Lisa Gawlas – Psychic Purging – 25 February 2012

There is a cleansing taking place like never before.  A full and massive releasing of the discordant energies.  This is taking place at the core of humanity and not a human on earth is being missed.

If you can look at it like the inter-connective strings that bind us all together in oneness has been plucked.  Think guitar strings.  The purpose of the plucking is a massive raise in the vibration of the planet, all of the planet.

One Feb 15th (give or the string that kept humanity separate and discordant was plucked so hard it snapped and is being removed.  Yesterday I heard this as a “psychic purge.”

Everyone is feeling it in their own ways.  For me personally, my ears have been ringing at a consistent octave that is really annoying.  Even that pitch osculates in my field of hearing from so loud it drowns out the surrounding sounds to relatively mild.

Of course, this has to affect our electronic communication.  On the phone, peoples voices are garbled.  There is no static in the phone, it is only when words are spoken there is this static to it.

Our computers are the most intense, at least for me.  It is becoming harder and harder for me to sit anywhere near my computer.  I hear everything all at once.  Completely overwhelming my body system.

Often these days, I feel like I am living in a foreign land I do not know how to adjust to.

Whether you are aware of it or not, our psychic senses are enhancing.  The purge is clearing off all the gunk that kept this precious aspect of our natural ability to work even better… perhaps better stated, to work the way it was intended.

I knew yesterday something major happened on planet earth.  I felt it like nothing I ever felt before.  When I write here, the highest realms I have access to write thru me.  I refer to it as “the field” and “the guardians.”   I can feel them in the very cells of my body (which is why I never channel as a separate entity… we are far from separate.)

Yesterday when I finished my blog about sacred sex, I felt their entire energy remove itself from me.  That has never happened before.  Instantly I was freezing.  There was nothing I could do to warm up.  I put the propane heater on my back, my space heater on my front and shivered like I was in ice.  I ran a bath with zero cold water in it and shivered to kingdom come.  This freezing last all day.

My stomach felt like someone one picking the contents out bit by bit.  The ringing in my ears hit a crescendo.  My legs were wobbly as if I wasn’t sure how to use them any longer.

I had a friend come over yesterday, crying because her own life hit a fevered pitch in chaos.  Directly from a landlord relationship.  My own psychic senses were down… actually I think really… on overload.  But with her I could see all this black spewing energy coming at her from her landlord, who she still chooses to rent from.

My son, who has not really opened his heart or his mouth (smile) to me since before I left VA in November, is going thru his own purging.  His baby’s mama stole their son and brought him to MA and then put a protection order against him.  Not allowing him any contact with her or his son.  I really don’t understand our courts system at all.  Talk about something that needs a purging!

As I shivered my way thru the day I really started to understand the intensity of that snapping of the black belt of energy I had seen in mid Feb.  It was all about relationships…. since February has consistently been orange in my world.  The sense of self within the world around us.    The mean have gotten meaner!!

In the current that is happening right now with the pure clearing of shit… they feel it, may not understand it, but deep inside of them they know their reign is coming to an end and are acting out even stronger and louder.

Sitting in the belly of the fire… the pregnant bulging fire that is this moment of time.  Life cleaning and clearing itself up.  Of course, we always have the choice to stay in the fire…or let it clear away all the dead debris from your life, your energy, your mind.

Even tho, it appears like my son is going thru hell… those hell fires (smile)… my god, the good that has happened to him since the poison of the snake removed itself from his ankle left town… amazing.  He has had so many suprisingly wonderful doors all swing open this week… doors that had long been shut tight.

He is simply my up close and personal example of what is happening on earth right now and how it is actually clearing.  Unless, like my friend from the morning, you are choosing to stay in it.  The choice is always Yours.

Archangel Michael had said the other day, the earth is at a crux.  I so get that now.  Which version we want to participate in we are choosing today!

There is going to be a massive blow-back of energy to anyone who intentionally does harm, energetically or physically.  Me personally… I am not going to sit around and watch!

Tomorrow, thru the hypnosis event called “The Planting” we will walk thru rainbow bridge together into March.  Phew… I am going to record the session and make it available to anyone who purchases a reading thru March.

I so love you and honor you so much.  Thank you for Being!

(((((HUGZ)))))) of fire and water!!

Lisa Gawlas

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