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Mike Quinsey – SaLuSa – 29 February 2012

These are powerful times when you can visualize what you desire from life, and it will become your creation. So think positively and do not allow any fear laden messages to deflect you from your path.

If anyone doubted that time has speeded up, you have only to consider the speed at which the first two months have passed, and so it shall continue right through to Ascension. The call for freedom from your oppressors has been answered and their ability to cause further problems has been addressed, and they no longer have the powerful bases that maintained their hold over you. They may seek to change matters, but it is now beyond their scope to reverse the affect of the actions against them. Their roles have been reduced to ones of only a nuisance value, and soon their activities will have all but evaporated as their power structure is taken apart. Having come thus far it only remains for us to remove the Illuminati, and a major part of our mission will have been completed. Continue reading


Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – Living In The World – 29 February 2012

God said:

When I said that your cup runneth over, I did not mean for it to run over with discontent. I do not give you discontent. Discontent is something you help yourself to.

Tell yourself to be contented. Think of it, beloveds, you live under a sky that is referred to as the Heavens. You always have it. There is always the sky above. The sky is bright blue or it is gray. It may have clouds, and yet the sun can shine through the clouds. And, if the sun does not shine today, it will tomorrow. And if you want rain, that will come to you as well. Continue reading

Greg Giles – Message From The Galactic Federation Of Light – 28 February 2012

These events we speak of are not events that can or cannot happen, these are events that can happen and will happen because you made them happen. We of the Galactic Commands have said to you time and again that the events that so many of you wish to experience are within your grasp, but it is you as a collective that must choose to experience these events, and it is you that will make them a reality. How this is done has also been explained to you, but certainly bears repeating here.  Continue reading

John Smallman – Vacation – 28 February 2012

John Smallman is going on vacation and  stops channeling for that period. His new Saul and Jesus messages will be available from 1st April on.

Have a nice vacation John. We await your new messages and are eager to read them when your back!
Love and Light,

Johnsmallman's Blog

Hi everybody,

This is to let you all know that I am taking a vacation.

My next Saul post is planned for Sunday April 1st 2012.

Love and hugs to all,


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Fran Zepeda – Message from Archangel Michael and Yeshua – Be Reborn – 28 February 2012

Greetings beloveds, we come before you today to speak of Love. We are your comrades in this beautiful undertaking to which you have become so committed since time without beginning.

The quality of Love is transforming. You have probably noticed it, dear ones. It has taken on an essence you have not seen for many eons. Take a moment to feel the quality. Bathe in it and absorb it. Be very cognizant of its nature. By now, you are experiencing Love in a different Light. Continue reading

Sheldan Nidle – Update For The Spiritual Hierarchy And The Galactic Federation – 28 February 2012

4 Kan, 17 Zac, 8 Manik

Dratzo! We return! The ultimatums, and the pressures resulting from them, have forced the resignations of many in the lower levels of the dark cabal. This marks the beginning of the denouement which will bring out into the open all that we have been working toward and telling you about in these updates. The power spheres of this cabal are to be broken! The initial thrust is presently toppling bankers and will continue with the resignations, shortly, of major governments. The secret sacred societies’ vast resources, both spiritual and physical, are being unleashed and we expect the present flurry of low-level resignations to escalate, as the domino-effect of the takedown moves ever higher through the vast hierarchical web that is the dark cabal. We intend to oversee this exciting phase of the operation and assist our allies in whatever way they feel is most appropriate to their cause. To this end we have assigned various liaison teams to them and these will assure the dark ones that there is no way out of their predicament except through their mass resignation. Continue reading

Jafree Ozwald – Enlightened Beings – How To Access Your Magic Inner Genie – 28 February 2012

“One who is connected to the Energy Stream is more powerful than a million who are not. And two who are harmoniously focused and connected to the Energy Stream brings about a co-creative endeavor that cannot be matched by anything else in all of the Universe.” ~Abraham Hicks

Everyone has access to a magical power inside them that goes beyond all the limitations of what our rational society knows to be true. We each are able to tap into a world of infinite potentiality, where anything is possible and our dreams really do come true. Most nay-sayers out there would scoff at this perspective, yet little do they know that they too are creating their own reality by the negativism they hold. Once they loosen their grip just a bit on the tightly wound point of view they are clenching, they will see that there is room in this amazing Universe for all sorts wild things. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Standing In The Smoldering Embers Of February – 28 February 2012

I had noticed an interesting theme to the readings yesterday… it seems everyone is at a pause point.  That moment of deep inner reflection of where you have come from and where you are heading.  There was both a stillness and an anticipation within the air of each reading.

February has been a month of intense change.  The fires of purification burned all month long… and we stand now in the smoldering embers of all that got us to here…. Yet, not quite sure where to put our foot next.  So much of our familiar atmosphere of life is just gone. Continue reading

FBI Building Insider Trading Cases On 120 People – Herald Sun – 28 February 2012

(The FBI is investigating suspected criminal insider trading on Wall Street. AFP)

FEDERAL authorities are seeking to build insider trading cases against roughly 120 individuals on and off Wall Street in an expanding criminal insider trading investigation that has shaken the financial and corporate worlds. Continue reading

Marlene Swetlishoff – Melchizedek – 28 February 2012

Beloved Lightworkers,

In these days you are coming together in peace, love and harmony and as you do this, the feeling of sublime joy permeates all that you do. This is most auspicious, for it shows that those who have done the work of clearing are truly beginning to emulate the energy of Love that is being beamed to the Earth from the Galactic center and other areas of the Creator’s vast oceans of life. As this continues, more of your higher aspects may align with you upon the material plane. As your diamond Light shines everywhere you go, it reflects the purity that is the true state of Being of every Human incarnated upon this Planet. Continue reading