Wes Annac – The Pleiadian High Council – The Cosmos Is Written In Your DNA – 29 February 2012

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-Channeled through Wes Annac-

We of the Divine order of Ascended souls who have assigned ourselves to the Earth task for the purposes of seeing the ascension of this beautiful planet and all on Her surface who are ready through, have been honored and delighted to be able to assist so many on Earth in such ways as giving guidance and helping one in their ascension path.

We take great pleasure and Joy in this work, as we have helped many planets and souls to ascend, to remember the higher realms where nothing but Love is prevalent in one’s own feelings and emotions, and one is granted access to perceptions that are so much more intricate and complex than [those of] the mode of reality that they had themselves attuned to while inhabiting the lower realms.

Indeed, while assisting you on Earth we are learning many things and integrating lessons into our own sprit complexes which will and are aiding us in our own continual ascension processes. Ascension is an ongoing cycle and process even when inhabiting the higher realms of ‘full’ consciousness, because until one has ascended up the dimensional ladder so to speak which is comprised of many different layers and densities, one will not experience a true full, undistorted consciousness until United with our dear Mother/Father Creator in the realms of Source.

There are beings assisting your world at this time who themselves inhabit the realms of Source and are souls we consider our own mentors and guides. The learning never stops, and the climb up the dimensional ladder to full, undistorted consciousness is one that even we are climbing while assisting you on Earth.

Of course, we do not sit at your level of consciousness as we have already ascended from such densities, and among our realms are perceptions and layers of feeling that you have yet to feel and understand yourselves. We are helping you reach the levels of ‘full’ consciousness we have attained, and ourselves pushing our own higher dimensional [by your standards] ‘boundaries’ of consciousness to perceptions even more pure than that which we are experiencing.

Throughout our many visits to your world and to your various earthly civilizations in the past and right up to this present moment, we have learned much about the nature of lower dimensional souls who are beginning to find the energies and perceptions of the higher realms. We have visited your various civilizations many times in the past, and as is known by many of you there were many extraterrestrial races inhabiting Earth during the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Indeed, beings of all different types and origins have walked your surface, and even you on Earth contain the genes and DNA of other worlds.

The Cosmos is written into your biology, into your DNA, and the template for your human bodies and framework for the purity of consciousness you are to experience in such bodies, are constructs which were designed by ascended beings from other worlds and spheres of reality. The process of Creating a DNA bank for souls who will be inhabiting a world together is always done in conjunction with the various Creators of the local Galaxies in such a Universe, as even when it is a planet in a Galaxy so far away from the others, each and every Creator and all souls in such Galaxy’s communities come together to Create and form the template for the new Life on the world.

Each and every soul who is experiencing an undistorted state of consciousness [again compared to the 3D limitations] unite together in this wonderful process when it comes about. Of course, even this section of Creation is constantly Creating, and as you can imagine there is much Lighted work to do when it comes to Creating and manifesting the template for a new world!

Again, it is ‘work’ that we Love doing with all of our hearts and indeed, we do not see what we do as ‘working’ from the dimensional standpoint of the many who will read this message. There is still what you would call ‘work’ involved and we put a great deal of effort and our own energies into what we are doing, for Earth and for so many other ascending planets in this ascending Universe.

We support fully the acts of many of you to find the higher dimensions in your own ways, and as you make the clear effort and intention to rid yourselves of all that has been holding you back on your ascension paths, you are unlocking deeper parts of your own consciousness. You are being exposed to parts of yourselves that you have kept locked away from your perspective and remembrance while inhabiting many Lives in the lower dimensions of Earth. You are shedding and at the same time, integrating such densities into your own being as you experience that which you make your intent.

Your powers of Creation are very potent, especially now with dear Gaia’s Light Grid being fed continually with the Lighted and pure energies that you are now manifesting on the surface of Earth. You are bringing these changes into effect by providing the Earth with the Lighted energies She has needed to help Her surface climb the levels of consciousness and the barriers that She Herself has already crossed. Gaia is a fifth dimensional world now, and she is ready for all on Her surface who are ready to experience the same.

So many of you have been feeding this Lighted Grid, and it was in fact the energies you manifested that allowed its re-establishment in the first place. Many of you seem to feel that you are not making enough strides on your spiritual path or in your intentions, and we wish you to know that were it not for you, this surface ascension of all on Gaia’s surface would be in a very different place at this moment. Angels and ascended souls are needed for this mass ascension, and you have been fulfilling the exact roles you have been meant to fulfill. You are doing exactly what you came here to do, dear souls!

The cleaning of your atmosphere of chemtrails and other pollutants has been an effort that has been coordinated by us, but the energies we use to break up chemtrails and perform various other methods of atmospheric cleaning were in fact manifested by you on Earth, fed to the Light Grid of dear Gaia where we received it and through our own ascended technology, manifested it and ‘sprayed’ so to speak your Lighted energies into the sky to break up the chemtrails or perform other types of cleaning and cleansing.

Yes, there are some areas [of surface Earth] who have not yet received this cleansing and this is because we can only manifest the purity of energies that the collective consciousness of the area will allow for. There are still many areas of Earth’s surface existing in quite dense realms of consciousness while she Herself has begun existing in the realms of the fifth dimension and beyond, and in order for us to comply with your Laws of Freewill as you deserve during your experience, we cannot ‘overstep our boundaries’ so to speak and give healing where healing is not quite ready [to be received].

Many of the very lower dimensional areas we speak of were and are themselves sacred sites which were used for many sacred purposes by civilizations who were more in tune with dear Gaia, with the beginning energies of the higher realms and in many cases with us ‘star people’ who visited them and showed the representatives of such civilizations new technologies which helped them bring through the energies of dear Gaia’s atmosphere.

We will further explain our contacts with such civilizations and their representatives at a later time. For now, we remind you that what you are doing is Lighted work, and it is much needed. The energies you are manifesting every day have been and are extremely helpful in this ongoing effort, and you are at the stage of the ‘game’ where you begin to embrace fully the Light at the end of the tunnel, as it is beckoning you all forth. We will be with you dear souls, in thought and in Love.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

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