Blossom Goodchild – 1 March 2012

Good evening to you. I am hoping it is ok to hook up with you right now as I am ‘in the mood’!

Sincere greetings of joy to you and all who partake in the understanding of these words that we bring through. It has only been, and will ever only be of the Highest intention that we come through to assist those on your planet who are determined to accomplish the plan that was made away back in a time that you think you have forgotten. Yet we say to you … memories are part of who you are. You developed opportunities to bring forth the recall of what once was… and it shall not be before too long when all such encounters shall reunite with that which was once a part of your every day knowing.

As you move ahead in these quickening days … you will come across wonders of excitement that shall have your heads in a whirl. We say to you to remain with both feet on the ground. This is of importance … because, oh so very easily could it be that you may stick your head in the clouds and not wish to return. Yet you are very much required to fulfil these precious moments in a manner that is befitting the Lights that you are.

One thing we can assure you of  … is that all that you have longed to be portrayed … all that your hearts have held on to for dear life … will soon be shown to be of the utmost Truth  … and those of you who have steadfastly clung to the very rafters when it seemed that all was falling beneath you … will rejoice with us  … For dearest ones … there shall be so much to celebrate in the coming times ahead.

We have been asked by other channellers to ‘Spread the news’ about you. I wonder , could you give us some advice about this? Many are afraid that they may be ridiculed and many who were once brave to speak out have zipped up their mouths due to no shows, no pickups, no nothing. With respect … can you guide us in how to bring about meeting up with you?  … If we need to have many more aware of who you are in order to bring this about … how do we best go about it?

It matters not to us what others may think of any one of you …  because we would assume by now that you also have learned not to be concerned of another’s thoughts about one’s self.  To stand in your Truth  … both feet firmly on the ground  and bravely encourage others to consider possibilities of their Star Family reuniting with them … can only take place if the heart in fullness knows it. Do you know it Blossom?

Yes, yes  I do . Don’t know when. That’s where many of us fall down in our courage.

Yet you KNOW so very well from a place in your souls that is of no doubt  … that we are now drawing near to the close of one enormous book and ready to embark upon the next. Do you not see that there shall come a time when those in the KNOW will be sought out to assist those not in the know?

So many of you who have studied our words and adhered by their Truth will be needed in desperation by so many … to pacify situations. For indeed it is very likely that there shall be uproar and upheaval in many lands as the dust settles . KNOW Dearest Ones … that the dust SHALL settle. For there will be times when it feels another sandstorm is arising before the last one had time to die down.
Yet be not in fear of anything that is to come.

These last years have been your training ground. You have learned so much about yourselves and this to us is most pleasing. You have opened up doors that you were once afraid to even knock upon … and now … in this year of 2012 … you shall reap all that you have sown and we say to you that the harvest this year shall be a very good year!!

Last time we communicated, you said that it would be good for us to visualize ourselves being Light … only light. Some people had a bit of trouble doing this … and were concerned because they feel it important as indeed you said it was … Any advise on that ?

To KNOW you are Light comes from the heart … not from the eyes … not from the minds visual. We showed you what you saw … Being just Light in order to express to others what was necessary. When you KNOW in your heart that you emanate Light and nothing but Light … then the whole process works automatically. We gave you guidelines to use your ‘imagination’ … to then take that imagination through to the heart.

For some, they may already be aware of it from the heart and therefore they can just Be. The main factor is to allow the Light that you are to shine … yet we say again … many of you are considering your Light to shine dimly when in point of fact it should be as a beacon.

How you will laugh when you have these acute ‘Ah Ha’ moments that are to come. You will say to yourselves ‘If only we’d known. If only we’d realized then what we KNOW NOW ’ … and this is what we are trying to assist you in. To help you to KNOW IT NOW.

Though from our perspective …not as easy as it may appear to you … otherwise , so many of us would be doing it !

KNOW that many of you ARE doing it. For many, there is just a bit of fine tuning to take place. What we would like you to understand, yet it is difficult to put into your words … is that … WHO YOU ARE IS US.

Yes you have said this before.

When you meet up with us , when it has come to a point that we can openly interact with you in a comfortable fashion  … the last pieces of debris that must be gone will melt away. Your souls will recognize yourselves … and for many there shall be instantaneous rising of the self’s vibration as it does so. For many it shall be as if one has come out of a coma. For many it will be as if they had a knock on the head a long time ago and forgot who they were and what they were capable of … and in the blink of an eye that amnesia is over and all skills are once again part of the makeup.

Take into account also, that many of you who have been awaiting our arrival will take up positions that at this juncture they have no idea of. Yet it shall all fall into place. This is why we ask of you to ‘step up’ as much as you can. We ask you to connect up as much as you are able with the Higher part of yourselves for indeed you are being downloaded with instructions that you were aware of before you came. And now is the time to retrieve all that you need to know.

These times ahead will help you to understand that you are not that different from us . Some have mistakenly put us upon a pedestal and yet we are just brothers and sisters. The difference being in the most part … of the vibration that you have been residing in . As the frequency changes and becomes Lighter and Higher in its resonance … so too do you.

There shall be such welcoming … such recognizing. Long lost family members that have been away in the physical from us for so long shall be ‘Welcomed aboard’ … ‘Welcomed home’.

This really does sound so very exciting … My heart just can’t wait. More so to do with ‘Getting on with it’. I mean by that … moving forward in bringing this planet into its new place. There has been mention of clean ups etc and the thought of us all pulling together to bring about THIS NEW WORLD FEELS SO GOOD when I think about it. A massive cleanup …

We would say too that it will not just be of the planet that will be cleansed … for it will be your hearts and minds. You will notice such a difference in you well being also. A Lightness will be upon you whereby each day will be of great excitement and celebration.

Be strong and uplifted dearest friends … We are so very close now to all that has been prophesied. And you will KNOW without doubts that what we have spoken of always has been the Truth that your hearts have been telling you of.

We would gladly mention also that we have not forgotten about the Pillars of Light that we have spoken of. This is an integral part of the positioning. We say again that there shall be no doubts of that which we speak. Again, it shall be another ‘Ah Ha’ moment of great wonder.

Take heart … for we anticipate much confusion and it shall be necessary for you to have your wits about you. Never give doubts the upper hand in all that is about to take place. Remain in your Truth and what you KNOW TO BE TRUTH will see you through.

Remember to listen to how you FEEL about all that shall be presented to you. Those who have for so long forced you to live in a world of lies and cheating can no longer have the upper hand. Their time as rulers is over and never again shall such depths be stooped to. It is not to take place again. This is definite.

Much has been learned whilst undergoing such a bizarre state of affairs. Give Light to the souls who are now afraid of their own darkness. For indeed it is a miserable place to reside. Show compassion for all that is. Rise above those who have wronged you and offer peace from your hearts. This is the quickest way to bring them home .

Something I have been meaning to ask you … it’s very important … do you take sugar in your tea?

KNOW in your hearts that our friendship and loyalty to each other cannot be broken. Imagine how excited you FEEL when you are celebrating meeting with a family member you have not seen for many years … then take that FEELING and multiply it a thousand fold. We cannot express to you the joy that will reside within all of us as we once again FEEL at home in each other’s presence.

For so very long have we all worked to bring this plan into its final position . Once the connection on ground level has been accomplished … we move into the next phase .

So not really the final position then?

We would call it the final position of this phase. How we long to greet you.

Indeed my friends. The feeling is definitely mutual.

So much, so very much is to present itself more or less on your very doorsteps. So much, in a short space of time and there will be large amounts that you will need to comprehend.

You shall.

You shall ‘Move into gear’ and rev up the engines … each one of you KNOWING your position and each one of you moving forward into place to see this though .

Never forget, no matter what is taking place that YOU ARE LOVE.

There is nothing else other than Love .

When you are coming from your Highest energy of that Love … there can be no room for fear and doubt.

LOVE is the answer to everything.

Be bold as you walk … Be bold as you talk …. Be KNOWING that when the Truth that you KNOW of is shown to all , you will give thanks that you recognized it in your heart before you saw it with your eyes.

Love binds us in TRUTH. TRUTH binds us in LOVE.

Be excited … Live within this excitement … for there is so  much we can see to be excited about .

Many thanks … feeling it is cut off point. In so much Love to you . I won’t put the kettle on just yet … but I’ll fill it up! link to original article

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