Lisa Gawlas – De Light Full Food – De Light Full Sex – Part 2 – 24 February 2012

Phew… the things I thought I knew but really didn’t.  I am officially swimming in the greatest wonderland of understanding…

I think… for the first time ever really… we have moved beyond what we think we see (the tip of the iceburg) and have been pulled under the see to really explore what has been hidden for eons and eons.

I feel so deep in my heart the greatest gift you can give to yourself right now is saying “what I thought I knew, I don’t.”  This allows what you don’t know to be revealed.  For as long as we think we know something, we don’t get beyond it.

Let me tell you… I know nothing!  LOL… my god I know no-thing!

When I say the word “intimacy” what is the first thing you think of?  How often do you simply think of yourself… just yourself.

When you hear the words “twin flame” how often do you think of just yourself?

You are the Love you seek.  You are the twin flame of your Life.  Your first intimate partenership must be with yourSelf.  No going around it, over it, must go thru it.

Mastery begins with You.  Inside and out!

Just feel with the word so tainted by time and religion:


Well we can see the master in that word.  I do believe it is self (smile) explanatory.

The suffix “tion” is simply expressing action.  You are not masturbating if there is no action involved (toothy grin.)

But what about the Ba.  At the very end of my meditation today (I really felt I was missing somethings in this whole sex thing… and OMG was I!!) I heard the word Mer-ka-Ba in relationship to the ba in masturbation.  I know the word simply from traveling in the light cirlces thru the years, but really have no understanding or application of its fullness.  Well… not that I was consciously aware of anywayz!

So I found a sight that was kind enough to break it down:

Mer refers to a specific kind of light that was understood in Egypt during the 18th Dynasty following the reorientation of religions toward the worship of a one God of all creation. “Mer” was seen as two counter-rotating fields of light spinning in the same space. These fields are generated when a person performs specific breathing patterns.

Ka refers to the individual spirit of a person.

Ba refers to the spirit’s interpretation of its particular reality. In the human reality, Ba is usually defined as the body or physical reality. In other realities where spirits don’t have bodies, Ba refers to their concepts or interpretation of reality in the realm in which they exist.

I have already written extensively on kundalini and integration, please just go to my website: that page also has a link at the bottom about how to integrate it all.

This time, this integration of your full mastery is the most intimate twin flame relationship you will ever have.  You will never have full access to your treasure chest without full integration of your mastery into your physical body.  Please don’t let your mind tell you otherwise!!

Now that your full of your OWN MASTERY (smile) …

Divine Counterparts.

Lets get clear… vividly clear on this point.  The word divine as used here is about your own full mastery within.  Your own full integration of your Soul into every cell of your body.  No exceptions. (sigh)

Counterpart… now this is interesting.  I took a stroll to for the full definiation as it applies to a phrase I have used for well over a year, but in truth, did not fully understand it.  ….at least… until today!!




1. a person or thing closely resembling another, especially infunction: Our president is the counterpart of your primeminister.
2. a copy; duplicate.
3. a person acting opposite another in a play
4. one of two parts  that fit, complete, or complement one another.

What we truly are gearing up for… (happy dance lol) is that other who is fully integrated into him or her self… with radiance and mastery in every cell.


No exceptions.


The only thing I am writing about and concerned about understanding and sharing is how this sacred sex relates to the fields of Shambhala.  Heaven on earth.

Everything in this field of vibration has fail-safe energy built into it.  It must!!  Holy shit!

I highlighted definition 3 for a reason.  Several weeks ago I got the understanding that our counterparts will be the opposite of us.  Example I work fully in the realm of sun and spirit.  My divine counterpart has to be an person working fully with Gaia and the earth.  I so get it now…

Even here tho… it is an energetic relationship before it is a physical one.

We have a tendency to think of ourselves as human first.  We are energy always.  In the energy field that we are, are intimate connects and pathways one cannot enter if only by the physical connection.

Being intimate energetically first will create a physical experience you cannot even imagine possible (well, maybe some can….smile.)  It also creates a merging, a blending of the two energy fields.

Please do not confuse a sexual fantasy with this very real energy merger, not even the same ball park.

As I see it right now, it is like every atom of your energy field has receptors for your counterparts energy and vise versa.  Once merged in this full and intimate way, they will never be un-merged.  Do not take that to mean the human aspect of your counterpart will be with you (physically) for the rest of this life, not at all.  But the combined energy and wisdom will.  And even as I see this unfold in my minds eye, there is so much more understanding coming thru it, I just don’t know how to put it into words right now.

In this blending of the energy field within meditation together, there is an activation that takes place within the body.  It is an electromagnetic field of attraction.

Let me insert some science here (taken from this website):

Electric field will be created in the below stated circumstances:

a) A charged particle (negative/positive) creates an electric field around that particle.

b) An oscillating magnetic field creates an oscillating electric field within a conductor.

*Electric field lines hold nucleus and electrons in an atom are together; atoms in a molecule are together.

*An unbalanced and opposite charges within a conductor or between two conductors cause the flow of charges through that conductor (s).

Because of the mutual repulsions, the electric field lines created by a charged body will be always are bended.

Magnetic field will be created in the below stated circumstances:

a) A charged particle like electron acts as a ‘tiny’ magnet. When electrons are flowing through a conductor, they will be aligned. This alignment of flowing electrons creates a collective magnetic field around that conductor. Flowing of electrons cause to align them; otherwise there is NO any direct connection between electric current and magnetic field.


Now if you can imagine how many particules are within the physical body!  Just imagine what is taking place thru every particle in the fullness of the energy field of each person.

I will never forget the feeling in my body the day I meet my mentor in person, whose kundalini energy was in every cell of mine… and mine in his… thru the vast meditations held in that space on my end.  He spent 5 days sleeping in the bed next to mine… and I only ever really felt this at night time as we lay down to go to sleep.

I literally had to hold both my hands on the mattress for fear I would fly up off the bed and smash into his body.  It was not even close to a sexual thing… very much a magnetic thing.   It reminds me (now) of a pole of energy so tuned into the magnetic field and pulls… pulls like nothing I could have ever imagined possible in body.  Hell, in 2002 I couldn’t imagine most anything really.  I was truly an infant in a grown up body.  I have never had such an experience with anyone else… only him… so far.

We didn’t have sex (dammit)… but… today, as I share this, it is a good thing!  It is even strange as I see it now… and all I can give you right now is the visual I am seeing in the potential of consummation in the human body.

Awareness, consciousness of what is happening is crucial during the first physical exchange of intimacy between divine counterparts.  I can see it looking very much like a game of pac-man (smile).

(Keep in mind I am sharing this not thru the experience, but what I am now being shown as what would have happened…)

His energy field, every molecule in it,  looks very much like pac-man.  Circles of energy with an opening.  His energy field is very silvery white.  Mine looks like strands of energy, golden.  His pac-man looking molecules were calling home my golden strands and trust me, they were trying to go home!!  lol Holy shit… in a million years I will never forget having to hold myself onto my bed each and every night he was there.

Had the Blessed Mother not screwed with my head in meditation, I surely would have jumped his bones in a minute!!  Neither one of us was consciously prepared for such a merger.  Spirit tricked me into making sure I didn’t go there… and we didn’t.

What we want, and what we are energetically and truly ready for… two different ballparks!!  Like I said, this whole field of adventure has fail-safe mechanisms built in.  You cannot go further than you are ready for.  You’ll blow up (smile.)

In the field of Silence.

We sure are a yappy species.  Even in the divine space of intimacy, we talk!  In the talking, we close the doors to heaven and are simply in the exchange of the physical.  Not such a bad thing (grin)…but again, keep in mind, whatever I am sharing here has nothing to do with sex really.  It is the key of opening the energies of what I call Shambhala.

There are a million things that can be done with sexual energy… my sharing, my own experiences and understandings have ever only had one purpose… to fully open to the magnetic field of Life I call Shambhala.

We also have this fascination with our physical bodies to.  Like it is the end all be all of things.  The physical body is a container that actually limits the experience of what is possible.

The key is to know your body so well, and your counterparts, that in the exchange of sacred sex, it is experienced out of body, but yet, still connected to the body.  But to also know the atmosphere around your body.

It is funny the things that hold so much value in childhood that we often carry around like lead.  I learned how to move in and out of my own body in childhood, thru years of being molested.  I would leave my body during the act and come back when they were done.  Who could have ever imagined this would be a gift beyond compare in my adulthood.

In 2005 I had a wonderful relationship with a man who really understood the world I lived within.  We talked, shared, opened skill sets thru meditation… and then came the day for physical intimacy.  I had been chomping at the bit to have any sort of divine sexual experience ever since my magnet mentor graced my life….

I suppose… this was a peak into things yet to come (in my world).  We never got past fore play.  Like I said, fail safe mechanisms built into the plan.  Shambhala was not even a part of my vocabulary or understanding yet.

I do believe too, within us, is the knowing… as long as you are not in your mind within the experience.  The moment, truly was all about me!! (grin)  I had just given him a Hands of Light Massage (no happy endings thank you very much!) so I knew I would be a benefactor of this energy as well.

I was on the receiving end of the foreplay and I left him to do what he was doing and I went deep inside of myself.  Aware… like I have never been aware of anything in my life.  Thru the rising energy that was taking place at his hand… my entire stream of consciousness moved thru my body and emerged out of my heart chakra.  I was literally everywhere in that bedroom.

I was aware of what was happening in my physical body with sensations, but what I was feeling in my energy field… holy shit!  There was nothing to contain the feelings, so they amplified and radiated in ways I have no words ever to relate with.

And then he spoke.


Immediately my entire expanded out of body orchestra that was happening collapsed.  I was back in my body and I was pissed!!

He could not (ever) get an erect penis.  Like I said, fail safe.  I got a glimpse into what we are doing… and the enormity of it all.  But the full Holy Union… impossible to take place.

I have had enough sexual experiences to last me several lifetimes… all I want now, even then… is what I have been understanding thru my meditations.

Now… (smile) I am going to leave off on that note for now.  And share what came out of a meditation several days ago.

There are three Divine Couplings happening.  All extraordinarily important in preparing the field for its fullness.  This is going to be explicit.  Pretty much anyway.  Also, this is what I was shown and currently understand presently.  I am sure more details will be added, maybe even changed as my own consciousness catches up to what we are really doing, why and how.

The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  Man falling madly and deeply in love with HimSelf.  The Woman falling madly and deeply in love with HerSelf.  These intimate relationships are so valuable and truly are the genuine fertilizer to allow the fields of Shambhala to grow and exist in the field of matter.

(keep in mind, this is what I had seen in meditation… don’t shoot the

Men penetrate each other thru the anus.  Clearing the entire digestive track of humanity.  I could see it so clearly… this amazing yellow particle energy moving up into the body thru the large intenstine, into the small intestine, into the stomach and radiating out thru the solar plexus everywhere in creation.

Women, this was a little more tricky for me to understand.  Their exchange is thru oral sex.  Drinking the fluids of creation herself.  I could see it as that silvery/gray/blue water as I had seen in the back yard, the field itself… and thru their divine love bring the water of Life to earth.

The Divine Man and Divine Woman together:

The one thing I have understood for years now is that within the women all of creation exists.  Every mystery, every secret is within her to be accessed.  (think… vagina)

Man is the key into the mystery of creation.  (think penis)

We take our body design for granted.  Rarely asking the bigger question of why are we designed like this.  Our arms/hands are just long enough to reach our pubic area.  Fluke?  Not even!

If you really really look at our bodies, everything you could possibly know is there for you to understand.  You just need to understand it with the heart.

My whole consciousness right now is turned to the book of revelations and the 7 seals.  The only thing I understand about that book… is it is filled with metaphors and symbolism’s that were unique and pertinent to John himself.  I have no clue (as do any of us) what he was really getting in his meditations for HIM to understand.  I say that because I am really surprised I am actually talking (getting information on) the 7 seals.  (This is wayyy new to me.)

Within the women is the first seal of Life.  The hymen.  There is a literal breaking of the seal that takes place the first time a woman has sex.  This should be our first understanding that something so precious lays within that it has been sealed off.

But we humans tend to have sex for the sake of self gratification, not immersing ourselves in the mystery of the universe.

For those of us who have long unsealed our hymens (smile)… it matters not!  It is the symbolic act of accessing the mystery within.

Now this is going to sound down right strange… at least it did to me as I witnessed it in my meditation.  The penis itself works like a periscope!   (No wonder so many men refer to their penis as the one eyed monster…. there is actually an eye there!!!…who knew, I guess men did really.)

And I know there is something missing in this transmission… I can feel it.  Geez…  But… there is something that happens (I suppose details forth coming…sooner or later lol) when in this sacred divine state of magnetic activation where the periscope of the man accesses the “vault” of the woman (think uterus).

The next thing I was able to witness in my meditation… was being able to see (but let me tell you, I couldn’t see anything at all) the contents of the vault thru the eyes of the man.

From what I am hearing right now, this would be penetrating seal 2.

Geez….  and that is all we get today folks!!  The energy of our Gaurdians that have been sharing this information since yesterday.. pulled itself away from me.  I suppose we get to digest this and more will be added as we are ready.

I did google the 7 seals… and I am so surprised to see information about a Lion.  I don’t get it… but I sure can feel it!!

To be continued… sooner or later (smile.)

With wonder and awe to all of us!


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