Wikileaks Press Conference About STRATFOR – 27 February 2012

The just on minute ago finished Press Conference at 17.04 PM at the Frontline Club in Paddington, London was about the received leaked e-mails of the STRATFOR private intelligence company.

This company acts for profits almost like a National Intelligence Agency without the at least a check by a  government. STRATFOR goes very far in its detailed intelligence.

For me are those organizations that act as Free Anarchistic Capitalist Agencies and only for profit an affront to human rights, constitutional rights, privacy and other rights of real human beings that have  no knowledge of being spied on by private firms for profit.

Bhopal was also mentioned as STRATFOR has spied not only on victims but also an organization that with a small budget wants to help the victims.

In the coming days more and intriguing information will be disclosed in the media. The 25 media organizations that have made this effort to bring out this truth and defy the corporate controlled media that still does not open up to the news that is not dictated as true or the truth. Even as the evidence is shown or things are proven to be wrong those corporate controlled media will still put their news out as if true.

We hope to see more evidence of this STRATFOR organization and it’s clients who have paid for information s and intel that never should have been given at the first place. There is a difference between operating within the legal framework, as for example most private detective agencies do, or  operating outside any legal boundary as a private corporation to get intel or information.

I think the matter shows that we have come to the point that becomes clear that privatization and corporate hood go not well together in a lawful and real democratic society. certainly not in areas where it’s citizens are more vulnerable.

I am interested to see what news will further be disclosed.

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