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White Hats Report 37 – 27 February 2012

The White Hats Call For Joint International Criminal Investigation: America Demands Its $15 Trillion Dollars Back!
If you have been following the news, The White Hats have called for Leadership in America to stand up and be counted.  In fact, we would have expected our current President to stand up for America.  We only asked for one person to stand up for America, for 308 millions Americans, the ole’ girl in the New York harbor, the tattered ole’ flag and the fine men and women that serve or have served our Country proudly – just one person that has the Heart of a Lion, willing to walk with a genuine swagger and the intestinal fortitude to deal with very corrupt people and very corrupt situations. Continue reading

John Smallman – Jesus – Letting Go And Allowing Is What Makes It Possible To Reach An Inner Place Of Peace – 27 February 2012

It is difficult for you to understand the levels within yourselves to which you can ascend while you are still embodied.  Your religions and cultures have taught you that knowledge of the spiritual realms is only available to the most highly evolved ones among you, and that very many years need to be spent in meditation, prayer, and ascetic practices to reach a level that will bring you the experience of peace and love of which your enlightened teachers have told you.  However, this is not the case.  Anyone can reach inwards and attain the experience of the knowledge of God.  The reason that so few do is because you are mostly caught up in the distractions of the illusion to which your bodies seem to direct so much of your attention. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – The Celestial White Beings – Your Divine Spark – 27 February 2012

With tremendous honour we step forward to exist in the energy of the Earth, we are the Celestial White Beings. Our energy always flows with the greatest of respect to those that we connect with. We see the divine spark of the Creator within each person on the Earth and we ask that this is something that you remind yourself of regularly. Now is the time to allow your divine spark to be creative, expressive and expansive. Continue reading

Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – You Are Not Humpty-Dumpty – 27 February 2012

God said:

It is easy to be happy when you are happy. It is natural to be happy when everything falls into place. It is less easy for you to be happy when you hit snags.

In theory, you understand that it is your place to have happiness regardless of circumstances. In practice, you may find your heart aches. You don’t want heartache, and yet you have it. You’re not quite adept at returning to a state of happiness or at least to a state that is not unhappy. You would like to be good at it. You are doing the best you can, only your best isn’t what you wish it would be. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 27 February 2012

We have a lot of things to do. Each of you has his part to play in the role of your end times and your journey as a planet and people through ascension. We have outlined previously what we must get done together, and these projects must get underway very soon. What these projects will mean for the people of your world is incalculable, and beneficial to all across your globe.
We, the Galactic Federation of Light, would like to get started immediately and we require the assistance of the people of your world to help us gain acceptance by those who either have yet no idea of who we are and those who have allowed fear to convince them that we are here for destructive purposes. You are our agents in the field who can reach these people. It is you that can allow them to see a clearer picture of us and what we do. Your task is not an easy one, and many will shun your attempts to show them an alternative view to our presence here. Their reaction will be fear-based, and as we have said all along it is fear that is, and has always been your greatest enemy. Continue reading

Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 27 February 2012

You are witnessing the beginning of the end of all that has held you back, so that you can take the quantum leap forward that comes with Ascension. It has taken a long time to get to this exact moment, to enjoy the success of all ours and your endeavours. It was inevitable regardless of what the dark Ones did to stop our progress, and in the end they laid themselves open to defeat because of their immense greed and arrogance. Not even money can buy them their way out of the collapse of their empire, which is now about to come apart. It obviously has not gone unnoticed, and it is giving confidence to people who have stories to tell that will reveal the truth. Changes have suddenly started to speed up, and you can expect them to continue from hereon. Sometimes you might pinch yourself to make sure it is really happening, as they will take your breath away. Always look for the positive aspects of change, which are often more in the way of “clearing the decks” ready for the new to come in. Continue reading