Foster Gamble – How The Fall Of Greece Affects YOU – No Matter Where You Are – 26 February 2012

Lucas : “I will first bring my concerns about this message to your attention.

I have my reserves about the messages of Foster Gamble and his Thrive Movement.  Not saying he has everything wrong, as in most cases people who want power and control give you some truth and then bent it.  The fear spreading part it is  I absolutely do not agree with. Also the parts that says do put your money in precious metals, stop building private debt, do get emergency supplies of food, etc. Also the part of stay non-violent as if that is not already asked of all of us who have been learning peaceful protesting is the only way and for lightworkers and awakened ones especially.

I think this is wrong. People there are already so much of alternative economy and exchange possibilities now that we do not need  precious metals nor money. We need not fear the worst and spread more fear. The system will implode or explode what ever you wish. But that will not mean you will be left in the dark ages. You all know about the abundance program the involvement of our lightbeings and ET. Did you forget what was said and you have seen evolving now.  Yeah all that good stuff.

So keep the good news of what is going to be and the love and light part as your guide to the road of ascension and the new lightworld (not being the NWO that the dark ones want).  Do not let fear be put in your minds as it is not beneficial in any way.”

Now follows the video message of Foster Gamble.

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3 responses to “Foster Gamble – How The Fall Of Greece Affects YOU – No Matter Where You Are – 26 February 2012

  1. What jumped out at me , was he has seemingly no awareness of the consciousness changes affecting humanity, and the spiritual upgrades, so he is veyr much coming from a 3D perspective- which is not really helping anyone. He has no idea it would seem about DAVID WILCOCK OR BEN FULFORD, so it would seem he does not have the full picture..its a shame .

  2. I love the Henry Kissinger quote at the 5:50 mark. Listen to it again, knowing that Kissinger and his gang of Illuminati are the “outside threat”. In other words, THEY are the ones who will be taken away because we have asked for help through prayers, and we now have it!

  3. Great comments, Lucas. I agree with you. Blessings! Gillian