opening up to you, and it will be so clear and understood that you will realize that your language is versatile and easy to play with. I bring this news to you today because I see that many of you are sensing a difference in how you feel about what is tried and true, and what is coming into your life that you had never wanted to consider before. Remember that at any time you can stop in something and say, that is enough. You can also say how wonderful it is that you took the step and followed it till your heart and soul said, thank you for assisting me to move forward and into new expression.
I leave this message now with a great deal of love, the everlasting always changing and evolving language of The Source. Take your next step, and know that it is the best one you can take for your new way of being. You create wonders in your life! You bless your life and all of existence.
Thank you dear Horus,
Love, Nancy Tate link to article via 22 Febr. 2012 wake up call newsletter.


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