Lucas – The Angel Within Unleashed – 24 February 2012

In these last moments on our timeline towards ascension s0 much is happening around us all. We see or not yet see what the bigger picture for ourselves is. The roles you have played on this earthly playing field of 3 dimensional being are still hazy.

We came here as we have chosen to be part of the experiment in duality. As most of us already lived multiple lives on earth and in others realms. As you know the stars and planets are many on our celestial night sky. We have longed back, did not know who we were and where  we have come from. We have sought the deeper meaning of life in our own ways.

I  tell you unleash the Angel you are inside. You are this wonderous lightbeing you use as archetype. The beautiful unconditional loving winged being that stands for all you have projected on it you would like to be. Know you are that being. The power within you is as grand as the brightest star you ever imagined.

See yourselves connected to what you are. The projected energies that are part of the all loving Source, you call God, The Creator, etc. You are the best described as blue-prints of The Source that were made and given the tasks, if chosen freely, to live a 3 dimensional live and learn the difficulties and beauty of  this challenge.

You all are not aware of what an unbelievable part you have played for others in so many ways to freely have chosen to live this challenge. Many timelines, worlds, earths  benefited as the challenge nears its completion. You all will see soon that we are proudly accepted galactic citizens. The coming months are hectic and will force you to focus on your strong conviction that all will be as we all want it to be for the better of all.

A world with only love and abundance for you all. Just know, you still are blossoming earthly Angels. Light your light within bright and see the light spreading its beauty all over the place. It is like something so exciting that all will instantaneous be touched by this love light you lit within.  The real you,  the Angel unleashed within,  becomes a fact.

Love and Light,


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