Kauilapele – David Wilcock, “Financial Tyranny: Defeating The Greatest Cover-Up Of All Time”, LAST VERSION With All Updates; PDF, Complete Web Page, HTML, TXT Versions Available For Download – 23 February 2012

[UPDATED 120223 0023: Whoa… Thanks to JLG who sent a link to a fully indexed pdf of this]

Here is a link to this first part of Financial Tyranny, Sections 1-6. As of 2-9-12, David wrote that this was the final version, with all updates. So…

This web document (all pages) was saved in four forms, and uploaded to my own storage area, for you to download. Here are the links. (NOTE: the date-time format I use is yymmdd_hhmm HST).

[Why do this? 1) Download it to your computer or portable device and you may access the information even without the internet, and 2) if David’s site would ever go down, you still have it, 3) it ensures that millions of copies of this will go around the world and continue the apocalypse (unveiling) of this information. As David has written, “I thank you again for your help in spreading the word — as with publicity comes protection.”]

Complete article (all pages of “Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time”), with all links, images, and comments (zip folder):
120215_1840_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages_complete_LAST_VERSION.zip (37 MB)

HTML only version (formatted, working links, no images):
120215_1840_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages_LAST_VERSION.htm (2.4 MB)

Text only version (no images or formatting):
120215_1840_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages_LAST_VERSION.txt (1.5 MB)

PDF version (note: in different font than David’s) (use to download to iPhones, iPads, etc.):
120214_2133_1023-financial-tyranny_all_pages_LAST_VERSION.pdf (25 MB)

Fully Indexed PDF version:
http://www.vigli.org/FINANCIAL_TYRANNY_Defeating_the-Greatest_Cover-Up_of_All_Time_David-Wilcock_Feb-13-2012.pdf (26 MB)

http://www.kauilapele.wordpress.com link to article

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