Spacemuffin – In The Grip Of Emotion – 1 March 2012

The night time we experience on earth is part of the duality imposed on this planet, and the Moon is the dim light that has shone in that darkness. While she is pretty, she is neither benevolent, nor consistent, nor trustworthy.  She is superficially the reflection, and the guardian, of the fluctuating and inconstant emotional nature of man.  She has held her place as earth’s satellite to effect and trigger, restrict and impose the emotional patterns of those who incarnate here, so that through experiencing karmic events, they would be locked into repetitive and cyclical emotional responses, lifetime after lifetime.

Another part of her purpose was to assist in the role of keeping humanity in a perpetual state of emotional imbalance, which would further assist in keeping humanity locked into the emotion of fear, and harnessed in petty emotional conditions which would not allow the inner condition of love to anchor and flow.  If this love energy was anchored by all individuals, it would have the power to alter earth, the entire human condition, space, and all manifested creation. It would increase vibrations and take all to higher dimensions of being, because the transformative force of love is not just an emotion, but the inner power that exists within each of us that is the spark of life and all creation

Take it as sounding harsh, if you will, but as Faust requested an angel who was quicker than human thought, so too have our emotional natures been in a state of hyper flux, being at the mercy of unwanted thoughts which flash like shooting stars across uncontrolled minds on a second to second basis.

For those who say they will miss the Moon in the New Age, there may still be some insights to be gained.  For those who say they will miss the night sky, with its starlight and Moonlight, imagine the sky with the stars, but without the darkness.  Because it can be no other way on the new 5th dimensional earth, where there will be no seasons, no night time, and no Moon, as we will gain yet another Sun, so that light will be seen and felt all around.  For duality to finally leave the earth, darkness must also be eliminated.

The beauty of the Moon is only a mystifying trance that blocks truth and subdues humanity, while they ride around on the emotional roller coaster ride through time.  The best we could hope for, from her, was to help lead weary travellers home through the dark, on those dreary nights when their travels did not end with the sunset.  And even then, we could only hope she was happy with the zodiac sign she was occupying, otherwise she would wreak havoc on them, and send them travelling in circles, taking them right back to where they started.  Or worse yet, let loose her jackals, and other terrors on them. There are many accounts of events such as these which people discredit and pass off as delusions.   But illusions, and delusions, are precisely what she holds dominion over.

The planets have never controlled us and have no influence on us, as I wrote in my article ‘When Bad Things Happen to Good People.’ Astrology is about the timing of events; not the way we respond to them.   Even the current solar flares we are experiencing are a reflection of humanity’s awakening, and our external Sun is ‘experiencing’ our spiritual birth, and reflecting it back to us.  Such is the power of humankind, as a collective, as One.  These solar flares could not be emitted to earth if there were no receptive parties to harness these increased energies.  Those who are un-awakened are confused by these solar energies, feeling pierced by the light. But those who are awakened, can absorb them, and through this process, can spread this increased light in the form of expanded consciousness and anchoring love.  Point blank, if there were no conduits, the energies could be potentially damaging, or ineffectual, or would merely bounce back into space.

I have always witnessed, in myself as well, that humanity’s greatest stumbling block is the inability to accept that nothing comes from without, and that all things stem from within.  All external displays are nothing more than a reflection of inner conditions.  So often we consider this or that external force or phenomenon, form or power, to be something other than what we ourselves have created, or have no control over, yet the opposite prevails, ever and always.  We can look outside of our bodies, at our clothing, our furniture, our house, our country, our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and it is nothing more than a reflection of that which we hold within!  How magnificent.  To truly accept that, is to truly accept personal responsibility.

But the Sun and Moon are not Planets.  In Astrology, we call them lights, and while they also reflect, they also emit energy.  But they fall into far different categories of influence, and while one is divine, the other is entirely malevolent.

The Moon was brought to earth by the annunaki and their ‘base’ is located therein.  They have used the Moon to control the masses through the manipulation of emotional energy.  The Moon is always at odds with the Sun, whether it be during a solar or lunar eclipse, it clouds our perception of truth and spiritual knowing by fettering down, and dispersing our emotional energies, breaking them up into flux, and subjecting them to perpetual instability. And this has been her purpose.

The Moon is losing her power, just as our dark reptilian leaders are losing theirs.  Our emotional nightmare is fading away, and so must the Moon; she is far less noticeable now.  She may turn a little red in the end, and get upset before she is hurled away from earth, and permanently removed from this orbit, but I’m sure she’ll get over it.  Especially after she attaches herself to yet another poor helpless planet, unprotected and up for grabs; or perhaps she will be destroyed, that would probably be best.  We are breaking free of this trance we’ve been under, no longer moonstruck.  She is all about diversion from more important things. As a reciprocal external agent, or as an entity that emits energy, her motto is ‘go nowhere and repeat,’ always revisiting the same places, time and time again.

She has been given many names, none of which spell consistency.  She rules the dark night of the soul and the womb of hidden consciousness.  She has many faces, and changes them continuously.  You cannot look at her and ask your question and get a straight answer, because she only reflects and magnifies your own emotional condition, which is always changing.  Whenever you look at the full Moon in the night sky, you are observing duality; the direct opposite of daytime and sunshine!  There is only mysticism and awe, and intensified emotion.  Because the full Moon is when the Sun and Moon are in direct opposition, and are at the height of divergence!  Full Moons always create strain and irrational behaviours on our planet.  (More than usual).

This satellite Moon also holds governance over the earth’s waters and tides, and therefore also our emotions, as they are fluid.  The names of the deities which preside over the Moon are confusing as well, as there are many names that she goes by. Aside from enjoying tricking people in the night, these Goddesses also take revenge if they are insulted.  This first manifestation in the zodiac of the element of water is reflected in the sign of Cancer the crab, which symbolizes raw emotional energy craving experience and maturity.  This I say without insult to the sign of Cancer of course, as we are all equally capable of emotional transformation and anchoring love, as well as remaining in perpetual flux and emotional immaturity.

The Moon also rules the contents of the subconscious mind and those things which prompt us to feel things and do things which we are not aware of.  It rules the night time thoughts that occur during sleep, otherwise known as dreams; those things we cannot figure out or make sense of in the light of day, but which are shown to us in symbols in our sleep.  Apollo the Sun God, ruler of Leo, is the exact opposite to the Moon Goddesses and is known as the enemy of darkness.  Whatever remains as part of our subconscious content lies ‘below’ the level of our awareness.  When we act on our subconscious thoughts, we are doing things with absolutely no awareness of them, and this is the destructive path which creates eternal conflicts, dramas, and illusions, in the 3rd dimension of physicality.  Because you don’t even know what you’re doing or why!  And the Moon helps us stay there.

Many have looked at the Moon hoping it will help them get in touch with their emotions, and have also been drawn to earth’s salt water shores hoping that gazing at the sea would help them sort out their feelings.  And what they experience in the reflection, is the emotions they are trying to avoid; a difficult process, because these emotions are conditional and experiential, but unharnessed, and often at the mercy of external events.  While staring at the sea, or the Moon, may help people to ‘connect’ with their true feelings, they are still in the grip of the dominant emotion. Though it may occasionally prompt them to be true to themselves, it is still a questionable source of guidance or direction, and often, false validation.  Sometimes acceptance may be found in ‘that which just is,’ and this can be beneficial, in helping one move on to the next life lesson.  But in no way does this anchor love, but merely resignation to life events, and the letting go of resistance.  Then it’s on to the next experience.

Romantic as it is, it is still darkness; beautiful as she is, the Moon is a dangerous entity. She is not a reflection of the human soul, as is the Sun, but remains a constant trigger for our undeveloped feelings, which swing from happiness, to sadness, to anger, to regret, to envy, to jealousy and to something we used to call love, which we reserved for only a select few.  Salt water is a reflection of romantic love and cannot sustain human life.  Fresh water is symbolic of the Christ love, which will become more available in the new world.  It is the water which is pure and drinkable, cleansing and life giving, such as the love from within.

More than anything else, this Moon has allowed for 3D illusion to flourish on earth through the constant drudgery of dramatic emotional responses to illusory events, which only promote more drama and illusion and perpetuate the cycle of third dimensional existence through endless cycles of cause and effect, action and reaction, finger pointing and blame, sadness and heartache.  She has served her purpose very well, and the dark ones who brought her here can also take her away to wherever it is they are going.

No, I say, let us be eager to leave her behind, and have the light shine on earth and on those who are prepared to let go of the dark night of the soul.  The darkness will always exist, in places far and wide, but the earth is not willing to undergo any more extremes or fluctuations in weather and light.  She is done with the seasons and the Moon’s perpetual inconsistencies and harmful effects from the dark ones.  She is done with duality and is returning to the light and so is her population.  And no more need for the Moon, as humanity has chosen love, not just for father, mother, husband, wife, or child, but for ALL.

Good bye Moon and happy trails to you, may we never, meet again.

Face Piles of Trials with Smiles

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