Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – When You see Lamps Unlit – 28 February 2012

God said:

You are My own True Love. This is to remember. When you are out in the world and your feelings get frostbitten, remember Me. Remember Our Oneness. Remember overwhelming love, and remember that you are love. As much as you may try to foist away love, no matter how successful you may feel at withdrawing yourself from love and the hurt you may feel accompanies the giving away of love, love is ever-present. That goes for you and everyone.

Even when it feels that everyone in the world has detoured from love, you are not to follow them. That is old-fashioned. That is old thinking, and from this day forth, you are to think anew.

Do not affix your thoughts on what others are doing or not doing. Do not make a mental list of the world’s faults or others’ faults. When your attention is on Me, your attention will naturally come out of the mire of fault. That is an old habit to fault the world. If you want the world to lag behind, if you want to keep the world in the same place you wish it wouldn’t be, why would you keep harping on its faults? Have you been?

Give the world credit for growing.

When you have a flower garden, think of the flowers. Bless the flowers that grow. Nourish the flowers with your love for them. This is what you do. Bless your surroundings as well. The world is your environs. Show a little appreciation for what the world gives you. Put away your old list of faults. Are you a doomsayer or a King of Men?

What makes you point out all the flaws? Who are you to point out the flaws? It is My Creation you are talking about. If someone gave you a bouquet, would you fault it? Love Me, and love My Creation.

When you stand up on a soapbox and point out the errors of the world’s ways, you are supporting the errors.

If there is litter on the sidewalk, pick it up.

If you find the world unloving, all the more reason for you to love.

You will take in a stray dog or cat. Take in then an errant world and love it so it will rise. When you take in a stray, you clean them up and give them love. You make them your beloveds. You make them happy that you took them in.

Befriend the world. You do that with love. Find that which you like about it. First raise yourself higher. And if you cannot seem to raise yourself higher, then no more complaining. No more tut-tutting about the world. If you want to improve the world, improve yourself. Start with letting go of your hold on fault. Fault-finding begets fault.

Put your energy where it will pay off. Be that which you want the world to be.

Perhaps you say that the world does not love enough. This is a sign for you to love more. The world is not meant to be your scapegoat.

What you see is what you get. Fault-finding nails the world in place. You are telling the world what it is, or you are telling the world what it is not. If you want the world to go higher, tell the world what it can be. Encourage the world to get out of old habits. This is the charge I give to you. I assign you the world to uplift it. Polish the world. Shine it with your light. Raise your own spirits, and you will lift the world. If you see lamps unlit, light them. link to original article

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