Jullie Miller – Lord Sananda – The Spirit Of God Dwells Inside Each Of You – 29 February 2012

There are many dear souls who believe I came to bring peace amongst the people, yet I came bearing the mightiest weapon of all. I came with the truth and knowledge of the power that the Spirit of God dwells within each fine person. This truth does bring forth peace once it is acknowledged and seen from going within yourself, finding your true self that hold unspeakable knowledge. Such knowledge that is stored inside of you is not taught in schools or from books. This is an inner wisdom that fills your DNA and is accessible through specific meditations. It is the books and articles you turn to for clarification or further study of what is already contemplated by you.

You must be able to provoke yourself, push yourself to learn the truth that rests within you. Your parents or caregivers can only provide you with the information they know. This does not make it untruthful or truthful because at the time it was the only truth known, therefore what you were told was the truth. Over the years, information has been released regarding numerous understandings and studies that draw the human curiosity enabling the necessity to know more. It is here when many of the truths that many dear souls heard growing up become unstable and dissolve. When a dear soul is out to discover one’s self, a whole new world emerges with eyes that see far beyond the norm of yesterday. Do not blame your caregivers, for they taught what they could and new best of. It is your turn to become the teacher of what you are mastering one step at a time. If possible dear ones, go to your caregivers or the ones that aided your earliest beginning and teach what you have learned. Share your experiences. This open sharing will empower both to learn and grow expediently.

When it is time for you to teach your newly mastered ways be sure you are completely proficient. Be able to show by example the perfectness you have reached. You cannot truly teach others if you have not gone through all the trials and tribulations that brought you to your spiritual developments, achievements and successes.

With yourself being the prime example of what dedication and commitment to following the Will of God and living through your heart, you will become a visual leader depicting your hard earned rewards through your efforts. The path to your truth can seem like a long and dismal journey. Take heart dear ones that there is much to appreciate along the way. Oh yes, there will be adversaries that will rival against you, only to try to sway you from your enlightened path. That is their purpose. They require as much love as those you support you. Maintain your course towards the direction your heart is guiding you to. Be firm and ground yourself with the insightful wisdom you have and the understanding that you are doing what is best and of the highest good for you and those who are closest to you. The journey you are on is already observed to have many interesting twists and turns. Remain focused to your eventual goal and forgive those that cross your path in haste and yourself along the way. Regardless of the ill intent of others, love all that you meet dear ones. Keeping a good attitude will benefit you through each trying lesson and deliver peace after each succession. Understand this dear ones, I walk with you in unbroken love and nearby presence.

Dear ones if you have pure faith in the truth of what truly is within your dear hearts and of the connectedness between you and our heavenly Father and you do not doubt in His love and in your own spiritual power and strength; you will not be blinded by the illusions that you have lived through for so long. You will see with clarity how the knowledge in your own truth and the wisdom you gain from detecting and discovering such information to be truly powerful. It is this truth, so plain it is and so simple that illuminates the direction for you to take next along the Path you now walk.

When you are ready to acknowledge this wisdom and the pure love that lives within your heart, body and spirit, your own spiritual being will be filled with immeasurable power. With a pure heart that no longer questions or second guesses, one who lives without their ego will learn that with absolute belief in themselves and in God, that what they pray for will be received. Ah, I see already a great many of you already thinking, questioning and so on. What will be received out of prayer and of your dearest manifestations will come through in what is called Divine Time. Patience is one of the masteries that will be achieved prior to this and understanding that what it is that is being prayed for will come when it’s meant to. Patience is one of the biggest obstacles many dear souls work at to overcome and perfect. Patience requires constant care and maintenance because life as it is now during your age is filled with incredible havoc and chaos.

With the prayer and manifestations in mind, it is still up to you to follow the will and choice to bring into fruition what it is you are aspiring for. Work at attempting to create what it is you are asking for. Put your heart and soul into each effort. Allow yourself to be guided and you shall find yourself directed to more choices to further you higher to the goal you are aiming to bring into your life. Each step you take towards achieving what it is you are asking for will bring you even more great wisdom dear ones. Once you do succeed attaining your goal, the alluring feeling of self-satisfaction penetrates the deepest part of yourself with self-appreciation and stimulates your confidence to higher levels and encourages you to try something else that will also be of great benefit.

Dear ones, you are the creator of your own present and how you unfold your tomorrow is up to you and the choices you make. When it seems you cannot go another moment further, keep going, push yourself. It is when you quit before you complete your task or what you have put so much of your energy in shows the most promise. Always have the deepest faith in yourself and know in your heart that your commitment to the Will of God and to his unending love will deliver you great peace and harmony.

I AM Lord Sananda through Julie Miller

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