Jean Haines – Another MUST READ Op-Ed From Our Own SaS In Response To: Natasha Loder, Economist Journalist, Detained At Mitt Romney Event – 29 February 2012

There’s a reason why the police have been directed to arrest reporters as well as “Occupy Wall Street” protestors. In the beginning, they were just mercilessly beating up defenseless college students and OWS protestors, spraying them with militarized pepper spray, and detaining them–making them kneel down for hours while they “had a paddy wagon come round” to haul them off to jail. But, tactics changed over the winter.

Over the winter, the psy-ops asshats began infiltrating the ranks of the OWS movement with “under-cover” police and then later, hired gangsters to antagonize both the protestors AND the business community. They wanted to create conflict and “do damage” figuring that the business community would then cry out for more draconian measures. But, you see, that tactic, while an impressive display of complete arrogance and intellectual vacuity, didn’t seem to have the effect they were looking for (the “I’ll-create-the-problem-then-when-you-scream-give-you-the-solution tactic).

The “outrage” in the business community never materialized–why? Because Businessmen and women are getting robbed blind of all of their profits and the fruit of their hard work by the very “banksters” the OWS protestors are complaining about. Instead, Businessmen and women are pouring cash into the movement’s coffers and supporting the political opposition.

The OWS protestors didn’t respond to the illegal, side-winding, venomous, lying, treasonous behavior of the “undercover” police (if indeed they actually WERE police) because they don’t have to. There are only approximately 1,000,000 cabalistas world-wide and their bought-off and terrorized minions don’t count. However, there are 6 Billion 999 million of us and an ever-growing percentage of that community is becoming fed up with the cabal’s shenanigans.

So, now the authorities arrest without provocation. The government passes stupid, useless, draconian, completely illegal and unconstitutional laws. The Oligarchs and Moguls threaten us with power they don’t really seem to have because the Military is as fed up with their behavior as are we. Why is this?

Because they’re afraid of US! There are a number of reasons why these elitist clowns are afraid of us and the French, Russian, and Chinese revolutions of the past two centuries come to mind. The other night I heard a call for the production of guillotines come from two different journalists in the space of a couple of hours. Their suggestion was to use them to clean out the vermin in the banking industry.

I’m against capital punishment. But, I like Ben Fulford’s suggestion that these rats all have a limited time on the planet and that suggests a far more fitting a punishment than anything that I could imagine. Yes, of course the cabalistas are afraid. But, there isn’t anything that anyone can do now. If you’ll notice, all the money, power, and assertiveness seem to be producing ever-dwindling influence on the course of human events around the globe. That’s a sign that the “Law of Diminishing Returns” is engaged.

The momentum of change will soon overtake them and they will begin their much feared journey into oblivion–hauled off against their will to a prison planet at the edge of the known Universe to live out their lives in relentless scarcity imprisoned in a social construct of their own making because they didn’t listen to the likes of Drunvalo when he cautioned against creating the articles of your reality through the mechanism of your brain–that material device known for its inherent defectiveness–instead of your heart. For a brief moment in cosmic time, you may get what you wished for but, in doing so, you subject yourself to paradigm of 3rd density duality. After a time the exact opposite will come from behind to kick your ass up underneath your chin.

So, it is my opinion that we’ll soon be rid of all of them. You can almost cut the tension between the two realities with a knife now! Their “inheritance” is being severed from them. They will soon be exiled and then abandoned to live out their remaining years in impoverished simplicity–the life of a meager provincial with plenty of time to reflect on life’s bitter lessons.

Hmmm…yes. Poor devils! They have a reason to “be afraid.” They’ve created their judgment through cunning guile only to discover the irrevocable consequence of their own abject stupidity.
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2 responses to “Jean Haines – Another MUST READ Op-Ed From Our Own SaS In Response To: Natasha Loder, Economist Journalist, Detained At Mitt Romney Event – 29 February 2012

  1. Perhaps our observations of what appears to be our experience need to be “viewed” through forgiving eyes. Why perpetuate the cycle of condemnation? Be glad and celebrate the apparent catalyst to your higher quest. When the time is right for them, they will choose again.


  2. Excellent response Dee. Yours is a great example of transmuting upwards
    the growth from the experiences we all have chosen. In the final analysis, life is about choices and taking the responsibility for the ones we make…good or bad.
    Will I am