Ellie Miser – Clone Update – 25 February 2012

My favorite Pleiadian

Ellie Miser is a kind of Pleiadian starseed anthropologist, if you will, who was tasked with studying terrestrial society and feeding back information to people (since Pleiadians are human just like us and one group of our forefathers and foremothers) on what we do and how we think and feel. The Pleiadians are here to assist with Ascension.

She is in the last few weeks or months of life in her second cloned body and is now spending nighttimes on the ships getting used again to her own Pleiadian body, in stasis there. Plen is her life-partner. Am I really having this conversation with you?  I’ll let Ellie tell the rest.

Hello dear friend!

Yes, I am still here – barely! ha. Feeling a stronger pull toward “home” but still enjoying this one for now. Our Oklahoma winter has been SO mild! And last summer, not one single flea, tick or mosquito did I see! Not one! A miracle! Usually those critters are all over me!

Last week, Plen showed me how close my time is for leaving by holding up his thumb and forefinger and they were almost touching – not quite but almost!

I had to ask Plen to let me have my feeling of pain restored as I realize how important pain is! It lets us know when and where we have a physical problem that needs attention. I almost died learning that fact!

So I have a lot of pain come and go in various places all over my body now but I can deal with it since I know it won’t be for much longer – no pain meds (other than blood pressure and stomach meds) but I’m a tough old bird so I keep on doing my thing with a smile and thumbs up – I AM still able to do my mission and that is what is most important. My flesh may be weak but I have a very strong spirit!

I have no idea what important event I am supposed to witness while I am present in physical on this planet but I feel it is VERY close – maybe disclosure? Contact? Earth changes? I don’t feel it involves anything to do with mankind’s actions – well, other than contact. That would be great!!!

I do have my welcome speech prepared for when we have off world visitors! Father told me several years ago to be prepared to meet and greet as a sort of Pleiadian Ambassador representing our people – maybe I had better get busy memorizing it – again! Have had it ready for so many years, I have forgotten almost all of it! Good thing I wrote it down!

I don’t know if you have read of the mysterious metal boxes appearing around our planet – humming and toning – I was told a few years ago that “energy packets” were being placed in key places to be activated at a certain future date but I was not told “when” or what for.

I DO know those are now appearing in physical – uncloaking – being activated and are doing great service in calming and balancing energies around the globe – I see it evidenced in the difference in magnitude of quakes recently! There used to be so many from 4.0 to 4.9 showing up in the quake reports I watch – they were showing up in countries and sites where I have not seen them before – today I didn’t see quakes of 4.0-4.9 in any country other than the usual ones that had stronger quakes – 5.0 and over – so, to me, that is quite an important observation.

I don’t know the full purpose of the boxes but I do believe the calming effect is coming from them – at least for now. I may be surprised tomorrow but for today – I was VERY surprised and pleased to note the change.

This is not much of an update but it is all I have for now. I look forward to the time when I can have great news of contact.

Don’t forget to live in the NOW – love, laugh and be happy! Celebrate life! It is a gift!

Blessings, Love/Light and Joy!


http://www.the2012scenario.com by Dave Schmidt first published 23th Febr.2012 link to original article



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